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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOGOS

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Telepathy, 124:forms and of the etheric body of the planetary Logos is necessarily of major importance in anyTelepathy, 124:which is part of the vast purpose of the solar Logos, working through the planetary Logoi, andTelepathy, 125:as the three major centers of the planetary Logos: The Head Center, the dynamic Agent of theTelepathy, 126:the fundamental Proposition of the planetary Logos can eventually be disclosed to man. May I remindTelepathy, 126:being or manifested life - from the planetary Logos down to the tiniest atom - either has been, is,Telepathy, 129:great Invocation was uttered by the planetary Logos when He expressed the desire to manifest andTelepathy, 129:heart and the throat centers of the planetary Logos. Telepathy, 130:divine purpose has been achieved, the planetary Logos holds all in manifestation through theTelepathy, 131:in all forms through which the planetary Logos expresses Himself; it is the result of the activityTelepathy, 133:the same time, the heart center of the planetary Logos, the Hierarchy, whilst it is beingTelepathy, 133:alignment with the head center of the planetary Logos; it is, therefore, capable of receiving aTelepathy, 133:Humanity, as the throat center of the planetary Logos and the prime planetary creative agencyTelepathy, 137:to the three major centers of the planetary Logos. There is, therefore, nowhere to be found anyTelepathy, 154:physical plane. It is the LIFE of the planetary Logos, reduced within limits, animating, vivifyingTelepathy, 155:cosmic sutratma or life-thread of the planetary Logos enters His manifestation on the highest ofTelepathy, 159:and placed in proper sequence: The planetary Logos works through the medium of the three majorTelepathy, 161:totality the etheric vehicle of the planetary Logos. The evolutionary processes can equally well beTelepathy, 182:which can be worded as follows: The planetary Logos, the One in Whom we live and move and have ourTelepathy, 183:planetary ring-pass-not of the planetary Life or Logos. This energy is the dynamic incentive at the
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