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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOGOS

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Healing, 246:to point out that this ability of the planetary Logos to extract the life essence innate in eachHealing, 278:contrary to the karmic intent of the planetary Logos. With this vast problem, I cannot here deal. IHealing, 293:the horoscope of our particular planetary Logos. But these are far too abstruse, elaborate andHealing, 298:the World is Himself, from the angle of a Solar Logos for instance, far from perfect; this is theHealing, 298:which are vitalized by the life of our planetary Logos. Healing, 341:period of intensest meditation of our planetary Logos comes around at the full moon period eachHealing, 341:an ancient form through which the planetary Logos at one time sought expression. It is slowlyHealing, 341:linked with the astral body of the planetary Logos and therefore with the astral bodies of allHealing, 347:The suffering of Christ or of the planetary Logos or of God Himself, is not comprehensible in termsHealing, 393:of the Jews. Jehovah is not God, the planetary Logos, the Eternal Heart of Love Whom ChristHealing, 414:the units or cells in the body of the planetary Logos have achieved, He too is set free from denseHealing, 416:through which a great cosmic Entity, the solar Logos, manifests active intelligence with theHealing, 417:Entity whose body we are. The heart beats of the Logos (if it might be so inadequately expressed)Healing, 418:human being, of the Heavenly Man, and of the Logos Himself. b. By the slowing down and gradualHealing, 418:Man, of the Heavenly Man or group, and of the Logos or the Totality) comes a period of rhythm andHealing, 419:plane of monadic life, His habitat. d. For the Logos, it is the plane of Adi. All these mark theHealing, 419:Second. The etheric double of a man, a planetary Logos, and a solar Logos, being shattered, becomesHealing, 419:double of a man, a planetary Logos, and a solar Logos, being shattered, becomes non-polarized asHealing, 420:is eventually dropped. [420] The planetary Logos likewise in His greater cycle (the synthesis orHealing, 420:system the same process is followed by the solar Logos; from His high place of abstraction, HeHealing, 420:form no longer persists. The work of the second Logos ends, and the divine incarnation of the SonHealing, 421:work this out in connection with the planetary Logos and the human unit, for the analogy holdsHealing, 424:force is the mind of God, of the planetary Logos, as He pursues His divine purposes, carrying [425]Healing, 431:directive and cyclic intention of the planetary Logos, working through the Council Chamber atHealing, 433:the planet Earth, through which our planetary Logos expresses Himself. But if it is the principleHealing, 436:scrutinize divine purpose) of the planetary Logos. However, it is the motives of the originators ofHealing, 439:recapitulating on a small scale what the solar Logos and the planetary Logos have likewise done,Healing, 439:scale what the solar Logos and the planetary Logos have likewise done, and are doing. The greatHealing, 447:The etheric double of a man, a planetary Logos, and a solar Logos, being shattered, becomesHealing, 447:double of a man, a planetary Logos, and a solar Logos, being shattered, becomes non-polarized asHealing, 523:- the last personality expression of the solar Logos through the medium of the seven planetaryHealing, 536:in the planet itself, because our planetary Logos (as I earlier stated when aiding H.P.B. inHealing, 536:great world crisis, incident to our planetary Logos having moved forward upon the cosmic Path, andHealing, 609:under an impulse emanating from the planetary Logos, working in cooperation with the Spirit of theHealing, 609:and mental bodies. The relation of the planetary Logos to this Spirit of the Earth (the relation ofHealing, 610:planetary suffering and of death. Our planetary Logos (viewing the truth from the angle of theHealing, 612:which enables the Heavenly Man, the planetary Logos and the spiritual man to register consciousHealing, 612:In this divine incarnation of our planetary Logos through the medium of this little planet, theHealing, 620:the bodily manifestation of our planetary Logos. Through them the Lord of the World, working fromHealing, 635:two aspects of life: the life of the planetary Logos and the life of the spirit of the earth, whichHealing, 635:entirely different to that of the planetary Logos, Who is a spiritual Life upon the evolutionaryHealing, 636:reached. This lies very far ahead. Our planetary Logos, that great divine Life in Whom we live andHealing, 636:imperfection, which is not that of the planetary Logos but that of the spirit of the earth, showsHealing, 637:possible. The Lord of the Earth, the planetary Logos, cannot find substance animated by the spiritHealing, 688:indication of the activity of the planetary Logos is not a word, but a full reverberating sound,Initiation, 2:sacred planets composing our solar system, our Logos employed matter that was already impregnatedInitiation, 5:principle of mutation exists in the Mind of the Logos, or the Deity of our solar system, andInitiation, 11:to enter increasingly into the mind of the Logos, to realize the true inwardness of the greatInitiation, 14:Father in Heaven, to the feet of the threefold Logos. Initiation leads to the cave within whoseInitiation, 16:him to function in the body of vitality of the Logos and wield that force, the initiate becomes theInitiation, 16:with the center in the Body of the Planetary Logos of which he is a part, and this consciously. TheInitiation, 19:in Heaven," and thus with all Monads. With the Logos, the Three in One and the One in Three. ManInitiation, 19:the Great Sacrifice. Man becomes one with the Logos through the instrumentality of One about WhomInitiation, 22:God-conscious. The great will or purpose of the Logos becomes his. The fostering of the variousInitiation, 23:thus cooperate with the plans of the Planetary Logos on the physical plane. Initiation, 23:Hierarchy To transmit the Will of the Planetary Logos They act as the transmitter to men and devasInitiation, 23:devas or angels, of the will of the Planetary Logos, and through him of the Solar Logos. EachInitiation, 23:Planetary Logos, and through him of the Solar Logos. Each planetary scheme, ours amongst theInitiation, 23:particular type of force which our own Planetary Logos embodies. The wise student will ponder onInitiation, 25:fitting in with the purpose of the Planetary Logos; and finally they are distinguished by aInitiation, 28:the following developments: - The Planetary Logos of our earth scheme, one of the Seven SpiritsInitiation, 29:is concerned, although literally the Planetary Logos Himself, on the higher plane of consciousnessInitiation, 29:the same place in connection with the Planetary Logos as the physical manifestation of a MasterInitiation, 29:outcome of the triple nature of the Planetary Logos. If one might so express it they embody theInitiation, 30:might be enumerated as follows: The Planetary Logos on his own plane was enabled to take a moreInitiation, 30:and inner subtler globes, is to the Planetary Logos what the physical body and its subtler bodiesInitiation, 30:force, purpose, and will of the Planetary Logos on his own plane. This planetary head center worksInitiation, 31:between the method of functioning of a Planetary Logos and of man, the microcosm. The third kingdomInitiation, 31:the hairy Ainus. The decision of the Planetary Logos to take a physical vehicle produced anInitiation, 35:found within the consciousness of the Planetary Logos, and - in wider circles - within theInitiation, 35:circles - within the consciousness of the Solar Logos. The Hierarchy thus took advantage of theInitiation, 37:and brought the purposes of the Planetary Logos so much the nearer to completion. Then they passedInitiation, 38:the distribution of the energy of the Planetary Logos. As has already been stated, at the head ofInitiation, 38:Will, (showing forth as Love) of the Planetary Logos. Cooperating with him as his advisers areInitiation, 41:and participate in the councils of the Solar Logos. Thus they are literally planetary mediators,Initiation, 41:planetary mediators, representing our Planetary Logos and all that concerns him in the greaterInitiation, 41:karma, and who are responsible to the Planetary Logos for the correct manipulation of those forcesInitiation, 42:committed the will and purpose of the Planetary Logos. He knows what is the immediate objective forInitiation, 43:emanates from the head center of the Planetary Logos, passing to him through the brain of SanatInitiation, 44:direct from the heart center of the Planetary Logos via the heart of Sanat Kumara. He works byInitiation, 45:or creative aspect, energy from the Planetary Logos flows to him from the throat center, and he itInitiation, 46:aspect, and the mind [46] of the Planetary Logos working out into objectivity. The closestInitiation, 48:planetary energy emanating from the Planetary Logos. The triple division has first been given, asInitiation, 80:with, some part of the energy of the Planetary Logos, and thus be enabled to carry forward theInitiation, 80:be enabled to carry forward the plans of that Logos for evolution. It would be well to rememberInitiation, 92:of whom Sanat Kumara is the manifestation, the Logos of our scheme on his own plane, becomes theInitiation, 92:the three great manifestations of the Planetary Logos himself. Through the Planetary Logos at theInitiation, 92:Planetary Logos himself. Through the Planetary Logos at the final great initiation flows the powerInitiation, 92:great initiation flows the power of the Solar Logos, and he it is who reveals to the initiate thatInitiation, 95:conscious [95] will and sacrifice of the Solar Logos, and the great symbol of the intelligent unionInitiation, 95:individual karma of the incarnating Planetary Logos or Ray. These differences affect: TheInitiation, 98:holds the same relationship to our Planetary Logos as the Ego does to a human being. This energy,Initiation, 99:place, form the seven centers in the body of the Logos. He, in his turn, forms the Heart centerInitiation, 99:of all for this solar system will be when the Logos takes his fifth initiation. When all the sonsInitiation, 105:latter, and sought his agency with the Planetary Logos. In consultation between the PlanetaryInitiation, 105:Logos. In consultation between the Planetary Logos, the Lord of the World, one of the Buddhas ofInitiation, 106:is known in the others. As the Planetary Logos is only concerned in the two final initiations,Initiation, 108:the initiate stands, when he faces the Planetary Logos. These facts are imparted to teach twoInitiation, 109:a [109] very esoteric manner it is the Planetary Logos himself who officiates. They are merged atInitiation, 118:He sees his Monad as one with the Planetary Logos. Through the channel of his own Monad he sees the
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