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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOOK

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Psychology2, 261:in various directions. However, if we could look on, as can Those on the inner side and if we werePsychology2, 263:century and it is for this reason that we can look for the rapid development of the characteristicsPsychology2, 352:but a line. Prepare the form. Let the eyes look forward, not on either side. Let the ears be closedPsychology2, 355:stands around, for it has naught for thee, so look to me. I am the One who builds, sustains andPsychology2, 355:who builds, sustains and draws thee on and up. Look unto me with eyes of love, and seek the pathPsychology2, 360:quiet and unafraid. I, at the center, Am. Look up along the line and not along the many linesPsychology2, 372:forward to the outer rim. Stand at the center. Look on every side. Die not for outer forms. ForgetPsychology2, 402:existence, that there is nothing toward which to look, and no help to be found in retrospection. IPsychology2, 547:centers and it is in these regions that one must look for indications of trouble. SpeakingPsychology2, 572:Hierarchy to save the world; it leads them to look upon themselves as the mouthpieces of thePsychology2, 587:thine heart and see the vision of thy soul. Look up, not down; within, not out. Live free andPsychology2, 616:these I can say but little. Let us, therefore, look at these problems. We shall have to study thePsychology2, 639:uniformity in technique and good will. Let us look for a moment at the world picture - as we findPsychology2, 688:to ourselves what will happen nor will we look for results or for tangible effects. On the twoPsychology2, 738:of Christ and His Church. These Workers look out upon a world distressed and full of pain. ThePsychology2, 739:who guide and teach upon the inner side of life look out upon the world they see in every country,Psychology2, 739:or creed or belief. The Hierarchy does not look for cooperators in any one school of thought,Psychology2, 746:of understanding, and of cooperative good will. Look out for such people and work with them. Do notRays, 190:the force from point to point and then project. Look for the energy in form behind the veilRays, 217:consider each of them separately. Let us now look at the first sentence. Rays, 235:astral planes) are conditions to which we must look for the origin of all our present troubles. InRays, 254:not be at all an easy task, my brothers, if you look only for those who think and work your way, orRays, 302:Path? Naught but myself, O Master of my life. Look closer at thyself and speak again. What seestRays, 302:and which wanes and makes the darkness darker. Look with intense desire towards the dark and, whenRays, 324:the ground [324] not already considered, and look at the subject of initiation from the angle ofRays, 351:of the aspirant; this is the correct way to look at it. It is only when the electrical energy ofRays, 412:It is all these facts which have caused what may look to you like discrepancies and limitations inRays, 468:and the Mysteries of Initiation One might also look at this matter from another angle. TheRays, 628:degenerated and deluded. Remember always, as we look at these various nations dispassionately, thatRays, 638:that "the souls of men are one" and learn to look beyond the immediate outer seeming to the innerRays, 648:would be good to let your spiritual imagination look forward into the future, and then vision - ifRays, 656:Initiations of our Planetary Life Now let us look at these initiations from the angle of theRays, 685:If you will study the nine initiations and look upon them from this angle, you will see how eachRays, 692:to "fix on a cross" (I have asked A.A.B. to look this word up in the dictionary so that you canRays, 748:the Christ to come as a religious leader; they look for Him to come to them in the field of [749]Rays, 762:of Karma drained he gains the right to serve. Look on, O Pilgrim, to the goal. See shining farReappearance, 5:only by the Christian faithful, but by those who look for Maitreya and for the Boddhisattva as wellReappearance, 5:their solving or handling, they are apt to look for a divine Intermediary and for the [6] MediatorReappearance, 6:cause with God and bring about a rescue. They look for a Savior. This doctrine of Mediators, ofReappearance, 8:life of our planet; toward Them every eye can look and all men can be affected. Therefore, anReappearance, 15:minds and new problems await solution. Let us look at this uniqueness and gain some knowledge ofReappearance, 27:or monadic realization showed itself. Let us look at each one of them for a moment: There is, firstReappearance, 60:objective is love of God and of humanity. If men look for the Christ Who left His disciplesReappearance, 63:and faithfully as their Western brethren. Let us look for a moment at the erroneous interpretationsReappearance, 67:time is no simple one. Human beings are apt to look at all that happens, or that could happen, fromReappearance, 67:us (which is the usual presentation), but let us look also at the crises and problems with which HeReappearance, 84:of the Christ Today and in the Future Let us look at these phases of His work and try to understandReappearance, 166:us be intensely practical and force ourselves to look at conditions as they are, thus arriving at aReappearance, 189:prove adequate. It is with this thought that we look into the future. The fiat of the Lord has goneSoul, 81:in the words of The Secret Doctrine. "Life we look upon as the One Form of Existence, manifestingSoul, 86:ventricle of the brain, which was supposed to look towards the front, was the ventricle of commonTelepathy, 19:There is still another way in which we can look at the entire subject of response betweenTelepathy, 26:it is only at this time that we can begin to look for a wider and more general expression in theTelepathy, 37 To:a brother's strength will indicate where you can look for help in any hour of your own need. StateTelepathy, 80:what we - from our limited point of view - might look upon as the liberation of the planet. The
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