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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LONG

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Reappearance, 122:picturing to him, in rite and ritual, the long, long path which he must tread, back into the light.Reappearance, 122:and has held the clue (down the ages) to that long awaited restoration, to the platform upon whichReappearance, 122:of its Jewish names and nomenclature, which are long out of date, though right three thousand yearsReappearance, 122:and restoring the hidden Mystery which they long have lost through their materialism. Masonry hasReappearance, 159:churches and greater than their teaching. In the long run, that human spirit will defeat them andReappearance, 159:can arrest the progress of the human soul on its long pilgrimage from darkness to light, from theReappearance, 162:of the evolutionary current - eventually and at long last - to bring cessation to the world fightReappearance, 164:those who could recognize Him and who hope and long for His coming are not willing to make theReappearance, 166:that unless they are removed, there will be a long delay before Christ can return. They are: TheSoul, 10:the "centers." The Western philosopher, Spinoza, long ago noted the indisseverable parallelism ofSoul, 16:intelligently. It is a humanity with a long past, much gained experience and accumulated knowledge,Soul, 26:field thus: "Hurrah for positive science! Long live exact demonstration!..." Your facts are useful,Soul, 31:so if the one, so surveying and reporting, has long been versed in the race-old beliefs and agelongSoul, 35:true," continues Dr. Leary, "that, in the long run, when present speculation has been replaced bySoul, 60:appropriate. The term used is unimportant, but long ago the term ETHER was invented; it was adoptedSoul, 66:a psychic significance for the ether of space so long ago as 1875, and treated it from a religiousSoul, 76:physical body was only a minor incident of its long career... Plato thus drew a fundamentalSoul, 132:in order to arrive at spiritual knowledge. This long line of knowers of God have used differentSoul, 149:Biblical narrative at which the skeptics have so long [150] mocked is a fact explicable byTelepathytremendously increased when one remembers the long road which each has travelled and the manyTelepathy, 21:and rapport between soul and mind remain for a long time relatively inchoate on the mental plane.Telepathy, 38:tune in on each other [38] with ease after long periods of close relationship, how can they, as aTelepathy, 55:in every man and will not be frustrated in the long run. In this knowledge of goals alreadyTelepathy, 78:in nature has been free, and the time has been long or short, and the reaction to impression hasTelepathy, 87:with so dangerous a cycle of powers. As long as there exists any desire for selfish power, forTelepathy, 88:impression in its earliest forms, can be quite a long one, for it [89] covers a very definiteTelepathy, 120:final root-race of men; it therefore lies a very long way ahead of our present point in evolution. Telepathy, 147:worked through that medium solely for a very long time. This still remains true, for the lifeTelepathy, 166:foregoing instruction on the etheric body is not long but it contains much that is relatively newTelepathy, 187:the Members of the Hierarchy, cannot bear for long the strong quality of the incoming vibration,Telepathy, 189:with desire matter, and finally (if they live so long) they assume physical form. An idea whichTelepathy, 194:participates unconsciously at first, during the long cycle of evolutionary unfoldment under the Law
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