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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOOKED

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Astrology, 350:will indicate certain situations which can be looked for in the lives of those whose Sun is in oneAstrology, 384:of Mind. In pain, they cried aloud. They inward looked and knew the error they had made but knewAtom, 18:as an indivisible unit of substance; now it is looked upon as a center of energy, or electricAtom, 65:about death [65] have been erroneous; we have looked upon it as the great and ultimate terror,Atom, 130:connection certain developments which may be looked for in the immediate future, remembering thatAtom, 158:assertions, and wonder how we could have looked upon matter as we did. It is the development of theAutobiography, 19:therefore, related to me, though I have never looked them up. Charles La Trobe, myAutobiography, 39:on the top of the rock was a crystal bowl which looked as if it was three feet across. This bowlAutobiography, 49:one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas. It looked so close, almost as if a day's walking wouldAutobiography, 59:We all worked so hard to save souls and she looked on and wished us success and often said the wordAutobiography, 59:that was needed; but I do know that often she looked on with the greatest amusement as we struggledAutobiography, 60:to be saved which had no effect. Elise Sandes looked on with amusement until apparently she decidedAutobiography, 60:dear, would you mind looking at his forehead?" I looked and remarked that it seemed very low. SheAutobiography, 64:God means me to go He will send the money." She looked at me but made no comment. Two or three daysAutobiography, 65:but I did what I thought Jesus would do. I looked at the men and said, nervously and rapidly: "IAutobiography, 67:to eat." What came over me I do not know but I looked him straight in the eye and said, "I amAutobiography, 68:that I was not a bit as smug and holy as I looked and that he had an idea that I would some dayAutobiography, 69:I begged him to give me gas and pull it out. He looked at me in rather a peculiar manner butAutobiography, 76:at the rever we shall be happy forever'." I looked up and there at the back of the room was aAutobiography, 79:tendency might result. His young wife and I looked after him for ten days until I could arrange forAutobiography, 83:the shell of formalism in me. This old bearer looked and acted like a saint and probably was aAutobiography, 93:just because he cared about me. He and my bearer looked after me and I have never forgotten theirAutobiography, 98:contemporaries. I went much to his home and he looked after me in a very beautiful way. The otherAutobiography, 103:as Carlisle. As he put me into the carriage he looked me in the eye and said, "He isn't what IAutobiography, 107:woman, Mrs. Snyder, mothered me for months and looked after me until my eldest girl was born,Autobiography, 108:a pain. When I was through washing them, they looked most peculiar. One morning, I heard a knock onAutobiography, 108:a woman who lived in the flat below me. She looked at me with distress and said, "See here, Mrs.Autobiography, 110:I wondered how I was to manage when suddenly I looked up and saw Cook's Agent, out of uniform,Autobiography, 115:and down stairs. It was just the doctor who had looked in to see if I was all right. So again, youAutobiography, 122:strength of the testimony of the doctor who had looked after me when Ellison was born and who hadAutobiography, 127:I swept and dusted and cooked and washed and looked after the babies to the very best of myAutobiography, 147:me, and afraid of the dark, and afraid of being looked up to by other people. I have never found itAutobiography, 147:but a detriment to be put upon a pedestal and looked up to. I agree with the Chinese proverb whichAutobiography, 155:been under His guidance ever since." This person looked at me and said, with rather a witheringAutobiography, 157:at Ospringe Place, Faversham, drying it. Dorothy looked out of the window and called out, "Oh!Autobiography, 159:mediocre to the nth degree. A number who were looked up to as initiates were not particularlyAutobiography, 160:small girl hanging by her knees from a bough. He looked up at her and just said, "Drop," and sheAutobiography, 176:desire to continue to serve the T.S. Mr. Rogers looked at us and asked the question, "Is there anyAutobiography, 187:in England and found out how the English girls looked upon the English boys was almost funny. TheyAutobiography, 195:of the T.S. in France, what it was all about. He looked at me with blank astonishment and said thatAutobiography, 195:into the E.S. instead of into my own group. I looked at him with equal astonishment and told himAutobiography, 201:came and told me I could not go to communion. I looked at the rector for a few minutes and then IAutobiography, 209:the platform. When we were all again seated he looked us all over very seriously and then said, "IAutobiography, 209:the Grand Duke's secretary. He sat me down and looked solemnly at me and said, "What do you wantAutobiography, 209:with the Grand Duke, Mrs. Bailey?" Amazed, I looked at him and said, "Nothing. I can't imagine whyAutobiography, 211:blue lounging pajamas which he so often wore. He looked at me, smiled, waved his hand andAutobiography, 221:had never seen a foreign city. Everything looked new and strange to them, from the fiacre in whichAutobiography, 222:tourist does. We drifted about the streets. We looked into gardens. We would take a walk to theAutobiography, 246:who refused to be interested and obedient were looked upon as renegades. The freedom of theAutobiography, 299:long time. It seems natural that he should have looked for and found the necessary collaboratorBethlehem, 158:in the glorified Person of Jesus Christ. We have looked on at this episode through the eyes ofBethlehem, 158:into the meaning of the Crucifixion. We have looked on at the Transfiguration, but have notBethlehem, 179:days, was done to death, and his second coming looked for so eagerly that (as is well known) whenBethlehem, 233:they expected an immediate kingdom and that they looked to see the fact of immortality universallyBethlehem, 234:reality to which they, with all men, had looked with uncertainty and even with fear. Henceforth theBethlehem, 277:He calls for men to do His will. We have looked upon this as a way to our own individual good,Destiny, 150:Piscean characteristics. The thirty years can be looked upon as a period of spiritual unfoldmentDiscipleship1, 48:at least, challenge. But nothing happens. He is looked upon as no better than all the rest of hisDiscipleship1, 54:me and I have specialized in them. Naturally, I looked around among those whose lives I have beenDiscipleship1, 109:to these exercises. These effects should be looked for, in your case, in the psychic consciousness.Discipleship1, 120:occurs. The soul, [120] whose eyes serene have looked upon the far horizons of the world, withdrawsDiscipleship1, 240:little happenings (and how small they are when looked at in the right light and - dare I say it? -Discipleship1, 369:o'er the blue prints in the Inner Room and looked the Master Workman in the face. And still theDiscipleship1, 510:to work in it another year? May I (who have looked on for years at your struggle and who today feelDiscipleship1, 512:Consequently again, the weaknesses which are looked for are found and the real self is hidden fromDiscipleship1, 578:courage. The past lies behind you and though I looked at you with anxiety till a few weeks ago, IDiscipleship1, 585:based upon your personal qualities. You have looked on at the service of others and wondered whyDiscipleship1, 778:who refused to be interested and obedient were looked upon as renegades. The freedom of theDiscipleship2, 92:for "ashramic sharing." [92] Perfection is not looked for or expected, but certain personalityDiscipleship2, 168:aspect of love required today among men) can be looked for; nothing can prevent the appearance ofDiscipleship2, 172:his disciples, a different reaction will be looked for. It is because of this that A.A.B. has soDiscipleship2, 578:ocean of the cosmos. The Lords of Karma have looked towards our planet. Energy follows thought andDiscipleship2, 616:year you passed through a terrific test and it looked for a while as if the true significance of itExternalisation, 253:but will have safely (even if uncomfortably) looked on. In so doing they overlook the third aspectExternalisation, 598:and space that the end is inevitably sure; the looked-for spiritual Representative must come forth,Externalisation, 637:to that of the rest of mankind. They are looked upon as glamored, or as weak and ignorant (whichFire, 14:form were blended all together. The Mighty One looked down. The forms met His approval. Forth cameFire, 16:that counted as the fourth. The eternal Lhas looked down, and the Sons of God reached forth. DownFire, 174:through his physical brain. This might be looked upon as corresponding to the period of the firstFire, 206:overlooked. Each of the seven chains might be looked upon as picturing the seven centers of one ofFire, 423:of manas, a very interesting development may be looked for during the coming century. This is theFire, 428:Ray at any time (and such an advent may be looked for towards the close of this lesser cycle, whichFire, 442:The deva kingdom. Third. The results to be looked for during the coming centuries. The type ofFire, 452:matter of the incoming Ray and the effects to be looked for from its influence) that We are onlyFire, 461:to foretell certain eventualities that may be looked for in the future. As we have seen, during theFire, 473:bodies among the sons of men. This need not be looked for at this time, and will only begin to beFire, 498:certain very definite development may be looked for in connection with manasic unfoldment; and itFire, 498:is concerned its highest efflorescence may be looked for during the next five hundred years. TheFire, 652:even now be treading it. A similar effect can be looked for at this time, and the Hierarchy isFire, 659:the careful student that these planes might be looked at in connection with the three worlds [660]Fire, 695:energy. The Triad, for instance, is usually looked upon by our students as the triangle formed byFire, 715:root-race, another tremendous happening may be looked for, and the time lies immediately ahead. ItFire, 759:and Greek churches from the Roman. This may be looked for, should plans progress as hoped, aboutFire, 809:and work. This expansion of knowledge can be looked for before one hundred and fifty years haveFire, 814:and inadequately the results which may be looked for from a true understanding of the essentialFire, 838:burning, but the rest were cold. The Sons of God looked down from the innermost center. TheyFire, 838:God looked down from the innermost center. They looked, then turned away Their gaze and thoughts toFire, 838:five remained untouched. The Sons of God again looked down. For one brief second They thought uponFire, 838:They thought the third caught fire. Swiftly They looked away for the form as yet relayed to Them noFire, 907:forms. Volcanic action therefore may be looked for, demonstrating in unexpected localities, as well
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