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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LONG

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Glamour, 140:it as will enable you, as a group, to begin your long awaited work upon the problem of dispellingGlamour, 150:certain evil and disastrous results yet, in the long run and in the last analysis, they mayGlamour, 163:so prevalent in [163] Atlantean days and so long lost, and the recognition of the techniques whichGlamour, 177:of revealed truth, when they have lasted long enough and have acquired momentum, add to the generalGlamour, 178:apply to the [178] general public. It will be a long time before they will respond withoutGlamour, 181:done with facility through concentration and long practice, will produce two results: There willGlamour, 183:In the case of the first, the time cycle is long; in the second, the time cycle is short. A veryGlamour, 188:cure or key and thus he intuitively discovers a long sought secret. The discovery, [189] when ofGlamour, 191:of wisdom which is the interpreted result of long experience, and this streams forth, blending withGlamour, 207:deliberation act as if free from glamor, and long periods of defeat when he is overwhelmed, can seeGlamour, 209:He kills out all emotional reactions and goes a long way towards dissipating glamor. He developsGlamour, 219:particular hindrance. This may seem like a very long formula but I have purposely detailed it in asGlamour, 225:now by massed effort carried forward for a long time and usually without any very real consciousGlamour, 230:and each of the two eyes, thus forming the long limbed Cross of the Christ or of divine humanity.Glamour, 232:close of this instruction you will find the two long and two short formulas so that they can beGlamour, 235:step must be mastered and practiced for quite a long time. Every new branch of learning takes someGlamour, 265:overcome and the task ahead of the disciple is a long and arduous one but one which promisesHealing, 13:thought. It existed among the many forms of life long before the human family appeared on earth. IfHealing, 14:of spirit and matter, of life and form as long as the Deity Himself wills to incarnate within HisHealing, 21:a law called the Law of Gravitation, which has long imposed itself upon the minds of men; such aHealing, 28:symptoms or consider the many [28] diseases with long names which distinguish the race at thisHealing, 40:prevalent. When they are persisted in over a long period of time, and are carried over from life toHealing, 41:on. One short life counts for very little in the long cycle of the soul, and it is counted wellHealing, 41:from its body. Or death can spread itself over a long period of time, and the soul may take severalHealing, 55:to trouble if he has succeeded (as a result of a long evolutionary history) in awakening in someHealing, 55:that that occurs he becomes subject, for a long cycle of lives, to difficulties connected with theHealing, 65:- physical or psychological - lies hid in a long past which the victim (with his limited knowledge)Healing, 65:and what they suffer is the result of their long past, and the past presupposes long andHealing, 65:of their long past, and the past presupposes long and well-established habits. Such habits areHealing, 68:possibilities by the open-minded among them, a long period of time must elapse before there hasHealing, 108:pralaya earned. It will only take place later at long and separated periods, and will be controlledHealing, 128:or both. The trouble is of ancient origin and of long established habit and inevitably affects theHealing, 138:begins to dominate the personality ray. It is a long and painful [139] process, covering many livesHealing, 175:advanced people die of heart disease. In the long cycle of the soul life and experience, this is ofHealing, 176:ego-maniac temporarily (all is temporary in the long life of the soul!) and become such a humanHealing, 212:heavenly realm" - as an old Christian mystic, long forgotten, used to say. His words have beenHealing, 217:process is wisely and safely carried out over a long period of time and - returning to our theme ofHealing, 222:the case than the most enlightened think, if the long, long history of mankind is considered.Healing, 222:than the most enlightened think, if the long, long history of mankind is considered. SexualHealing, 230:however, they are perfected, they will in the long run safeguard the race and will return bodies toHealing, 255:the new and the spiritually demanded, needs much long and careful bridging. A great deal of theHealing, 256:done correctly or incorrectly. Such cures have long been recognized by the academic thinker andHealing, 264:of the race. Factually and symbolically, they long for unity and cooperation, yet know not how toHealing, 265:of the future. Regarding this question from the long range vision (looking backward historically asHealing, 276:will shift its focus of attention, before long, to the etheric body and its incident circulatoryHealing, 295:the perfect will-to-good, more potent in the long run than the will-to-harm. These energies pourHealing, 322:and method remains an insoluble problem just a long as man remains equipped with his present mentalHealing, 322:reaction to pain and disease, and just as long as he places the same exaggerated emphasis upon formHealing, 326:[326] The practice of these three, over a long period of years, will inevitably produce the desiredHealing, 326:answered. In fact it must be, or otherwise a long discussion will be necessary upon the subject ofHealing, 347:The sumtotal of energy remains the same for as long as a planet persists, with its forms and lifeHealing, 350:forms which nature (left to herself) would not long use, and would extinguish. Note that word.Healing, 365:and bewilderment. But this will end before long, and man will know and also see. As regards thoseHealing, 381:a much needed simplification, will before long bring about major changes in the approach toHealing, 384:and deal with that subject which has for so long a time driven humanity into the depths of despairHealing, 389:and those whose lives have for a long time been based upon right effort and a correct "renderingHealing, 392:contact with surrounding conditions for a long period of time. The man comes into incarnation withHealing, 397:necessity requires that that which has been so long in evolving and which is the culminating resultHealing, 400:experience and expression of conscious life as long as the physical, tangible form exists andHealing, 402:lies the fact that [402] Christianity posits a long future but no past; it is likewise a futureHealing, 435:of divinity, and this at first, and for a very long time, solely through the process of death. TheHealing, 437:plane and are actively conscious there. Just as long as our consciousness is identified with theHealing, 441:sheath may be for him and those around him the long-waited-for and joyous consummation? Can you notHealing, 441:and marriages? I tell you that, before so very long, this will be deeply so for the intelligent ofHealing, 450:and with full understanding masters death - the long-feared enemy of existence. He discovers thatHealing, 452:the personality or form aspect of man, then as long as the will to live exists, so long will theHealing, 452:man, then as long as the will to live exists, so long will the form persist. It is kept inHealing, 452:of medicine, for it has been proven that as long as the determination to live persists, so will beHealing, 453:pursues its course. As has been noted, for a long period of time the soul identifies itself withHealing, 460:physical restitution. This can only be done as long as the conscious entity is still occupying theHealing, 462:conflict and the process is often fierce and long; it is this battle which is being waged duringHealing, 462:is this battle which is being waged during the long or short period of coma which characterizes soHealing, 463:concluded. The term of that life cycle may be long or short, according to the purposes involved; itHealing, 477:person, the etheric body can linger for a long time in the neighborhood of its outer disintegratingHealing, 481:psychological background of all diseases will be long in painting; in the meantime, theHealing, 482:a few decades. Wrong [482] conditions have been long developing. Modern medicine must become farHealing, 482:will also be challenged, and this for a long time. However, the mental and psychological effects ofHealing, 483:becoming increasingly the rule. Before so very long, burial in the ground will be against the lawHealing, 484:that the etheric body is apt to linger for a long time on the "field of emanation" when theHealing, 488:in an envelope of astral matter and is for a long time immersed in what we call the astral plane.Healing, 489:usually unconsciously and may require quite a long time. Where, however, the man is above theHealing, 491:It has a definite soul effect, something like a long and strong pull at a bell rope, if I might useHealing, 495:face two great experiences: A moment (long or short, according to the attained point in evolution)Healing, 496:group relationship, where the soul experience is long and a true group relation has beenHealing, 497:of the reincarnating man. Kamic man, after a long process of attrition, is left standing freeHealing, 501:conditions inherent in substance; just as long as a man identifies himself with the form aspect, soHealing, 506:stages: Its slow and gradual construction over a long period of time. For many cycles ofHealing, 506:which is concealed within the sheaths is for a long, long period dominated by the life of thoseHealing, 506:is concealed within the sheaths is for a long, long period dominated by the life of those sheaths,Healing, 510:techniques are right in their own place, just as long as they have teaching value, and whilst theHealing, 511:the time of individualization. This - during the long cycle of incarnations - has becomeHealing, 517:experience in the three worlds during the long cycle of incarnations - has reached a point ofHealing, 537:of disease will not be of practical value for a long time to come, but the theory and theHealing, 537:must be considered and discussed. Also, for a long time, medical practice and surgical knowledgeHealing, 572:and a new preoccupation is presented. This has long been the attempted practice of all healers butHealing, 582:Applied We come now to the consideration of a long and somewhat complicated law and one whichHealing, 584:the energy of the solar plexus center (from long use, centralization and habit) is more potent inHealing, 585:can therefore easily ascertain. This law is a long one and contains statements of major importance.Healing, 593:factors for the mass of human beings for long aeons or until such time as the soul "pays attention"Healing, 601:of morbid pathology. It will be wise, for a very long time to come, for the spiritual healer to
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