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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LONG

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Magic, 16:piecemeal undertaking. Later, and before so very long, light will pour in, truth will be revealedMagic, 30:term of his life, carries him through the years, long or short, and abstracts itself at the closeMagic, 54:acting upon the assumption that all have lived long enough and battled sufficiently with deterrentMagic, 54:endeavor will carry them further in the long run. Spasmodic spurts of effort and temporary pressureMagic, 63:and heat of the solar rays, and wonders how long this uneven experience and the violent alternationMagic, 65:the presence of emotional unrest will hinder. Long patience those on the inner side need in dealingMagic, 78:bodies so oft afford. The environment has been long permeated with the strong vibrations of theMagic, 82:of daily existence, as spread over a long period of years. By the outstanding features of a cycleMagic, 84:not for the would-be earnest occult student. For long centuries food that has been decomposing, andMagic, 135:They must guard against fatigue, due to long effort in materializing the plan and the strainMagic, 144:the life of its creator, and is held in being as long as his thought and sound and intelligenceMagic, 164:sends it forth to carry out his will. Just as long as he can contemplate and hold steady, so willMagic, 164:his intention and act as his agent. Just so long as he can focus his attention on the ideal forMagic, 164:the ideal together in one steady vision, just so long will it serve his purpose and express hisMagic, 166:liable to distort his vision. This period may be long or short according as the aspirant isMagic, 170:suddenly one day he sees the One Who has for so long seen him. This may come in two ways: in fullMagic, 197:expressing soul qualities. We have behind us a long and fruitful past. We are none of us purelyMagic, 198:its turn due to many factors, but primarily to a long heredity, producing a degeneracy of theMagic, 198:into a situation which is the result of a long evolutionary process and to which he has not theMagic, 207:to the breathing exercises. This kept up for a long period of time will have a shattering or aMagic, 207:produce potent effects, if rightly used over a long enough period of time. And what shall I sayMagic, 212:in the three worlds. The object of the long struggle between the higher and the lower man has beenMagic, 223:miry halls of maya." No glamor, no illusion can long hold the man who has set himself the task ofMagic, 224:that the disciple possesses, or it may be a long and protracted emotional strain, carried over manyMagic, 245:the cyclic ebb and flow will continue just as long as the soul's [246] attention fluctuates betweenMagic, 269:In an ashram of one of the Great Ones not long ago, a disciple asked his master to express thisMagic, 304:of evil and misery on the astral plane - evil long past and gone; it is possible for them to read aMagic, 308:Energy and Fear 2. Astral polarization. Just as long as a man identifies himself with his emotionalMagic, 308:himself with his emotional body, just as long as he interprets life in terms of his moods andMagic, 308:life in terms of his moods and feelings, just as long as he reacts to desire, just so long will heMagic, 308:just as long as he reacts to desire, just so long will he have his moments of despair, of darkness,Magic, 314:is turned towards this "little daughter of a long lost son", as our planet is sometimes called inMagic, 315:so-called, are to be found here, but it will be long before the psychologists of the academicMagic, 325:So hold the inner vision steadily and have that long patience which endures through the lesserMagic, 340:and the day will dawn before so very long when an experimental science of the soul will have itsMagic, 343:desire to see the fruit of action. This process, long continued and pursued with patience, willMagic, 358:that can be touched. The quivering fever heat of long repressed desire yields to the coolingMagic, 358:draught. Water and pain negate each other. Long is the process of the cooling draught. "The burningMagic, 367:and few can hold that high consciousness for a long time. But the struggle to apprehend will leadMagic, 371:the life in confining walls for just as long as the purpose is served and the race instructedMagic, 371:of the form, always its utilization for as long as possible, always the destruction of the formMagic, 371:the infancy of the race the forms endured for a long time. Evolution moved more slowly, but now onMagic, 375:confined in a form. His consciousness for a long period of time remains predominantly that of theMagic, 386:me on my forward path, and vision once again the long held joys of earth, and flesh and kin. I loseMagic, 386:results in certain ancient ceremonies that have long since died out. Magic, 392:only during the creative process, and for as long as the matter aspect and the consciousness aspectMagic, 397:time. Behind each human being stretches a long series of lives and some are now headed towards theMagic, 413:in them potency both for good and for evil. As long as the form remains of secondary importance andMagic, 424:stage. With what is the mind occupied during a long period of emotional upset? It has, we know, itsMagic, 439:be made the scapegoat for faulty astrology for a long time to come. This chart failed to work andMagic, 447:effects, and fail in their intended purpose. As long however, as man is animated by selfishness andMagic, 448:that if one desires a thing for a sufficiently long period of time one will possess it. Such is theMagic, 452:term of his life, carries him through the years, long or short, and abstracts itself at the closeMagic, 455:strength of his living thought. Held in shape as long as it is needed in order to perform itsMagic, 455:is potent on the physical plane just as long as: It remains consciously in its Creator's thought.Magic, 461:awareness, and according also to their power for long sustained effort will be the approximation ofMagic, 464:but one having real existence just as long as thought persists. All that is forms part of theMagic, 467:Stage I The life has climbed the stairway long through daily use of form. Through the lesser three,Magic, 467:the lesser three, with progress slow, the long path has been traveled. Another door stands openMagic, 469:Lord, make their appeal for light. The cave is long and narrow. The air is full of fog. The soundMagic, 471:of speculation. With the goal, religion has long sought to deal; with the activity aspect, theMagic, 474:If otherwise, the paying of the price cannot be long delayed. The selfish words, sent forth withMagic, 474:strong intent, build up a wall of separation. Long time it takes to break that wall and so releaseMagic, 475:save the members of the Hierarchy of Adepts for long ages to come. The directional words areMagic, 478:a "ring-pass-not". This latter persists for as long as his mind attention and hence his ensoulingMagic, 492:and activities of an emotional nature. As long as the astral body is in a state of restlessMagic, 494:as something to be avoided and postponed for as long a time as possible. Death, if we could butMagic, 494:plane and are actively conscious there. Just as long as our consciousness is identified with theMagic, 499:sheath may be for him and those around him the long waited for and joyous consummation? Can you notMagic, 500:and marriages? I tell you, that before so very long this will be deeply so for the intelligent ofMagic, 503:of the race who have guided humanity through long centuries, are now busy preparing people for theMagic, 552:of his thought and held in that peculiar form as long as his thought remains dynamic." These wordsMagic, 554:form which he has created will persist just as long as the dynamic power of his thought holds itMagic, 560:and wound and no man can proceed upon the Way as long as wounds are made and pain is knowinglyMagic, 588:and with which they must remain engaged for a long time to come. Secondly, there is the stageMagic, 588:personal training, that this method, first of a long period of purification and later of energizingMagic, 595:His group of disciples, that aspirant is, for a long time, a liability and oft a hindrance.Magic, 601:for magic. As we cast our minds back over this long series of instructions certain basic lines ofMagic, 618:into a vortex of spiritual desire, and ardently long for the life of liberation, of spiritualMagic, 629:stage and the prehistoric cycle, through the long period of history, and can be trusted today toMagic, 635:disciple may be momentarily glamored, but in the long run nothing can really deter him. What are aMeditation, 9:One point of interest I would indicate: - as long as the polarization is purely [10] physical orMeditation, 35:plane. A helper on the emotional plane. For a long period of lives the Ego remains practicallyMeditation, 49:of laying a foundation is not yet over, and for long will remain with you. The control of the mindMeditation, 61:time to start at his highest and so eliminate a long preliminary keying up. The aspirant composesMeditation, 82:the fruit of these stages. [82] It takes a long time to establish a stable vibration, and it takesMeditation, 82:to establish a stable vibration, and it takes as long to shatter it, and to impose another andMeditation, 82:another and still higher rhythm. Growth is one long period of building in order to destroy, ofMeditation, 93:Cultivate the realization that eternity is long and that that which is slowly built up enduresMeditation, 94:results on causal levels will be apparent to Him long before the man himself is conscious of anyMeditation, 96:of the Ego upon the lower three vehicles. As long as he can keep his consciousness high and as longMeditation, 96:as he can keep his consciousness high and as long as he holds a vibration that is that of the EgoMeditation, 114:into power) provides for the occidental what has long been the privilege of the oriental. Great isMeditation, 117:through meditation? Simply in this: that as long as a man's karma holds him to some particularMeditation, 134:land of distances. The way back for them will be long, but the mercy of evolution inevitably forcesMeditation, 145:involves an hour by hour attempt, [145] all day long and every day, to keep the consciousness asMeditation, 145:of the habit of meditation all the day long, and the living in the higher consciousness till thatMeditation, 185:by his life or capacity to heat, and last as long as he has the power so to animate them. This isMeditation, 185:the power so to animate them. This is not for long at this time as the real power of thought isMeditation, 222:will reveal the ultimate glory in view. As long as there is differentiated color there is
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