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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOGOS

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Magic, 49:This is a part of the plan of the planetary Logos for the vitalizing and renewing of the vibrationMagic, 50:points in the solar system, wherein the Solar Logos, through the seven Planetary Logoi, focuses HisMagic, 61:he here remembers that the ego (as well as the Logos) is in deep meditation during the whole cycleMagic, 71:in one, or one in three, and the light of the Logos illuminates the whole. The "lower light" isMagic, 75:in the microcosm of that with which the Solar Logos started, the "Sacred Four" of the Cosmos; manMagic, 115:of the man of a little of the idea on which our Logos bases all He does. The basis of all LogicMagic, 274:as the Buddha, the Kumaras and the planetary Logos, are beginning to sense the dynamic impulse ofMagic, 275:the correspondences in the life of the planetary Logos to the seven solar systems. When he beginsMagic, 275:When he begins to sense the life of the solar Logos as it expresses itself through the sevenMagic, 275:have touched the consciousness of the planetary Logos of our special scheme, who is sensingMagic, 293:substance in the sentient body of the planetary Logos. The sentient body (a term I much prefer toMagic, 294:I shall continue to use) of the [294] planetary Logos is an aspect - not an atom - of the sentientMagic, 294:not an atom - of the sentient body of the solar Logos. This in its turn is influenced by, and is aMagic, 296:its will is the glorification of the incarnated Logos. I would like to suggest to students thatMagic, 299:the astral or sentient body of our planetary Logos? What have you gained if I outlined to you theMagic, 299:into the state of consciousness of our planetary Logos, sense His destiny, and vision fleetinglyMagic, 311:of the earth. This entity is not the planetary Logos, but a being of great power on theMagic, 311:who holds the same relation to the planetary Logos as the astral elemental does to the human being.Magic, 311:life of the personality aspect of the planetary Logos - a more potent force for good and also forMagic, 314:inevitably grow, for the "heart of the solar Logos" beats now in closer rhythm with this planetMagic, 352:of vibratory expansion. The initiation of the Logos has a universal effect. You are right in yourMagic, 360:itself through our planet, to our planetary Logos, but the idea can (needless to say) be progressedMagic, 360:to include the great Life of which our planetary Logos is but a reflection and an expression. Man,Magic, 361:field of expression in the third aspect of the Logos, which we call the Universal Mind, the activeMagic, 362:back on the cosmic planes, whereon the planetary Logos has His life. From the cosmic astral planeMagic, 362:but also with those cosmic planes whereon our Logos has His Personality aspect, using these wordsMagic, 364:circulating throughout the entire body of the Logos, and vivifying therefore even the tiniest atomMagic, 367:ideal plan as it lies latent in the mind of the Logos. As men develop this capacity, they willMagic, 373:that mysterious entity - not the planetary Logos - is being vivified in a new sense and in hisMagic, 379:acrostic veiling the true name of the planetary Logos of the earth, one of Whose principles isMagic, 379:Him thus a direct incarnation of the planetary Logos and in expression of His divine consciousness.Magic, 379:initiation when the nature of the planetary Logos is revealed and His four Avatars are definitelyMagic, 390:at this time one might infer that our planetary Logos Himself is focused in His mental Body. He, itMagic, 431:too closely is because the planetary Spirit or Logos and the planetary Entity are the two forms inMagic, 432:of the intuitional nature of the planetary Logos, and the potent force of the astral (desire) body.Magic, 432:embodies the desire nature of the planetary Logos is exceedingly potent, particularly in thisMagic, 513:and it must be remembered that each planetary Logos has a different pulsation, a varying periodicMagic, 522:Mind as it works out the purposes of the solar Logos or of the planetary Logos these constituentsMagic, 522:purposes of the solar Logos or of the planetary Logos these constituents of the matter of space,Magic, 531:lives is sometimes called the planetary Logos, sometimes the Ancient of Days, sometimes God, andMagic, 533:matter which lands a man at the Feet of the Logos; pain is the following of the line of theMagic, 555:the thought of the One Creator, the Unmanifested Logos. Magic, 609:to the impulsion of the Mind and Will of the Logos, the solar Deity. Magic, 610:are equally true of the magical work of a solar Logos, of a planetary Logos, of an incarnatingMagic, 610:magical work of a solar Logos, of a planetary Logos, of an incarnating soul, or of that advancedMeditation, 4:- a part of the threefold masterpiece of the Logos or God, the Master-Musician. [5] Meditation, 7:alignment that marks the [7] attainment by the Logos of the cosmic egoic consciousness, which isMeditation, 26:will the cosmic mental atom in the body of the Logos achieve polarization. Here and thereMeditation, 30:the aid of the lower self. The life of the first Logos must be blended with that of the secondMeditation, 30:Logos must be blended with that of the second Logos and based on the activity of the third Logos.Meditation, 30:Logos and based on the activity of the third Logos. Therefore, you have at the moment ofMeditation, 37:to the highest circles, yea, it reaches to the Logos Himself. But this is beside the point andMeditation, 42:the essence of the development aimed at by the Logos of the seventh ray. Such is the situation fromMeditation, 42:in which you live, a period wherein the seventh Logos of Ceremonial Law and Order seeks toMeditation, 52:of the greater cycle will it be completed. The Logos sounds it now, and should He cease to breatheMeditation, 52:for each plane. We have been told that the Solar Logos, on the cosmic planes, works at the problemMeditation, 54:completeness for this solar system, the Logos gathered through inspiration the matter needed forMeditation, 55:of the human Spirits. This fourth note of the Logos has a special significance for the humanMeditation, 56:to the major third. It is the note of the Logos. Each breath attracts to the Logos for purposes ofMeditation, 56:note of the Logos. Each breath attracts to the Logos for purposes of manifestation, some entity onMeditation, 58:work and the destructive work as does the Logos. It will be the reflection in the microcosm of theMeditation, 66:the lower is an instrument in the hand of the Logos for the hastening of His plan. [67] I haveMeditation, 85:lower crosses. The four-armed cross of the third Logos is found at the base of the spine and theMeditation, 92:and is but incidental to the fact that our Logos Himself is also evolving, and (from the standpointMeditation, 92:- as we term them - are the imperfections of the Logos, and will eventually be transcended. I haveMeditation, 107:comes comprehension of the small. When our Logos founded the solar system He drew within the circleMeditation, 107:a certain end, known in its entirety only to the Logos Himself. All within that circle is subjectMeditation, 108:and on a tiny scale, repeats the action of the Logos. For certain ends he builds a certain form; heMeditation, 108:is to the Ego what the solar system is to the Logos. It is his field of manifestation and theMeditation, 133:hides our points of contact with the Universal Logos. Finally (for I cannot touch on all theMeditation, 141:work of this nature. The method employed by the Logos in this the second solar system is definitelyMeditation, 143:in the Grand Heavenly Man, as represented by the Logos Himself. This is as far as we need go forMeditation, 149:Master, or some saint, or even with the supreme Logos Himself - and to mount by the line of life,Meditation, 156:will [156] be given by the seventh Planetary Logos, working in conjunction with three Great Lords,Meditation, 164:of these mantrams, which causes contact with the Logos of our planet, is known to the adepts asMeditation, 164:whereby its guides may contact their Planetary Logos. The seven Logoi in Their turn have TheirMeditation, 164:on up - via the seven Planetary Logoi - to the Logos Himself. It marks [165] the moment ofMeditation, 166:in the Hierarchy the three aspects of the Logos as manifested in the solar [167] system, - theMeditation, 167:three clear lines whereby a man may mount to the Logos and find union with the self of the SolarMeditation, 169:Monad, and later [169] with the All-Self, the Logos Himself. For the sake of clarity and in orderMeditation, 170:autocracy, and it is the line whereby our Solar Logos imposes His Will on men. It is closely linkedMeditation, 171:the Ruler of the World, later to the Planetary Logos, and thence to the Solar Logos. Meditation, 171:to the Planetary Logos, and thence to the Solar Logos. Meditation, 171:the many. It embodies the wisdom aspect of the Logos, and is the line whereby His love isMeditation, 171:being in itself a direct expression of the Logos, and of His love aspect, all in manifestation isMeditation, 175:on a tiny miniature scale of what the third Logos did in world making. Certain activities hadMeditation, 176:wisdom or love aspect, the second aspect of the Logos, the building aspect. Through love andMeditation, 182:this apparent setting back of the plans of the Logos lies hid in the remnants of active cosmic EvilMeditation, 184:each human being, which distinguishes our Solar Logos from all other Logoi, and which is the sum ofMeditation, 185:marks him out as of the same nature as the Solar Logos. Here you have fire as it may be seen in theMeditation, 200:the earth and the supreme Ruler himself, the Logos of our system. This is accomplished through theMeditation, 201:manifestation as well as through the Planetary Logos of this planet. The date of this event is notMeditation, 205:all sounds express themselves in color. When the Logos uttered the great cosmic Word for this solarMeditation, 206:color were the product of logoic meditation. The Logos meditated, brooded, conceived mentally,Meditation, 206:lies the capacity of man to do as does the Logos and build. Colors have certain effects on theMeditation, 206:by means of the same laws that that Logos employed in building His objective solar system. This isMeditation, 207:relationship to the auric egg; just as the Solar Logos is spoken of as the "Blue Logos" (literallyMeditation, 207:as the Solar Logos is spoken of as the "Blue Logos" (literally indigo), so the color of theMeditation, 211:the type of influence that is emanating from the Logos, and which has penetrated to the densestMeditation, 221:come eventually the [221] completed work of the Logos and the consummation of the pure white light.
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