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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LONGER

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Magic, 386:its work, and the form side of existence is no longer needed, as we understand and utilize it, as aMagic, 392:this can be transcended when that mind stuff no longer controls. As the individual mind stuff is anMagic, 397:the higher aspect of the personality energy. No longer do they work and plan and struggle toMagic, 437:and beginning to govern his stars, and so is no longer under their rule and domination. AstrologyMagic, 468:its allure. The playground of the sons of God no longer holds appeal. The voice which has twiceMagic, 470:stands barred, this by the soul's own act. No longer red desire governs all the life, but now theMagic, 488:in the majority of cases that the aspirant no longer aches for possession, but regards it as anMagic, 494:direction within the form of God, we shall no longer know death. Magic, 495:death and sleep. Death, after all, is only a longer interval in the life of physical planeMagic, 495:functioning; one has only "gone abroad" for a longer period. But the process of daily sleep and theMagic, 496:is focused elsewhere. His attention is no longer directed towards things tangible and physical butMagic, 518:and the more experienced the disciple, the longer will be the interlude and the greater theMagic, 604:meditation as now understood and needed will no longer be required. The detachment between a manMeditation, 26:fourteen and twenty-eight. The period here is longer for there is much to be done. Two atoms haveMeditation, 28:a point of Flame appears... The light is no longer under the bushel, but suddenly flames forth, andMeditation, 80:the subject really becomes more abstruse, the longer it is studied. It is complicated by rayMeditation, 121:a few moments or more enduring and lasting for a longer [122] period. It may even be permanent andMeditation, 127:the strengthening of the physical body will come longer and longer periods of freedom from attack.Meditation, 127:of the physical body will come longer and longer periods of freedom from attack. Eventually theMeditation, 127:the day and protective measures at night for longer or shorter periods will gradually eliminate theMeditation, 239:vehicles are dispensed with and the forms are no longer required, but the life ever remains andMeditation, 267:to hold it long. But, as time progresses (longer or shorter according to the earnestness of theMeditation, 267:increases; he can hold the vibration somewhat longer, and does not relax back to normal with soMeditation, 269:and so to dominate his lower mind that it is no longer a barrier to the downflow of light from theMeditation, 290:frequency will come the [290] experience, with longer periods will it be marked, until there comesMeditation, 327:for five to seven years and on occasion even longer; those who are old disciples and those who haveMeditation, 336:of the race. The polarization is now no longer physical, but is either emotional or mental. TheMeditation, 352:further rebirth on the part of a human being no longer exists. Chohan Lord, Master, a Chief. InPatanjaliillusion as the lower nature is purified and no longer indulged. 38. Peace (steadiness of thePatanjalireasoning is arrived at when the memory no longer holds control, the word and the object arePatanjali, 11:himself with the inner Reality, and no longer with the concealing forms, Dwells in the center andPatanjali, 11:concealing forms, Dwells in the center and no longer upon the periphery, Achieves spiritualPatanjali, 21:himself from active sense perception, by no longer [22] utilizing the "outward-going"Patanjali, 24:of the memory faculty have to be dropped and no longer held; they must be recognized asPatanjali, 31:adept passes when the three lower worlds are no longer "attached" to him through his inclinationsPatanjali, 36:his organs of sense-perception so that they no longer telegraph to the mind their reactions to thatPatanjali, 47:soul who has come into its birthright, and is no longer under control of the forces and energies ofPatanjali, 48:stated to be Untouched by limitation. He is no longer "cribbed, cabined and confined" by the lowerPatanjali, 48:and confined" by the lower quaternary. He is no longer crucified upon the cross of matter. The fourPatanjali, 48:- dense, etheric, emotional and mental - are no longer his prison. They are but instruments whichPatanjali, 48:as the three worlds are concerned. Thus he no longer (blindly and through ignorance) sets in motionPatanjali, 49:do not limit or hold him. Free from desire. No longer do the things of sensuous perception on anyPatanjali, 49:His consciousness is inward and upward. It is no longer downward and outgoing. He is at the centerPatanjali, 49:He is at the center and the periphery no longer attracts him. The longing for experience, thePatanjali, 61:three gunas or potencies of Nature. A.B.) no longer exercise any hold over the Self. The purePatanjali, 78:life and purified his nature that danger is no longer possible. Patanjali, 82:illusion as the lower nature is purified and no longer indulged. Method VI. Sutra 38. ThroatPatanjali, 84:illusion as the lower nature is purified and no longer indulged. This translation is a particularlyPatanjali, 84:are continually negated by the real man (who no longer seeks to identify himself with them), thenPatanjali, 84:ability to concentrate, for the mind stuff is no longer subject to the modifications produced byPatanjali, 97:reasoning is arrived at when the memory no longer holds control, the word and the object arePatanjali, 97:through recollection or memory) is no longer considered, and the word which designates it andPatanjali, 97:designates it and expresses its power is no longer heard. Only the idea of which the other two arePatanjali, 101:Himself be seen; the lower vibrations will no longer be sensed; color will no longer be seen; onlyPatanjali, 101:will no longer be sensed; color will no longer be seen; only light will be known; vision will bePatanjali, 104:correct; his sense of proportion is exact. He no longer is subject to deception but stands freedPatanjali, 104:this point is realized, pain and pleasure no longer affect him; he is lost in the bliss ofPatanjali, 108:in their right proportions. The senses are no longer required by the onlooker except in so far asPatanjali, 112:When this is attained, the pairs of opposites no longer limit. 49. When right posture (asana) hasPatanjali, 126:fire; that just as a burnt, dried up seed is no longer capable of propagation and becomesPatanjali, 135:and his desire then turns inward. It is no longer outgoing but he finds the kingdom of God within.Patanjali, 137:on any particular plane so that one is no longer held by the forms of that plane and withdrawalPatanjali, 145:any of the three planes, then the life-energy no longer flows downwards. The three words birth,Patanjali, 150:attitude of mind, painful reactions are no longer possible, and through the transmutation of hisPatanjali, 150:that old tendencies, longings and desires no longer [151] attract, and no activities are indulgedPatanjali, 152:of the thinking principle so that he no longer merges himself in the great world of thoughtPatanjali, 152:the field of his intelligent activities and no longer as the field of his experiments andPatanjali, 155:and of the senses. He uses them; they no longer use him. Patanjali, 160:him; he is the cause of its being and when he no longer seeks it or endeavors to vision it, for himPatanjali, 165:the bodies which have hitherto held him no longer do so; the great currents of ideas and thoughtsPatanjali, 165:of men imprisoned in the three worlds no longer sway or affect him; and the myriad thought formsPatanjali, 165:in the mental, astral and physical worlds no longer shut him away from the realities or from thePatanjali, 165:of causes, and of force emanations. He is no longer deceived and can discriminate between the realPatanjali, 177:received. The pairs of opposites are no longer at war. The stage wherein the chela realizes thatPatanjali, 177:the chela realizes that matter or form have no longer any power over him. He can then say "ThePatanjali, 177:or qualities of matter in the three worlds no longer attract me; they call forth no response fromPatanjali, 177:knows himself as one with the All-Self. Doubt no longer controls. The full light of day orPatanjali, 178:between spirit and matter. This knowledge is no longer theoretical and that to which the manPatanjali, 178:which veil the reality become attenuated and no longer act as thick veils, hiding the soul, and thePatanjali, 200:is present, then the three worlds can no longer hold the yogi. We forge our own chains in thePatanjali, 201:and the method of physical plane existence is no longer a problem, and the yogi understands why thePatanjali, 206:to concentrate or to be one-pointed. The mind no longer flits hither and thither but becomesPatanjali, 208:Obstacles are overcome, and barriers no longer hinder. The purified one becomes the great receiverPatanjali, 215:When this is attained, the pairs of opposites no longer limit. The pairs of opposites concern thePatanjali, 217:are attained, then the pairs of opposites no longer limit. The point of balance is reached and thePatanjali, 230:condition. The consciousness of the real man no longer surges outwards along its five avenues ofPatanjali, 231:so that neither the physical nor the astral any longer limit or confine the man. When this can bePatanjali, 244:senses) are stilled, and the consciousness is no longer outgoing, The centering of thePatanjali, 246:of all the mental faculties. The mind then is no longer scattering, unsteady and outgoing, but isPatanjali, 250:awareness of the soul of all things. Form is no longer seen, and the vision of the reality, veiledPatanjali, 251:emotion and physical plane existence. They no longer attract his attention. He is not concentratedPatanjali, 282:(the tangible objective form), that form is no longer to be seen. It disappears, and temporarily isPatanjali, 287:soul of all men. Through compassion, he is no longer occupied with his own selfish interests butPatanjali, 287:into practical expression. His activities are no longer ingoing and self-centered but are outgoingPatanjali, 292:typical of the soul body or causal vehicle, of longer duration and persisting for aeons, andPatanjali, 331:and the great waters of illusion can no longer hold the emancipated soul. The energies of the solarPatanjali, 331:soul. The energies of the solar plexus no longer dominate. Liberation from the thorny path refersPatanjali, 332:of freedom have been gained and the man is no longer dominated by the water, the mire or physicalPatanjali, 332:the controlling factor and the downward life no longer dominates. Patanjali, 340:forms through which he is functioning. He is no longer centered, no [341] longer polarized in his
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