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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOGOS

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Fire, 1186:Point Medium Type of Energy Nature of Fire SOLAR LOGOS: 1. Causal Body. Jewel. Central SpiritualFire, 1186:Mind). Fire by Friction. Negative. PLANETARY LOGOS: 1. Planetary Causal Body. Jewel. Heavenly ManFire, 1190:the attractive pull of the Life of the planetary Logos of this particular planet. This isFire, 1190:is next, the attractive pull of the planetary Logos Who is the complementary Life to that of ourFire, 1190:Who is the complementary Life to that of our Logos. This involves a planetary Logos responsive to aFire, 1190:to that of our Logos. This involves a planetary Logos responsive to a vibration which harmonizesFire, 1190:to a vibration which harmonizes with that of our Logos but Who, when in union with Him, forms whatFire, 1191:quality of the solar system. The quality of the Logos of the planet as it pours through the chainsFire, 1192:them as an incarnation [1192] of a planetary Logos, and thus strive to cast the horoscope of theFire, 1192:strive to cast the horoscope of the planetary Logos. They cannot succeed in doing so, but in theFire, 1192:of all men, of the Heavenly Men and of the solar Logos likewise, and there is a mysterious analogyFire, 1192:and the three higher principles of the solar Logos as they demonstrate through the major threeFire, 1196:will be the twelve Creative Orders with the Logos at the center, synthesizing all." The arrangementFire, 1198:planes, we have only the physical body of the Logos, and that that physical body is a limitation ofFire, 1198:to express the mental vibration of the solar Logos and the second, His emotional, or cosmic astral,Fire, 1198:of the relative point in evolution of the solar Logos may be gained by study of the varying aspectsFire, 1198:which are functioning are those which the Logos has unfolded, and are the gain of previousFire, 1200:and matter, based on the love and desire of the Logos, but each hierarchy also expresses itselfFire, 1202:or in the dense physical body of the solar Logos. They are those who can discard or pass throughFire, 1202:or pass through the etheric body of the solar Logos and take forms composed of either gaseous,Fire, 1202:bear in mind that from the standpoint of the Logos, the solar Angels on the mental plane (the fifthFire, 1202:of the three lower planes (that which the Logos does not regard as principle) and, therefore,Fire, 1203:This is hidden in the karma of the solar Logos, and concerns His relationship to another solarFire, 1203:and concerns His relationship to another solar Logos, and the interplay of force between them in aFire, 1204:Who is the Life of our planet, the planetary Logos. It was this triple karma which brought in theFire, 1204:the same relation to the ONE greater than our Logos as the center at the base of the spine has to aFire, 1204:close to the great Heart of Love of the solar Logos. These great redeeming Angels, who are the SonsFire, 1205:otherwise, energy flows directly from: The solar Logos via three great cosmic centers: The centralFire, 1205:physical Sun. The heart center of the planetary Logos, situated on the fourth cosmic etheric planeFire, 1206:for all are in the etheric body of the solar Logos or planetary Logos. This is a point requiringFire, 1206:the etheric body of the solar Logos or planetary Logos. This is a point requiring careful emphasis;Fire, 1207:principles. They hold the same relation to the Logos as the dense physical body does to man, andFire, 1209:a hierarchy which is a negative emanation of the Logos, upon which His positive energy impressesFire, 1211:inert, as to be regarded beyond the ken of the Logos. He was unaware of it, and the object beforeFire, 1211:referred to exists for the atom or for the solar Logos, and the trend of the evolutionary processFire, 1212:problem have been undertaken by our planetary Logos. These (if successful) will result in a greatFire, 1212:expansion of the knowledge of the planetary Logos regarding the laws governing all bodies, andFire, 1212:governing all bodies, and masses. Our planetary Logos has been given the name of the "experimentingFire, 1218:that the whole life and expression of the solar Logos will only be possible, and His purpose onlyFire, 1221:keynote of the physical body of the planetary Logos. Law 7. This symbol takes the form of a maleFire, 1225:of the desire for manifested life of the solar Logos. They receive their primary impulse from theFire, 1226:which has its source in the Heart of the Solar Logos; this is itself an emanating principle fromFire, 1226:an emanating principle from the ONE ABOVE OUR LOGOS, HE OF WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID. It is loveFire, 1226:picture the revelation of the Love of the solar Logos as it reveals itself to the eye of theFire, 1233:it to the point in evolution which the solar Logos, the planetary Logos and man have reached. TheFire, 1233:evolution which the solar Logos, the planetary Logos and man have reached. The true nature of theFire, 1233:emanate from three groups of Creators: The solar Logos, Who is constructing a "Temple in theFire, 1236:Hierarchies THE SOLAR HIERARCHY The Solar Logos. | The Solar Trinity or Logoi I. The Father - Will.Fire, 1241:at-one with the conscious life of His planetary Logos. He has therefore arrived at a stageFire, 1242:in the body of that Existence Who vitalizes the Logos of our own system. It might be of value hereFire, 1242:Work. Path III - The Path of the Planetary Logos. Path IV - The Path to Sirius. Path V - The RayFire, 1242:- The Ray Path. Path VI - The Path of the Solar Logos. Path VII - The Path of Absolute Sonship.Fire, 1246:connected with the fourfold lotus of the solar Logos, or with His twelve-petalled heart center.Fire, 1248:plane in connection with his own planetary Logos, and with those two other Logoi Who form with hisFire, 1248:with those two other Logoi Who form with his own Logos a systemic triangle within the solar system.Fire, 1249:forth into objectivity of the vital body of the Logos prior to the final abstraction and theFire, 1249:Who is the source of the life of the solar Logos. This center is of course one of [1250] the sevenFire, 1250:expresses love or attractive energy and our Logos is as yet polarized in His cosmic astral body, itFire, 1253:Existence Whose all-embracing vitality holds our Logos, along with other solar Logoi, within theFire, 1253:of training himself for the path of a planetary Logos are three in number and may be expressedFire, 1255:inconceivable as yet to us. Every planetary Logos has, in His own special planet, schools for theFire, 1255:the manifestation of the Monad of the solar Logos through the medium of the body of consciousness,Fire, 1256:Kumara, functioning as the embodied planetary Logos. This training concerns itself with three mainFire, 1256:in a position to take up office as a planetary Logos. More it is not permitted to say and the aboveFire, 1257:centers in the cosmic Life with whom our solar Logos is allied. This is sometimes called septenaryFire, 1258:come. There is (in connection with our planetary Logos) just such an antahkarana, and as He buildsFire, 1260:and the objective of our particular planetary Logos. PATH IV. THE PATH TO SIRIUS Attributes -Fire, 1264:can be said is as follows: Path VI. The Path the Logos Himself is on It will be apparent to allFire, 1264:the light of the law of correspondences that the Logos on the cosmic planes is evolving innerFire, 1265:system, formed an esoteric group around the Logos when He decided upon further progress. InFire, 1265:Him on. This esoteric group remains with the Logos upon the atomic or the first plane of theFire, 1266:It is the Sonship to a Being higher than our Logos of Whom we may not speak. It is also the greatFire, 1266:for that line of work, and who are close to the Logos in a personal and intimate sense pass to thisFire, 1266:It is the Path of the special intimates of the Logos and into their hands He has put the workingFire, 1266:of His behests. This group, associated with the Logos, forms a special group linked to a stillFire, 1266:forms a special group linked to a still higher Logos. These two paths enter into cosmic states ofFire, 1278:(From Archive 49) PATH VI. The Path of the Solar Logos. The major Third carrieth within it theGlamour, 34:In speaking of the limitations of the planetary Logos of our planet. In the above remarks I haveGlamour, 52:that the Master and even the planetary Logos apparently have in him. He talks about himself; heGlamour, 105:life. The life or manifestation of the planetary Logos, the "One in Whom we live and move and haveGlamour, 192:clue and the key to the relation of man to the Logos. These stages and their correspondingGlamour, 208:for some dynamic life by the planetary Logos, and this is the real meaning of what I have earlierGlamour, 242:form-building activity of [242] the planetary Logos Himself. However, a consideration of theGlamour, 242:constitute the life expression of the planetary Logos, which condition our outer planetary life,Glamour, 242:between man, the microcosm, and the planetary Logos, the Lord of the World, the Macrocosm, lies inHealing, 2:with the response apparatus of the planetary Logos, the Life in which we live and move and have ourHealing, 6:is the expression of the life of the planetary Logos, Who is an evolving Entity. The implicationsHealing, 82:part of the etheric body of the planetary Logos and is, therefore, related to all forms foundHealing, 93:be due to the wrong thinking of the planetary Logos or of the solar Logos. This is only a beggingHealing, 93:thinking of the planetary Logos or of the solar Logos. This is only a begging of the question andHealing, 106:live, a manifestation of the first aspect of the Logos, will or power. The law controlling equalityHealing, 106:a manifestation of the second aspect of the Logos, love or wisdom. The law controllingHealing, 106:a manifestation of the third aspect of the Logos, the activity or foundational aspect. These threeHealing, 110:that perfection requires of the threefold Logos. Healing, 114:incident to the point achieved by the planetary Logos and conditioned by planetary Karma. It isHealing, 158:of man but to the soul also of the planetary Logos, both of which are the result of the union ofHealing, 182:of the manifested divinity - man or planetary Logos - meet and produce form. The nature of thisHealing, 229:law of nature was then imposed by the planetary Logos which has been expressed (very inadequately)Healing, 234:was ended by the intervention of the planetary Logos Himself, and that [235] ancient civilizationHealing, 235:in our solar system and affects the planetary Logos, Who is still numbered among "the imperfect
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