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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOGOS

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Psychology2, 102:are synonymous terms as far as our solar Logos is concerned, and also for the majority of thePsychology2, 122:the constellation Aquarius, just as our solar Logos informs our solar system and our planetaryPsychology2, 122:Logos informs our solar system and our planetary Logos informs our earth planet. The idea ofPsychology2, 172:recapitulating on a small scale what the solar Logos and the planetary Logos have likewise done,Psychology2, 172:scale what the solar Logos and the planetary Logos have likewise done, and are doing. These greatPsychology2, 197:absorbed in the heart center of the planetary Logos. Through it, His life can flow and the groupPsychology2, 212:yet hidden in the consciousness of the planetary Logos and is only revealed at initiation. TherePsychology2, 212:characteristics and qualities of the planetary Logos which remain incomprehensible to us. When thePsychology2, 221:is motivated by the recognition of the planetary Logos, that His plan is conditioned in its turn,Psychology2, 221:plan - that of the solar Deity. God, the solar Logos, is likewise conditioned by a still higherPsychology2, 245:an embodiment of the will aspect of the Logos - the will to good, the will to love, the will toPsychology2, 284:act of appropriation, performed by our planetary Logos at the dawn of the creative activity of God.Psychology2, 398:are those of which the Christ, the planetary Logos and Those great Lives of Whose consciousness wePsychology2, 450:(from the angle of consciousness) that the solar Logos has seen fit to invoke external agencies toPsychology2, 562:fourfold word, the activity of matter, the third Logos. Touch - The recognition of the sevenfoldPsychology2, 562:approximation and interrelation, the second Logos. The Law of Attraction between the Self and thePsychology2, 562:the realization of the One in Many, the first Logos. The Law of Synthesis, operating between allPsychology2, 606:and the greatest of all Mystics is the divine Logos Himself. But His dream must be registered inRays, 13:to the Lord of the World, our planetary Logos. The Lords of Liberation, focused in Their highRays, 50:express some "intention" of the divine creating Logos. When the initiate grasps this and identifiesRays, 54:divine life upon our planet - via our Planetary Logos Who hears it with clarity and withRays, 55:of tension - a tension achieved by a planetary Logos when He responds to the Sound of the IneffableRays, 56:has made his first contact with the Planetary Logos, the Hierophant, the Initiator at the thirdRays, 62:- a part of the threefold masterpiece of the Logos or God, the Master-Musician." (Page 4). We nowRays, 66:life within the consciousness of the planetary Logos. The directing mind of the initiate indicatesRays, 83:was given to Him. Only the Father, the planetary Logos, the Lord of the World, enunciates the finalRays, 94:Presence within Whose aura the planetary Logos will take His stand as the planetary Representative.Rays, 95:know when the Avatar links up with the planetary Logos because I will then give you the finalRays, 106:will which exists in its perfection in the solar Logos and finds a medium of expression through theRays, 106:a medium of expression through the planetary Logos. This will is therefore working out in sevenRays, 111:a time. The space-time schedule of the planetary Logos Himself would be upset, for He has such aRays, 132:the purpose and the life-intent of the planetary Logos, but within that periphery and sphere ofRays, 141:identified with the purpose of the planetary Logos), and of the highest possible focused relation.Rays, 142:is the engrossing life-purpose of our planetary Logos. Light is the great and obsessing enterpriseRays, 147:in our planet, through which the life of our Logos flows and His purposes are worked out. I wouldRays, 147:was initiated by Sound, and in that Sound the Logos both invoked and evoked. He issued the call andRays, 150:Humanity These embody the intelligence of the Logos as it expresses itself through creativity. TheyRays, 161:the Hierarchy and Humanity are to our planetary Logos. "The group must work through the medium ofRays, 162:is true too of the Heavenly Man, the planetary Logos. In the long period of a world cycle thereRays, 170:living forms, on and up to the planetary Logos Himself. The will is too often regarded as a powerRays, 172:which keep the form aspect of the planetary Logos functioning as a "Divine Representation." NoteRays, 178:in response to the life of the planetary Logos upon those planes. That, in the last analysis,Rays, 179:of the point of attainment of our planetary Logos as He exists outside the seven planes of ourRays, 205:earlier said, Sanat Kumara is to the Planetary Logos what the personality, plus soul, is to theRays, 206:They are in direct rapport with the Planetary Logos upon His own high plane, the cosmic mentalRays, 206:what is the motivating idea which the Planetary Logos - working consciously on His own high level -Rays, 227:of the will and purpose of the planetary Logos. It will of course be obvious to you that only thoseRays, 238:taking on more definite lines. As our planetary Logos nears the climaxing point of the initiationRays, 241:evoked the creative activity of our Planetary Logos. This brought the [242] third aspect of theRays, 248:the Sacred Word but to the name of the planetary Logos, the hidden name of Sanat Kumara Who is theRays, 248:in all its phases, the manifesting Ego of the Logos on the cosmic mental plane. Only the firstRays, 260:purpose and the reason for which our planetary Logos took incarnation and became the informing LifeRays, 263:letter of the sevenfold Name of the planetary Logos. More upon this subject may not be given, norRays, 267:sense, as linking intermediaries between the Logos of our solar system and the informing Life ofRays, 267:two great centers of energy to our planetary Logos. In the last solar system They were theRays, 268:The concrete or lower mind of the planetary Logos, That energy which we call the soul and which theRays, 268:at the third initiation when the planetary Logos is the Initiator. At that initiation, the willRays, 273:three Buddhas of Activity are to the planetary Logos (to give you another definition) what theRays, 273:such is the spiritual status of the planetary Logos; the one of the three Buddhas now coming intoRays, 273:spiritual will. Within the body of the planetary Logos humanity is slowly building that which theyRays, 277:expression of the relation which the planetary Logos (on the cosmic mental plane) bears to HisRays, 277:great Life. Wording it otherwise, the planetary Logos on His Own plane is to Sanat Kumara what theRays, 280:form under the cyclic intention of the planetary Logos, may become increasingly colored orRays, 289:between the heart center of the planetary Logos and the creative center, were known to Him andRays, 291:Being and of identification with the planetary Logos upon the cosmic mental plane which constitutedRays, 311:of them expressions of the will of the planetary Logos and His essential Purpose. If the initiateRays, 318:the conditioned will of the planetary Logos as He orders all things toward the ultimate goal ofRays, 328:the wonder of the future which the planetary Logos will unfold before those who have unfolded theRays, 338:relation to the manifestation of the planetary Logos. You will note that I do not say in relationRays, 375:second ray as it manifests through our planetary Logos. Nevertheless, magnetic action is moreRays, 392:and the "fixed intention" of the planetary Logos but (even more than that) it has relation toRays, 396:to Sirius. The Ray Path. The Path on which our Logos is found. The Path of Absolute Sonship. InRays, 399:to the cosmic mental plane. Path 6. The Path the Logos Himself is on leads to the cosmic buddhicRays, 401:expression of a still greater Entity, the solar Logos, and it is with the astral energy incident toRays, 402:human enterprise. The astral force of the solar Logos, the true God of Love. The astral energy ofRays, 404:gradually came into being when our planetary Logos created the Earth and started the involutionaryRays, 406:of the nature of any particular planetary Logos. The Masters taking this training are not occupiedRays, 407:of the Purpose and expressed Will of some solar Logos. They will then, through the planetary andRays, 408:The supreme task of a planetary [408] Logos is to impress His sevenfold body of manifestation, viaRays, 408:is offered to function as a planetary Logos, by an act of sacrifice which confines ThemRays, 412:far greater Council Chamber over which our Solar Logos presides; greater opportunity wasRays, 413:to you. This great Sun which is to our solar Logos what the Monad is to the spiritual man, has aRays, 413:that our tiny planet with its planetary Logos (one of the "imperfect Gods" of The Secret Doctrine)Rays, 413:Entity Who is greater even than our Solar Logos. [414] Such, however, is the case. There is aRays, 421:embodies the will or purpose of our planetary Logos. The goal which these initiates (trained on theRays, 421:and the Mysteries of Initiation 6. The Path the Logos Himself is on It should be remembered as thisRays, 421:abstruse subject is approached that the Solar Logos is as far removed (in the evolutionary sense)Rays, 421:(in the evolutionary sense) from our planetary Logos as the latter is from the point of attainmentRays, 421:two lines of energy meet and blend. Our Solar Logos also plays a peculiarly interesting part in theRays, 421:be regarded as a personal disciple of the Solar Logos, with all that that indicates of cosmicRays, 422:into the group which guides our Solar Logos; this in its turn is only a temporary phase, though inRays, 423:from the Heart of the Sun or from our Solar Logos, and the base line constituted of the sevenRays, 427:PATH III. PATH OF TRAINING FOR PLANETARY LOGOS Attributes Cosmic vision, deva hearing and psychicRays, 427:equilibrium PATH VI. THE PATH OF THE SOLAR LOGOS Not given Not given PATH VII. THE PATH OF ABSOLUTERays, 471:moving within the orbit of the planetary Logos (though not unrestricted as regards that greaterRays, 483:[483] It is true of the activity of a solar Logos, of a planetary Logos and of a human being - theRays, 483:of the activity of a solar Logos, of a planetary Logos and of a human being - the only consciousRays, 486:consciousness which is analogous to that of the Logos when - on His much vaster scale - HeRays, 520:the Law of the Life Purpose of the planetary Logos; it is an expression of His dynamic intention asRays, 526:development within the body of the planetary Logos. They also, from time to time, demonstrated to
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