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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LONGER

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Healing, 623:the body dies and disintegrates, and no longer forms a coherent, conscious, living whole. RelatedHealing, 651:literally "turned off" and redirected; it is no longer available. During the entire period ofHealing, 652:body, but the interest of the true man is no longer focused there. There inevitably comes a point,Healing, 653:and the Hierarchy requires his services for a longer term. Healing, 658:of his own spiritual expression; it becomes no longer an instrument for healing by radiatoryHealing, 683:their hold, the period of dissociation becomes longer and longer, and is characterized by aHealing, 683:the period of dissociation becomes longer and longer, and is characterized by a developing clarityHealing, 692:with the hitherto informing soul. He is no longer just a shadow, but has now those qualities whichHealing, 709:may come. The next healing technique is longer and far more abstruse. There is little of it thatHercules, 3:that academic and theological religion has no longer its ancient appeal and in spite of the revoltHercules, 3:and men and women everywhere are refusing any longer to believe and blindly accept, because theyHercules, 13:Onlooker, the Beholder, the Perceiver. He is no longer identified with the matter aspect, but isHercules, 18:told that Hercules killed his twin. He was no longer a divided entity, no longer a duality, butHercules, 18:his twin. He was no longer a divided entity, no longer a duality, but soul and body formed oneHercules, 18:he demonstrated that the physical nature no longer controlled, but that he could strangle theHercules, 18:serpent of matter and that the great illusion no longer had him imprisoned. He slew the serpent ofHercules, 21:twisted or turned upon itself. The serpent no longer swallows its tail, thus completing its cycle,Hercules, 23:sanity, the focus of his life was changed. He no longer lived down where he lived before. The nameHercules, 49:will die out in the world. Matter will no longer be prostituted to selfish desire, and the relationHercules, 52:true celibacy is the refusal of the soul any longer to identify itself with the form? May not theHercules, 53:sacred bull, and Hercules, the disciple, will no longer have any responsibility. Brontes is theHercules, 70:soul and to recognize its qualities. He must no longer be the visionary mystic, but must add to theHercules, 75:and bind them to the altar of sacrifice for a longer or a shorter period of time. The true initiateHercules, 92:in his now lonely journey; the aspirant is no longer identified and lost in the mass; he is noHercules, 92:longer identified and lost in the mass; he is no longer one of the sheep, safely guarded in theHercules, 92:sheep, safely guarded in the sheepfold; he is no longer one of the great herd of emigrants, but heHercules, 107:must slay the Hydra, and knows that he must no longer be the raven, but must manifest as Aquila,Hercules, 111:trusty club, refused symbolically to lead any longer a personal, selfish life, that he could,Hercules, 142:in the versions of the myth and we have no longer the myth statement by the Tibetan to guide us.Hercules, 151:illusion; that matter, form, cannot hold him any longer. Hercules has to demonstrate to himselfHercules, 157:to himself the fact that he could no longer be taken in by the serpent of illusion. He was freeHercules, 161:ourselves have said and done. The moment we no longer set up wrong relations with people by theHercules, 172:gate through which we finally pass when we no longer identify ourselves with the form side ofHercules, 172:be initiate. An initiate is a person who is no longer placing his consciousness in his mind, orHercules, 176:in the water and the air; and since he is no longer held by the physical law he can play with theHercules, 176:nature from below the diaphragm. You are no longer emotional and self-centered, living in the solarHercules, 176:and desires are related to the group. You no longer live in the animal nature, interested inHercules, 176:creature working in mental matter. You are no longer held by form, but have so dealt with it thatHercules, 182:one can possibly predicate) until they are no longer sheep, until they learn to have individualHercules, 185:service rendered because our consciousness is no longer self centered. We are no longer interestedHercules, 185:is no longer self centered. We are no longer interested in ourselves but our consciousness beingHercules, 205:dogmatic and theological religion has no longer its ancient appeal but, in spite of a widespreadHercules, 205:us. Men and women everywhere are refusing any longer to believe the authoritative pronouncements ofHercules, 226:glamor that matter imposes upon spirit no longer deludes. This is dramatically shown in the laborHercules, 228:in his point of view; now, because he is no longer taken in by that which appears and because heHercules, 228:work, the saving of the world. His tests are no longer personal and individual, but are universalHercules, 228:has climbed the mountain in Capricorn and has no longer any personal problems. In Aquarius (JanuaryInitiation, 45:His rule over the group persists for a longer period than that of his two Brothers, and he may holdInitiation, 82:of Initiation THE PATH OF INITIATION After a longer or shorter period of time the disciple standsInitiation, 82:gluttony, drink, and licentiousness must no longer hold sway. The physical elemental will no longerInitiation, 82:longer hold sway. The physical elemental will no longer find its demand obeyed; the control must beInitiation, 94:would proceed much more gradually and cover a longer period of time than is the case under ourInitiation, 105:it was decided to watch proceedings a little longer before interfering with the trend of affairs,Initiation, 117:has served the purposes of the Monad, and is no longer required, and the initiate stands free ofInitiation, 118:to his fellowmen everywhere. Brotherhood is no longer a theory but a proven [119] scientific fact,Initiation, 173:of the two evolutions, human and deva, is no longer a mystery, but their position in the body ofInitiation, 217:further rebirth on the part of a human being no longer exists. Chohan Lord, Master, a Chief. InIntellect, 9:the world appears in a new light. Things are no longer ordinary. There comes the certainty thatIntellect, 15:subtle [15] apparatus, by means of which he no longer sees the vision of divine reality but knowsIntellect, 37:the symbol of man's search for Reality. It is no longer a sign of superstition to believe in aIntellect, 59:the will to know, and the drive of the life (no longer satisfied with the inter and externalIntellect, 60:the human body. He regards himself no longer as a man, controlled by his emotions, impelled byIntellect, 72:which we live and move and have our being is no longer the object of aspiration, or a symbol to usIntellect, 96:he arrives at a knowledge of Truth and is no longer taken in by the illusory aspects of the form.Intellect, 113:or identification. The consciousness is no longer focused in the intellect but becomes identifiedIntellect, 115:behind all symbols and forms increases. He is no longer taken in by the appearance but knows it asIntellect, 131:the objective are temporarily forgotten and no longer engross the attention, nor is any form ofIntellect, 131:the intuition and the state of illumination. No longer is the attempt to hold anything in the mindIntellect, 137:body. The man's consciousness, therefore, is no longer focused in that waiting mind, but hasIntellect, 141:apparatus has also been stilled and is no longer permitted to register information from its usualIntellect, 154:is that Wisdom itself, for subject and object no longer exist for him: he is both and knows it. HeIntellect, 156:mind is brought into relation with God, and the longer that condition can be held free fromIntellect, 157:He will, as Dr. Müller-Freienfels puts it, "no longer speak of 'his' soul, but of the universalIntellect, 184:yoga practices the Light is seen, there are no longer any restrictions; for the state of Buddha...Intellect, 191:three gunas or potencies of [191] nature) no longer exercise any hold over the Self. The pureIntellect, 213:condition. The consciousness of the real man no longer surges outwards along its five avenues ofIntellect, 215:it proves false, or until our attention is no longer engaged. An hypothesis is not necessarilyIntellect, 253:in the kingdom of the soul; then we will be no longer interested [254] in its recollection. We mustMagic, 16:has the awakened and open eye, the vision is no longer emphasized but a fact is stated and a lawMagic, 27:later he became group conscious and was no longer a separated individual. As the soul is broughtMagic, 32:and one who has searched into them for a longer period than has been possible as yet to many, mayMagic, 38:as the sum total of those sons of men who are no longer centered in the individualizedMagic, 75:form. A turning round is caused. The eyes no longer look upon the world of form; they turn within,Magic, 75:itself, for eyes and mind are one. "The heart no longer beats in tune with low desire, nor wastesMagic, 82:in the light of all preceding events, and the longer and more accurate his memory the more he canMagic, 182:plane are but men of like passions but with a longer experience upon the path and a wiser controlMagic, 215:which has hitherto been the master, no longer can control, and the soul comes into full dominationMagic, 232:and bring order out of chaos. He is no longer immersed in the world illusion but has risen aboveMagic, 232:world illusion but has risen above it. He can no longer be held down by the chains of his own pastMagic, 237:of the soul. Whether the astral plane is no longer the plane of illusion, but can become the fieldMagic, 265:form such as he desires, - a new form that is no longer subject to shattering, but suffices for hisMagic, 305:his physical body at will, these helps will no longer be needed. They may be regarded in theMagic, 326:knowledge of God; doctrines and dogmas will no longer be regarded as necessary, for faith will beMagic, 331:life, begins to work with cause and is no longer lost in the world of effects. Then he findsMagic, 338:the soul is beginning to use its mechanism. No longer does the man live in the interests of theMagic, 348:become part of our own experience and are no longer theoretical. Expansion of consciousness shouldMagic, 371:that form. Then the time comes that the form no longer serves the purpose intended, when theMagic, 382:the emotional nature and desire body will no longer lead astray nor will the mind shut out thatMagic, 386:curious and ancient Atlantean chant which is no longer used but in those far off times was chantedMagic, 386:reach, and for the lower of the two I have no longer any love. "Torn I am. Space and its Life I
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