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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOGOS

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Initiation, 118:embodies) on a wider scale, and the Planetary Logos, who ensouls all the Monads on his ray, is thusInitiation, 118:which reveals the Presence of the Planetary Logos to the initiate. This is practicallyInitiation, 118:thus makes his conscious contact with the solar Logos, and realizes within himself the Oneness ofInitiation, 120:His egoic group. His ray group. His Planetary Logos. In this fourfold apprehension you haveInitiation, 121:influence. A part of the plans of the Planetary Logos becomes revealed to him, and the visionInitiation, 122:be quickened. In this way the plans of the solar Logos, as they are being worked out through twoInitiation, 123:are but centers of force in the body of a solar Logos, work first as separated units living theirInitiation, 123:the fundamental purpose of the solar Logos; for the first time he sees the plans as a whole in allInitiation, 123:as a basic theoretical fact, that our solar Logos is involved in the plans and purposes of a stillInitiation, 124:Entity vastly greater than [124] our own solar Logos is expressing himself. In these visions oneInitiation, 124:down through many cycles of time. His Planetary Logos as he functions in the past through manyInitiation, 125:tiny cycles called lives - which the Planetary Logos seeks to see consummated. He then may be saidInitiation, 125:of that great Being who is his own Planetary Logos, until finally the perfection of all beauty andInitiation, 125:- the sun shining in his strength, the solar Logos at the moment of consummated purpose. [126] Initiation, 126:are of four kinds: 1. Cosmic, used by a cosmic Logos in the initiations of a solar Logos and of theInitiation, 126:by a cosmic Logos in the initiations of a solar Logos and of the three major Planetary Logoi. 2.Initiation, 126:Planetary Logoi. 2. Systemic, used by a solar Logos in the initiations of a Planetary Logos. WithInitiation, 126:a solar Logos in the initiations of a Planetary Logos. With cosmic initiation we have naught to do;Initiation, 126:is the case, the initiation of his own Planetary Logos takes place, and consequently he (as aInitiation, 126:sons of men. 3. Planetary, used by a Planetary Logos for initiatory purposes, and for the third,Initiation, 126:the Rod of Power, wielded by the solar Logos, is charged with pure electrical force from Sirius,Initiation, 126:force from Sirius, and was received by our Logos during the secondary period of creation, from theInitiation, 127:planets. Again, he it is who, with the solar Logos to assist him, invests the various InitiatorsInitiation, 127:the application of the Rod of Initiation to the Logos of our earth chain, which touched intoInitiation, 127:whether in man, a Heavenly Man, or a solar Logos. Expansion of all the bodies, but primarily of theInitiation, 128:the sixth and seventh, transmits force via the Logos from outside the system altogether. This majorInitiation, 129:time it is recharged by the direct action of the Logos himself, the Logos of the solar system. TheInitiation, 129:by the direct action of the Logos himself, the Logos of the solar system. The exact location ofInitiation, 130:the race. [130] The great Rod of Power of the Logos himself is hidden in the sun. To recapitulate,Initiation, 130:planetary location. The Rod of the solar Logos is hidden in "the heart of the sun," that mysteriousInitiation, 130:shield and envelope. The Rod of the cosmic Logos associated with our solar Logos is secreted inInitiation, 130:of the cosmic Logos associated with our solar Logos is secreted in that central spot in the heavensInitiation, 130:or for each solar system through which the Logos manifests, as a man manifests through his physicalInitiation, 140:matter for the perfecting of the plans of the Logos, to work in mental essence, and to apply theInitiation, 143:scheme is a Center in the body of a Solar Logos, and embodies a peculiar type of energy or force.Initiation, 143:Center through the power of the Planetary Logos, aided by the scientific knowledge of the Lodge,Initiation, 144:or the physical reflection of the Planetary Logos of our scheme, the force comes more directly toInitiation, 147:as to the realized relationship of the Solar Logos to the Planetary Logos, and of the PlanetaryInitiation, 147:relationship of the Solar Logos to the Planetary Logos, and of the Planetary Logos of our scheme toInitiation, 147:to the Planetary Logos, and of the Planetary Logos of our scheme to the scheme itself. TheInitiation, 147:and the furthering of the plans of the Planetary Logos. [148] This great oath is couched inInitiation, 150:of any creative sound. When it is said that the Logos produced the worlds through meditation itInitiation, 150:by the One about whom naught may be said, the Logos of the cosmic scheme of which our system is butInitiation, 150:committed to the initiate, so similarly to the Logos was committed the great Word of Power whichInitiation, 151:the sound persists, the forms cohere. When the Logos, for instance, finishes the sounding of theInitiation, 151:of the forms will ensue. So with the Planetary Logos, and thus on down the scale. The Words ofInitiation, 153:[153] 1. The Great Word, as sounded by the Logos of the solar system, and communicated to him byInitiation, 153:superior. 2. Three Words committed by the Solar Logos to each of the three Logoi as follows: TheInitiation, 154:or the third aspect of our particular Planetary Logos, is FA, and herein lies much of illuminationInitiation, 154:built up upon the Great Word of our Planetary Logos, and these are committed to the DepartmentalInitiation, 155:rooted in the Great Word committed to the Solar Logos at the dawn of manifestation. [156] 2. AllInitiation, 159:the living form. This is equally true of a Solar Logos enunciating the AUM, and thus producing theInitiation, 159:thus producing the solar system; of a Planetary Logos sounding his planetary Word, and producing aInitiation, 160:may be known the true occultist. The Solar Logos sounded forth a Word, the form of our solar systemInitiation, 160:of its great ensouling Life, that of the triple Logos, is active, intelligent Love. 9. The GreatInitiation, 160:who stands in the same relation to the Solar Logos as the latter does to the Planetary Logos. TheInitiation, 160:Solar Logos as the latter does to the Planetary Logos. The sacred Words of seven solar systems (ofInitiation, 160:a sharer in part of the plans of the Planetary Logos of our scheme. They are given in this briefInitiation, 162:the "One about whom Naught may be Said;' or the Logos of our Solar Logos. The unit of consciousnessInitiation, 162:Naught may be Said;' or the Logos of our Solar Logos. The unit of consciousness is then perfect, asInitiation, 162:unit of consciousness is then perfect, as the Logos is perfect, and passes on to work parallelingInitiation, 162:passes on to work paralleling that of the Solar Logos. Such is the great program and theInitiation, 164:a key to the nature of some particular Planetary Logos, and consequently gives the clue to theInitiation, 168:of the dense objective manifestation of the Logos. It would be wise here for the student toInitiation, 168:form the dense physical body of the solar Logos, whilst the [169] four higher form his ethericInitiation, 170:the mystery of the threefold body of the triple Logos is his, and the why of the phenomena of theInitiation, 172:intelligently with the plans of the Planetary Logos as they may be revealed to him stage by stage.Initiation, 172:to the point in evolution of our own Planetary Logos, this secret is the most vital. Our PlanetaryInitiation, 172:this secret is the most vital. Our Planetary Logos is at the stage wherein he is consciouslyInitiation, 172:with his polar opposite, another Planetary Logos. [173] Initiation, 173:ours a duality. The true name of our Planetary Logos and his relation to the Solar Logos. "TheInitiation, 173:Planetary Logos and his relation to the Solar Logos. "The Marriage of the Lamb" and the problem ofInitiation, 173:and the connection of our particular Planetary Logos with that constellation. On a lesser scale,Initiation, 174:clear to him: The secret name of the Planetary Logos, thus revealing one syllable of the name ofInitiation, 174:revealing one syllable of the name of the Solar Logos. The work and method of the destroyer aspectInitiation, 175:mind of the student: [175] Secret of Initiation Logos Concerned Source of Energy Planes Fohat ThirdInitiation, 187:inconceivable as yet to us. Every Planetary Logos has, in his own special planet, schools for theInitiation, 189:earth unless he is on the ray of the Planetary Logos holding sway upon the earth. Later again asInitiation, 189:on Sirius. These two Paths are: 6. The Path the Logos Himself Is On It will have become apparent toInitiation, 189:light of the law of correspondences, that the Logos on the cosmic planes is evolving inner cosmicInitiation, 190:system, formed an esoteric group around the Logos when he decided upon further progress. InInitiation, 190:him on. This esoteric group remains with the Logos on the atomic, or first plane of the system, onInitiation, 191:It is the Sonship to a Being higher than our Logos, of whom we may not speak. It is the greatInitiation, 191:for that line of work, and who are close to the Logos in a personal intimate sense, pass to theInitiation, 191:It is the Path of the special intimates of the Logos, and into their hands he has put the workingInitiation, 191:of his behests. This group, associated with the Logos, forms a special group linked to a stillInitiation, 191:forms a special group linked to a still higher Logos. [192] Initiation, 207:is that which all self-conscious beings, from a Logos to a man, are in process of developing. ThatInitiation, 220:It was the home of the third root race. Logos The deity manifested through every nation and people.Initiation, 220:which is ever concealed. Thus, speech is the Logos of thought, hence it is aptly translated by theInitiation, 222:are literally small force centers. Planetary Logos This term is generally applied to the sevenInitiation, 223:Ray One of the seven streams of force of the Logos; the seven great lights. Each of them is theInitiation, 224:different aspects of force by means of which the Logos manifests. Ring-pass-not This is at theMagic, 38:their being, the consciousness of the planetary Logos, that "Spirit before the Throne" WhoMagic, 41:the lives and consciousness of the life of the Logos of our planet, but all the lives andMagic, 45:life. The position in the body of the planetary Logos, for instance, of any specific form. TheMagic, 45:system, so within the body of the planetary Logos are the various kingdoms in nature and theMagic, 47:Kumara, embodying a principle of the planetary Logos is the highest, and an initiate of the firstMagic, 47:in themselves the purpose and plan of the solar Logos in relation to the five planets involved. Magic, 48:system. Cooperating in the plan of the solar Logos in relation to His (if one may use a pronoun in
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