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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LONG

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Discipleship1, 94:between the first initiation and the second - long, long interludes of silent and almost unapparentDiscipleship1, 94:the first initiation and the second - long, long interludes of silent and almost unapparent [95]Discipleship1, 97:sciences. One life is but a short moment in the long cycle of the soul. The true disciple willDiscipleship1, 98:effort by the disciple, carried over a very long period of time, to bring it about. A Master doesDiscipleship1, 98:last throughout one life; that, however, is not long from the angle of the soul; it is but a flashDiscipleship1, 98:a flash of small moment and significance in the long career of the soul. It looms as large andDiscipleship1, 108:it, because you yourself have reached a point - long desired in your experience - wherein you nowDiscipleship1, 113:and hold the mind steady in the light for as long a period as you can. Watch your thought processesDiscipleship1, 122:intensity have together sufficed to carry you a long way towards the goal and this I think you areDiscipleship1, 124:and of self-forgetfulness brings you by a long and weary way back to us. Finally, "thus theDiscipleship1, 129:and to follow my proposals for an adequately long time so as to give proof of their wisdom? ItDiscipleship1, 136:of yours - strongly marked and the product of a long series of incarnations in a second ray vehicleDiscipleship1, 137:for all the struggle of the past. To serve has long been your aim for you have loved your fellowmenDiscipleship1, 143:sought to lay upon the need for sun and air. Too long hours of sleep increase the drainage ofDiscipleship1, 144:done that can cause distress to others in the long run. By this, I refer not to action but to theDiscipleship1, 148:to carry forward your cherished plans over long periods of time have their basis in physicalDiscipleship1, 153:have been your inner realized goal for some long time and which can be more easily brought about inDiscipleship1, 175:has become an established habit and in which you long frequently for the manifestation of earlierDiscipleship1, 178:used with due care. This is a thing which I have long wanted to do. It is known to you that yourDiscipleship1, 180:Know that those results are assured just as long as you can "stand with power in spiritual being."Discipleship1, 182:desire nature. It is very potent and of long persistence, constituting therefore, a powerfulDiscipleship1, 184:be a mode of self-protection, necessitated by long years of extreme sensitivity; this eventuallyDiscipleship1, 191:keep careful monthly records. They need not be long but must be sincere. Note specifically andDiscipleship1, 196:evening review as I care not when you do it, as long as you do it once within each twenty-fourDiscipleship1, 219:the Ray of Will or Power. That has been for a long time subordinated to the past ray of your soul,Discipleship1, 226:and hence my explanation. You have come a long distance quite rapidly upon the Path lately, andDiscipleship1, 231:personality. You seek to be a channel and you long adequately to serve. This I know. Be willing,Discipleship1, 235:and ask you to ponder the phrase I employed. How long you will be preparing for such a step in theDiscipleship1, 239:in service with whom you have been for so long affiliated or to those connected with you in yourDiscipleship1, 242:way of the general usefulness. My brother, for long you have occupied the center of the stage inDiscipleship1, 248:this time to change it. You have followed for a long time that which I gave you earlier. I nowDiscipleship1, 270:to carry you along the Path for a very long way. But I continue with my task of awakening each ofDiscipleship1, 272:and this process - carried forward over so long a time - has led to the present dire financialDiscipleship1, 289:of your personality do not really matter in the long run and in the light of soul activity, butDiscipleship1, 299:And yet the group goes on and will go on, as long as the spirit of love continues to prevail amongDiscipleship1, 309:into the stage of contemplation, holding it as long as you can. Assume imaginatively (if you cannotDiscipleship1, 314:which is familiar, desired and appropriated from long habit, but it involves also a completeDiscipleship1, 341:today that is not the case. It has been a long and hard lesson for you to attain a better sense ofDiscipleship1, 346:this by three minutes (for this is quite a long time, my brother) of complete silence, preserving,Discipleship1, 349:the germ of your meditation. This I did with a long purpose in my mind. Meditation is so oftDiscipleship1, 371:a disciple are you, my brother and my comrade of long standing. Your major hindrance is in yourDiscipleship1, 376:do with the following brief exercise: Take six long breaths, slowly and without effort, or anyDiscipleship1, 376:I hold. Interlude of Exhalation. Take six more long breaths in a similar manner and then say: LetDiscipleship1, 376:to go. Interlude of Exhalation. Again take six long breaths and then say: Let this divineDiscipleship1, 381:December 1938 BROTHER OF OLD: I gave you a long instruction the last time I communicated with you.Discipleship1, 395:of my disciples, close to all of you, has had a long period (extending over many years) of strain,Discipleship1, 400:instruction; may it not be possible that, before long, through the release from the load ofDiscipleship1, 407:and this focused work you have carried forward long enough. Your sixth ray has also given you aDiscipleship1, 417:loving understanding will do more true good than long hours of talk. See as many people but giveDiscipleship1, 423:step is, for you, adequately clear, is it not? A long period of learning and of recognitionsDiscipleship1, 441:to Disciples - P.D.W. August 1940 MY BROTHER OF LONG STANDING: I have for you a brief message whichDiscipleship1, 441:keynotes of your life? The patience you have for long years sustained; the service to yourDiscipleship1, 450:forces can be met in three ways. There is the long and almost endless process of letting thingsDiscipleship1, 450:millions would suffer needlessly and for too long, which is perhaps the most important point. ThatDiscipleship1, 451:materialistic civilization to profit by the long awaited turn of the tide in human affairs? I, aDiscipleship1, 455:though not at the morning meditation. Take seven long deep breaths, though hold not the nostril. AtDiscipleship1, 455:the matter of Dr. ... For you there has been the long test of endurance, and that is for you - asDiscipleship1, 467:Full Moon. There is no need, however, to give long extracts or to copy out my detailed instructionsDiscipleship1, 467:May. I want you to gather together out of those long instructions and from many isolated passagesDiscipleship1, 468:to the existent forms instead of leading to a long range vision of the Plan, such as your soul rayDiscipleship1, 468:task ahead to which the group is dedicated. For long you have tried to help L. T. S-K. to freeDiscipleship1, 470:activities of man. This must be based on long vision, and the power to release yourself from theDiscipleship1, 481:focusing within yourself as the result of a long spiritual struggle - with yourself and withDiscipleship1, 489:the frustrations and the pressures which have so long blocked your soul's expression. Herein liesDiscipleship1, 496:and will continue so to be. When he asked me not long ago - as occasionally he does, though atDiscipleship1, 502:I have not the intention to give you a long instruction. Your instruction is your present lifeDiscipleship1, 505:This should prove an exercise of value to you. Long experience in meditation should enable you toDiscipleship1, 505:matters but the soul. Nothing counts in the long run but service. Take your mind away from all yourDiscipleship1, 506:when distressed and stay not there for a long time. It will aid you to break the power of ancientDiscipleship1, 506:and understanding dispel the fogs in which I long have walked. Let the mists [507] disappear andDiscipleship1, 508:in the old lines of thought do not last so long and your understanding is growing. [509] The fightDiscipleship1, 513:reasonable. This tendency you have fought for long, and a good measure of success is attending yourDiscipleship1, 514:have to do to gain the release for which you long. I tell you also assuredly that - for you - theDiscipleship1, 517:the onlooker, the student and the servant for so long. Will you not become more actively theDiscipleship1, 528:is in the middle of the north wall - one of the long sides - the garden being more long thanDiscipleship1, 528:- one of the long sides - the garden being more long than square. When one approaches the gate fromDiscipleship1, 529:the pagoda, and go down the entire length of the long south walk, forming a plantation aboutDiscipleship1, 529:away, midway between the woods and the stream, a long flower border set right in the lawn, andDiscipleship1, 530:the time, and of course there are many in that long [531] flower border that I have not mentioned,Discipleship1, 542:at that point as steadily and for as long as possible. Then sound the O. M. as the aspiringDiscipleship1, 544:to be strengthened upon the physical plane. For long you have sensed my presence, and sensitiveDiscipleship1, 554:O-L.R.D. September 1936 MY BROTHER AND FRIEND OF LONG AGO: Will you take the following ideas intoDiscipleship1, 557:wearing out, which is the approaching goal. For long cycles, the soul has been negative in itsDiscipleship1, 581:thought and emotion. These reactions do not stay long enough to enable you to understand truly. YouDiscipleship1, 581:static within your chosen center for a long time. Otherwise your soul will be forced to postponeDiscipleship1, 594:influence. It is safer and more fruitful in the long run. The group work entails many things andDiscipleship1, 613:to be a group organizer under the Plan. You long to produce some working scheme yourself,Discipleship1, 615:this life (which is but a moment of time in the long cycle of the soul), doing the little thingsDiscipleship1, 623:exercise which I set you is a series of long normal breaths, saying mentally as you inhale: "IDiscipleship1, 624:also with facility, for the priesthood had long been your chosen field of service. An ancientDiscipleship1, 630:such facility and truth from the storehouse of a long experience), you must pour out the love ofDiscipleship1, 636:believe that all you contact is a reality. As long as this is the case, your soul life is blockedDiscipleship1, 641:will be apparent to you also why it has taken so long a time to get this group of disciples readyDiscipleship1, 643:time. The last group instructions given were long and full and will warrant fresh study andDiscipleship1, 663:position which has been yours subjectively for a long time. I am mentioning this persistent innerDiscipleship1, 667:say to you at this time for I gave you full and long instructions and several suggestions in theDiscipleship1, 670:coordination. Interlude wherein you take six long slow breaths, thinking as you do so aboutDiscipleship1, 670:and, whilst you are doing this, taking seven long slow breaths. Sound the Sacred Word inaudiblyDiscipleship1, 670:aspire to soul consciousness whilst taking ten long slow breaths, raising your consciousness asDiscipleship1, 674:Stage I. The life has climbed the stairway long through daily use of form. Through the lesser
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