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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LONGER

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Statement:am a brother of yours, who has traveled a little longer upon the Path than has the average student,Astrology, 4:must take place and the solar system must no longer be regarded as a point around which the zodiacAstrology, 20:begins to emerge out of that illusion and is no longer subject to the glamor and to the effect ofAstrology, 32:as to activity and circumstance, are no longer possible. The soul is dominating, and the planetsAstrology, 92:in its place the Common or Mutable Cross, he no longer identifies himself with form or even withAstrology, 92:of the conclave at Shamballa; he functions no longer simply as a member of the Hierarchy upon theAstrology, 131:aspects between soul and physical brain are no longer required. The man, coming definitely intoAstrology, 132:- shifts to a still higher plane and is no longer mediator between two different stages inAstrology, 135:same time, preserves his individuality; he is no longer just a human being, individually [136]Astrology, 144:life and form life and planetary life no longer control. The man stands free. Substance, the oceanAstrology, 150:Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn will be slightly longer than the succeeding ones as I have beenAstrology, 180:he knows he must eventually climb. He walks no longer in the dark, for he sees what he has to doAstrology, 199:initiation, its peculiar testing potency is no longer felt. The Hierarchy - The distributing agencyAstrology, 214:and so basic that the "...Ancient One is no longer seen. He sinks to the depth of the ocean ofAstrology, 288:revealed, then the mystery of the Sphinx will no longer exist. The keynotes of this sign areAstrology, 315:the robe, the beautiful robe of my strength no longer serves" expresses the inner revelation of theAstrology, 322:all traces of Neptunian life. The initiate is no longer ruled by the Mother of Forms or by the GodAstrology, 398:direction has been achieved and that there is no longer any fear that the Taurian subject willAstrology, 402:terrific tests there applied) that the form no longer controls but that the lessons learnt throughAstrology, 499:clearly, the fact of the inner world will be no longer questioned as man's increased sensitivityAstrology, 556:to the Heart of the Universe. Man, then no longer man, will transcend nature and impersonally, yetAstrology, 566:to the pairs of opposites which could no longer control Him. Aquarius - The expression of thisAstrology, 569:material desire to a very great extent and is no longer attracted by the Path of outgoing intoAstrology, 569:into matter; the needs of the physical nature no longer dominate him; he is afraid of the impulses,Astrology, 685:and the fifth principle will, as stated, be no longer the object of His attention as regards theAtom, 49:energy. Disease through ignorance will no longer exist, and the methods of transmitting force willAtom, 63:by the crystallization of the form, which no longer suffices as a means of expression. FollowingAtom, 71:in which the religious life of the peoples is no longer what it was, in which dogma and doctrine ofAtom, 104:to its more frequent incarnations, and the longer period that it has been occupied in becomingAtom, 110:he belongs, and will then change his center. No longer will he be limited by his own little atomicAtom, 113:find his place within the group. He will be no longer confined by the wall of his personal life,Atom, 113:that life within the greater whole. He will no longer be occupied with the things of selfishAtom, 113:to the problems of the group. He will no longer give his time to the culture of his own identity,Atom, 120:of and insisted upon forty years ago, are no longer regarded as facts, and are not used orAtom, 134:to live the life of the spirit, refusing any longer to live a self-centered atomic life; you willAutobiography, 47:for the physical care of small children is no longer required that parents would do well toAutobiography, 49:They are, so shall we all be some day. I can no longer say with assurance and aplomb what peopleAutobiography, 69:it reached the point where I could endure it no longer. There was no regular dentist then in theAutobiography, 81:up everything that he liked to do. He must no longer drink, play cards, swear, or go to the theatreAutobiography, 86:believed. That fact has stood the test and is no longer on the basis of belief but of knowledge.Autobiography, 108:it's Monday morning and I can't stand it any longer. I'm an English servant and you are an EnglishAutobiography, 124:am talking about. Intelligent young men will no longer enter them when confronted with ancientAutobiography, 142:up. There was light in the heavens and I was no longer an isolated, deserted, struggling disciple,Autobiography, 153:have learned that control and once they can no longer be swayed by the appetites of the flesh, theyAutobiography, 153:and when the lesson is learnt they are no longer needed. The argument for vegetarianism, based onAutobiography, 176:along what line to work. Mr. Warrington was no longer president of the society and Mr. L.W.RogersAutobiography, 211:It completely vanished and as he was no longer alive I deeply regretted it but was confident thatAutobiography, 240:the actual physical presence of a Master is no longer necessary. The old personal development is noAutobiography, 240:necessary. The old personal development is no longer emphasized. The need of humanity is presentedAutobiography, 240:idea and vision. The physical disciplines are no longer obligatory. The modern disciple,Autobiography, 264:but with their new interpretations. He will no longer stand (as he frequently does today) betweenAutobiography, 281:they are altered, then the Arcane School will no longer serve its originating purpose. Methods andBethlehem, 30:to the heart of the universe. Man, then no longer man, will transcend Nature, and impersonally, yetBethlehem, 37:and modern theology count it, exists no longer - which, however, is not to say that ChristianityBethlehem, 46:in no order of his activity can he carry on any longer merely on the surface, a purely externalBethlehem, 80:The ordinary theological applications no longer make an appeal to the developed intelligence ofBethlehem, 114:we are desiring to be something which can no longer be identified either with or by the incidentsBethlehem, 141:finite nature had been transcended and could no longer control His activities. He had passed in HisBethlehem, 141:small reaction to events and persons, could no longer influence Him nor determine His conduct. HeBethlehem, 143:for a time he perceives and feels, no longer as the person, but as the Oversoul, gaining a profoundBethlehem, 155:been believed is known as fact, and belief is no longer necessary. [156] Bethlehem, 187:of a deeply sensed vital truth will no longer be needed. The world has outlived the thought of aBethlehem, 187:inclinations the case is different. We can no longer accept the appalling theological doctrine thatBethlehem, 210:a future and coming kingdom. People are no longer interested in a possible heavenly state or aBethlehem, 215:and produce that attitude wherein a man is no longer ignorant and therefore not in need ofBethlehem, 215:We arrive eventually at the point, where we no longer make our earlier errors or commit our formerBethlehem, 250:to the Heart of the Universe. Man, then no longer man, will transcend Nature, and impersonally, yetBethlehem, 258:we see the conflict of differing ideals, and no longer wars of aggression or for the defense ofBethlehem, 260:a demonstration of perfection so that we can no longer question the nature of God, yet at the sameBethlehem, 263:of selfish individualism, permitting it no longer to be a controlling factor in our lives, time forBethlehem, 272:prepared us. It differs only in that it will no longer be distinguished by dogmas and doctrines,Bethlehem, 273:angle of spiritual phenomena, and we shall no longer regard one activity as spiritual and anotherDestiny, 7:established and the Piscean influences are no longer dominant. Destiny, 35:has held good up to five hundred years ago is no longer controlling and the situation is much moreDestiny, 71:been great and powerful nations but are so no longer, but the strain is there, and of these, IndiaDestiny, 126:at life through the eyes of those who are no longer held by the forces of the three worlds, but itDiscipleship1, 5:or the karma of the disciple. That condition no longer holds good. The intellectual principle inDiscipleship1, 5:type of expectancy. Therefore, this condition no longer holds good. In the coming New Age, theDiscipleship1, 46:to have power in meditation so that you will no longer be preoccupied with yourselves and your ownDiscipleship1, 78:out your ability to keep silent until it is no longer necessary to do so. Silence is one of theDiscipleship1, 127:must be followed... NOTE: This disciple is no longer working with the Tibetan Master, who makes theDiscipleship1, 129:instinctively even if at times you choose the longer way around towards your objective. [130] YouDiscipleship1, 155:and the knowledge that I, who for years (longer than you know) have watched over your progress, amDiscipleship1, 262:comes - and always will - until the disciple no longer cares for success or non-success, forDiscipleship1, 341:and the calculated choice of friends no longer entirely govern your attitudes, though ancientDiscipleship1, 383:the Way and even though your physical body is no longer young, the remainder of your lifeDiscipleship1, 409:been disappointed. You need, however, a still longer period of adjustment before I dare give youDiscipleship1, 473:as I have told you, made progress and a little longer work along the established lines will see youDiscipleship1, 505:on what this means, my brother. It means that no longer will your astral body (which walks in theDiscipleship1, 578:at you with anxiety till a few weeks ago, I no longer do so. You can and will become an integratingDiscipleship1, 589:but I cannot hold up the work of this group any longer because of you. The questions which I seekDiscipleship1, 594:your withdrawal was right and sound but need no longer be continued. Of one thing I am sure,Discipleship1, 602:of any kind into the group work. When you no longer care for the teaching and do not do that whichDiscipleship1, 609:illusions: [609] The illusion that glamor no longer can hold sway over you. Constant watchfulnessDiscipleship1, 614:up to date and this cannot be permitted much longer. Work along this line can be done successfullyDiscipleship1, 616:of mine. The reason for it is that I cannot any longer permit your group brothers to be hindered inDiscipleship1, 622:with the meditation last given but use no longer the color rose but a golden-orange. Blend the roseDiscipleship1, 675:its allure. The playground of the sons of God no longer holds appeal. The voice which has twiceDiscipleship1, 676:stands barred, this by the soul's own act. No longer red desire governs all the life, but now theDiscipleship1, 678:curious and ancient Atlantean chant which is no longer used but in those far off times was chanted
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