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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LONG

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Psychology1, 55:is thus brought into existence and begins its long career. It is now a differentiated entity. Psychology1, 67:The third ray, which is one that has a very long cycle, having been in manifestation since A.D.Psychology1, 90:their turn are understood to be the result of a long evolutionary and selective process. The wonderPsychology1, 102:revelation of the presence of the soul. Before long this intensification will become so great thatPsychology1, 104:of human consciousness which has for [104] long baffled the materialistic psychologist, and this isPsychology1, 104:many similar previsions and recognitions have long bewildered investigators and must find correctPsychology1, 105:today. The study of the soul will before long be as legitimate and respectable an investigation asPsychology1, 105:of the soul and its governing laws will, before long, engross the attention of our finest minds.Psychology1, 116:reactions before group realization. As long as you walk on that plane and function on that level ofPsychology1, 165:but those on all the other rays as well. The long period of influence of each is divided into sevenPsychology1, 169:nucleus atom, and when it is so built through long ages of evolution, the over-shadowing divinePsychology1, 183:the fact of immortality - will be solved before long in the realm of science, as the result ofPsychology1, 208:will lack fire and point, and he will often be long-winded, from his desire to say all that canPsychology1, 218:the effect and influence of the seven rays. As long as the true nature of the atom and its internalPsychology1, 227:by the illumined seer, he will then see the long road that the diamond has traveled, and - byPsychology1, 227:the diamond has traveled, and - by analogy - the long road that all sons of God traverse, governedPsychology1, 247:should say, misusing them. Ray five will before long, as we have noted, make its power felt in thePsychology1, 248:it is these two factors which involve him in the long struggle which eventuates in the liberationPsychology1, 256:animals to man has been purely physical in the long past ages. Animals preyed upon men in the daysPsychology1, 258:within the animal form. As esotericists have long pointed out, individualization is a greatPsychology1, 263:major ray cycles, that they cover inconceivably long periods of time, and produce two effects whichPsychology1, 274:with their inevitable consequences and long established tenure, serve to bewilder [275] thePsychology1, 296:and has oft been voiced. Later, but not for a long while yet, we shall see marriages which will bePsychology1, 304:been distorted and misunderstood; and it will be long before marriage and children assume theirPsychology1, 312:only in the human kingdom, as esotericists have long pointed out, are the three divine qualitiesPsychology1, 315:of the human consciousness. There has been for long in esoteric circles much idle and oft foolishPsychology1, 337:become definite factors in unfoldment, and the long agony of humanity commences. Love then is seenPsychology1, 344:- terse, when we remember that they express the long agony of humanity's test, and the opening toPsychology1, 358:of the fall." Such periods come only at rare and long intervals, and each time they come aPsychology1, 365:difficulties and disorders emerge which (if of long continuance) prevent a nation having [367]Psychology1, 368:towards synthesis is now too strong to be long delayed. Under this seventh ray influence thePsychology1, 368:approximate its true function and to fulfil its long-seen destiny. One point it might be ofPsychology1, 374:I referred to the fact that man must before long function as freely on the astral plane and throughPsychology1, 384:Ray of Harmony or Art, which will begin before long to come into power again in its major aspect,Psychology1, 398:spoke of this event. This was their error; the long antagonism started, which persists until today.Psychology1, 398:disciples have themselves passed through their long pilgrimage and have entered into eternal peace,Psychology1, 420:Principle: Desire for form. Element: Water. "I long for habitation." Instrument of Sensation:Psychology2, 22:body. This governs the individual for a very long period, and still governs, more or less, thePsychology2, 26:The above is a simple and direct statement of a long and difficult evolutionary unfoldment. ItsPsychology2, 29:literally, two points of identification in the long experience of the soul. One marks the stagePsychology2, 46:the center of the whirling forces. For ages long, thus has he stood, the center of all energiesPsychology2, 52:age. These stages are carried forward over so long a period of time, and are so closelyPsychology2, 58:the conditioned and prepared material which, for long ages, it has been preparing in the quarry ofPsychology2, 68:of major energies dominating, as a result of a long experience of incarnation in form, the energyPsychology2, 73:realization are lacking, the disciple is still a long way from his goal. It might also be statedPsychology2, 76:what he does. It is only towards the end of his long pilgrimage and process of appropriation thatPsychology2, 109:They search. The spontaneous relinquishing of long-held ideals when a greater and more inclusivePsychology2, 120:who has been upon the cross of sacrifice for so long a time that the position has become to himPsychology2, 120:that the cross, which has upheld him for so long, has now disappeared. The man with the water jarPsychology2, 128:painful [128] process of detachment. There is a long effort to let the life flow through, whilstPsychology2, 144:display of interest, in the need for the long pull. The sixth ray, it should be remembered, when itPsychology2, 144:of evolution has been with this type for a very long time. But the sixth ray method of evokingPsychology2, 157:and the repulsing or repudiation (over a long period of time), of the not-self. Such, briefly andPsychology2, 170:aids of every fanatic divine adventure. Only the long and narrow tunnel was his home and place ofPsychology2, 170:is. Destroy thy tunnel, which thou has for ages long constructed. Stand free, in custody of all thePsychology2, 174:into light with open eyes, he who for aeons long has groped the darkened corridor. He passes on hisPsychology2, 178:this will not be realized by humanity for a long while yet. It will bring into activity the work ofPsychology2, 184:tremendously increased when one remembers the long road which each has traveled, and the manyPsychology2, 191:but one which will not materialize for a long while, or not until the work of the building forcesPsychology2, 203:cycling through various forms of life in the long evolutionary process arrive eventually at full,Psychology2, 206:These are the sensitive, struggling people, who long for release from failure and from existence inPsychology2, 212:of great import will occur before so very long. The door will be opened, for the admittance of rarePsychology2, 268:its vehicle. This stage is succeeded by a long period of adjustment and of gradual development andPsychology2, 275:on the way of descent. We are told that a long time transpires between the first initiationPsychology2, 279:which will become possible on our planet before long. There are - after these seven and five stepsPsychology2, 305:three stages of activity spread over a long evolutionary cycle, and differing according to ray andPsychology2, 316:field of his consciousness. He is identified for long with the field of experience and not with thePsychology2, 325:of some form of symbolic rendering of words. So long, however, as the student remembers that theyPsychology2, 331:admitted and man is accounted for in terms of a long preceding history. In this age of intensestPsychology2, 356:what it is. This crisis usually persists for a long time, a far longer one than is the case withPsychology2, 399:in human consciousness. There then ensues a long period of adjustment, development and emergencePsychology2, 412:expression of divinity. But there remains for a long time the need for recognition of energy andPsychology2, 424:and the relation or non-relation of forces. As long as this is carefully borne in mind, we shallPsychology2, 424:to get a fairly clear idea of our theme. As long as we regard our problem as consisting of thePsychology2, 439:which has opened up before him, he may for a long time become materialistically intellectual andPsychology2, 442:constitute the character of the person. For a long while after integration has been reached therePsychology2, 456:release for the recognized inflowing energy. As long as it does this and nothing else, there is noPsychology2, 462:when a person is of adult years and has for a long period of time constructed his thought forms andPsychology2, 468:with him, and continues frequently over a long period of time. For as long as this condition lasts,Psychology2, 468:frequently over a long period of time. For as long as this condition lasts, there [469] is littlePsychology2, 469:plan. If this state of mind continues for too long a period, it produces mental strain, nervousPsychology2, 471:Glamor and Maya. These three phrases have for long been bandied about among so-called occultistsPsychology2, 513:is entering into what may be regarded as a long convalescence. It will be brought about in threePsychology2, 516:powerful personality. The net result - from the long range point of view - is the bringing to thePsychology2, 524:transference is being made. This can last a long time and cover several lives. The centers belowPsychology2, 525:in the place of the sacral center which has so long determined the life of the animal nature. ItPsychology2, 525:is almost negligible. This period is a long and very difficult one. Today, most people are goingPsychology2, 530:relating to the sacral center which for so long a period of time governs the animal and physicalPsychology2, 537:allied and have a reciprocal action for a long time in the mystical experience) produce also aPsychology2, 544:the process or not. He cannot escape it in the long run, but the occultist is not a true one untilPsychology2, 544:pointed out that in the earlier stages quite a long period of time may elapse between the firstPsychology2, 555:needs careful elaborating. We have for too long been occupied with the effort to develop the formPsychology2, 590:at times the psychic should be forced to take a long rest in bed, with light diet and completePsychology2, 593:adept, by looking at the body, can tell just how long it has been in incarnation and how long itPsychology2, 593:just how long it has been in incarnation and how long it will still continue to "appear". The statePsychology2, 601:and to which they aspire and for which they long so yearningly. They all sense the same Reality,Psychology2, 620:the leader or group of leaders will remain for a long time (as does the mother of a child) thePsychology2, 641:of futility, and the fatigue incident to the long struggle, are today recognized by the leadersPsychology2, 652:intended to hasten that process, and so avert a long period of distress and disorder. Whether thisPsychology2, 671:of the leaders is that the masses have not the long vision, and do not, and cannot, know what is
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