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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LONG

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Healing, 610:person or an initiate to a great extent and for long periods in their incarnations; parallelingHealing, 622:thread) into and through the head center. As long as the life thread is anchored in the heart itHealing, 646:that he may do far more harm than good. Only long practice can teach the healer the right amount ofHealing, 649:of distress. They are held in this position as long as the healer can hold the triangle of soul,Healing, 652:atoms of the lunar lords can be fostered for a long time, and this greatly distresses the spiritualHealing, 663:wrong in their emphases and methods. In the long run, all the work they do today is relativelyHealing, 664:that there are two modes of achievement; the long hard way of evolution, in which aeons are takenHealing, 667:point of view of the Hierarchy (though possibly long from the angle of men in the three worlds),Healing, 667:three worlds), but it need not necessarily be long today. Healing, 678:the third. This law does not apply in any way as long as the emotional nature can disturb the clearHealing, 682:the case of the undeveloped man, or it can be of long duration, according to the usefulness of theHealing, 688:that they are apt to think that - in the long run - what happens is entirely due to their behavior,Hercules, 14:you and thus deceive you not. The fact is not so long ago I slew all those who taught me in theHercules, 16:of his strength. Suddenly he paused and pondered long; then gave the horses to a friend to hold,Hercules, 40:Presiding One, He sent me on the Way, and with long search and many pains, I found the bull. HelpedHercules, 54:so, my son", replied the Teacher, "the way is long. Two things alone I will confide to you, andHercules, 56:the third great test and failure met him and for long delayed his steps. For there he met Busiris,Hercules, 57:seeing Busiris for what he was, words spoken long ago by Nereus came to his mind: "Truth liesHercules, 60:process carried on, perhaps for a very long time, before the man on the physical plane reallyHercules, 61:from the garden of the Hesperides. The apple has long figured in mythology and in symbology. In theHercules, Known:he discovered that it was invincible only so long as it was in contact with the earth. just as soonHercules, 74:to wrestle with him. As the myth states, for a long time Hercules could not conquer, but when heHercules, 74:who claimed to be a great teacher. For a long period of [75] time Hercules was kept in bondage. TheHercules, 75:from the vultures of desire that had for so long tortured him. He gave up being selfish, and gaveHercules, 78:is mine, so touch it not," she said. "For ages long I nurtured it and tended it when young. The doeHercules, 79:so, O Teacher wise? The doe is mine; mine by long search and travel, and mine likewise because IHercules, 98:gift that to himself he had bequeathed in days long past, his trusty club. On every hand he sought;Hercules, 102:thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long in the land which the Lord thy God givethHercules, 103:which was devastating the countryside. For a long period the lion had been a destructive force andHercules, 106:with which the soul has identified itself for so long, is finally overcome. It y has in it sixtyHercules, 115:for organizations, arts, sciences, all call for long periods of mental gestation and the struggleHercules, 118:of true tolerance, are these root meanings. Too long have we belabored the body, the physical, asHercules, 132:at the first temptation. He contemplates the long onward march of the human race, with its sporadicHercules, 142:the accumulated evils, mistakes, failures of his long past) into the air of the spirit, where byHercules, 143:Its existence is not easily discovered. A long time passes before the individual realizes that heHercules, 143:and expose them to the light of wisdom. As long as Hercules fought in the bog, amid the mud, slime,Hercules, 147:are pressed back to the periphery of thought. As long as the indeterminate monsters of fear prowlHercules, 148:cooperation, idealism, glow dimly as long as power is the determining factor in society. WhenHercules, 149:not a beast with nine different heads. As long as he sought to dissever the heads, one by one, heHercules, 150:has engrossed us and will engross us for a long time because, unlike Hercules, we have notHercules, 152:It has passed away - "death". Some crystallized, long-held ideas, dogmas, that have governed ourHercules, 155:Discover, then, the way to flush them from their long secure abode." He paused a moment. "The flameHercules, 155:the son of man who was also the son of God. For long he searched until he came to Stymphalus.Hercules, 156:the mind reveals direction sure." Reflecting long, a method came to mind. Two cymbals had he, largeHercules, 161:that would tie us to any human being, because as long as we tie ourselves to any human being, weHercules, 170:his will was firm. This steep descent continued long and long. Alone, yet not all alone, heHercules, 170:was firm. This steep descent continued long and long. Alone, yet not all alone, he wandered on, forHercules, 178:through, never performed, of which it has long been said: "Hell is paved with good intentions". TheHercules, 180:now must bring the Light to others." Not long thereafter, the Teacher summoned Hercules. "ElevenHercules, 180:and now you stand before another Gate. For long you have pursued the light which flickered firstHercules, 181:King Augeas. The rushing torrents swept away the long-accumulated filth. The realm was purged ofHercules, 196:that far country, Hercules debarked. [196] Not long thereafter he came upon the pasture land whereHercules, 203:own solution. That is the real way to work. As long as you are occupied with being loving you areInitiation, 9:of the first initiation will, before so very long, be the most sacred ceremony of the Church,Initiation, 13:follow the evolving Monad throughout his long pilgrimage. What has been misinterpreted somewhat atInitiation, 25:failure, and renewed endeavor, and having in the long run led to triumph, can now be placed at theInitiation, 31:a nucleus of a mental body. Left to himself for long aeons animal man would have eventuallyInitiation, 31:or wisdom, and higher mind) who had for long ages been waiting for just such a fitting. The fourth,Initiation, 33:upon the history of the Hierarchy during the long ages of its work, beyond mentioning certainInitiation, 36:Many of them have passed through the human stage long ages ago, and work now in the ranks of theInitiation, 53:with interest and sympathy at the endeavor, as long as it holds its initial high ideal and proceedsInitiation, 56:and will. He is tall and spare with rather a long thin face, black hair, pale complexion andInitiation, 84:between the first initiation and the second. A long period of many incarnations may elapse beforeInitiation, 89:and with whom he has worked consciously for a long time, but he can contact and assist (in measure)Initiation, 115:his divine ancestor, the "Watcher" who, through long cycles of incarnation, has poured himself outInitiation, 123:ring-pass-not, and he sees that which he has long realized as a basic theoretical fact, that ourInitiation, 136:through inherent energy, held together through long ages the form egoic, withdraws itselfInitiation, 138:of that jewel from the casket which has so long shielded it, and its transference to "the crown,"Initiation, 151:Third. They act as a stabilizing factor, and as long as the force of the sound persists, the formsInitiation, 159:persist and carry out their functions just as long as the sound which caused them is prolonged, andInitiation, 159:of the man, and will carry out his will as long as its term of being persists. 8. Every WordInitiation, 166:he is aided to do in three ways: First, by a long prior training in observation; this can be begunInitiation, 192:initiation, and he can, if he so choose, take as long as he desires in the treading of theInitiation, 194:Applicants Rule 3 Triple the call must be, and long it takes to sound it forth. Let the discipleInitiation, 202:Identity in group affiliation. Karmic links of long standing. Ability to work in harmoniousInitiation, 217:is relatively permanent and lasts throughout the long cycle of incarnations, and is only dissipatedIntellect, 4:which must surely dominate human thought for a long period." - Carpenter, Edward, The Art ofIntellect, 29:all nations... We have heard of the three R's long enough. This fourth R, of genuine Religion, isIntellect, 66:essential to their happiness. They aspire and long for qualities, for circumstances and for thoseIntellect, 67:for divine knowledge and the man who started his long career and life experience with desire as theIntellect, 73:been said that the two parts of man have had for long ages nothing in common; these two parts areIntellect, 74:to possess, a vision of heavenly things which we long to share, and who testify to a direct wayIntellect, 77:give himself to her, withholding nothing. As long as the soul has not thrown off all her veils,Intellect, 91:seeking to utilize the equipment with which a long series of life experiments and experience hasIntellect, 92:a mountain top of wonder on which we stay just long enough to get a vision of beauty, and then areIntellect, 99:stage which should engross their attention for a long time - practically to the exclusion of theIntellect, 106:on a given subject and to hold it there as long as desired; it is the method of accurateIntellect, 110:of an attitude of mind as a consequence of long practice. In the Bhagavad Gita we find it is statedIntellect, 126:book: They are three in number. First: In the long evolutionary process which has led man from theIntellect, 167:reached. This must be held in consciousness as long as possible or else the ecstatic vision willIntellect, 170:What I see or learn in such a vision stays long in my memory. I see, hear, and know at the sameIntellect, 180:Eckhart, Jacob Boehme, Spinoza - the list is long. We are now beginning to ask the pertinentIntellect, 188:which [188] was an impossibility as long as we had to reckon with the actual facts of life, andIntellect, 221:and pastor of a large church wrote me not long ago that he had been taking [222] breathingIntellect, 230:in me, the indwelling Christ, the Soul. For long ages this soul has perceived and observed me. NowIntellect, 231:One cannot play up to the Ego and continue long to act the part before men. The end of that isIntellect, 233:and faithful work done every day, over a long period of time, will bring results infinitely greaterIntellect, 243:The probability is, however, that it will be a long time before he can penetrate into that world atIntellect, 255:complete, he tries to hold the concentration as long as possible, and at the height of his effort,Intellect, 262:Conclusion CONCLUSION "The spirit within is the long-lost Word, Besought by the world of the soul
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