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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOOKING

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Externalisation, 237:final struggle I write to those [237] who are looking on with sympathy but without sacrifice and IExternalisation, 253:of true happiness. Therefore, those who are looking on at the tragic sufferings of humanity and whoExternalisation, 459:More and more people are beginning to be forward-looking and to hope with greater conviction andExternalisation, 613:clearer will be his understanding of the facts. Looking away from the detail of the foreground,Externalisation, 629:sources and the right use of money for forward looking ideas, such as the return of the Christ.Externalisation, 698:and cultured people on the planet will be looking for Him. And then, my brothers, He will come,Fire, 72:is too vast to be handled at this time. In looking at the matter from the standpoint of fire theFire, 319:and wiser consciousness behind the outward looking consciousness in the forward part of the head;Fire, 319:to impress the spiritual view on the outward looking consciousness in the forward part of the head.Fire, 974:his thought form for service, he is occultly looking, and consequently energizing; he begins to useFire, 1010:and takes eventually the semblance of an eye looking out between the other two. [1011] It is theFire, 1111:to the point in evolution of the personality. By looking at the egoic lotus, the seer can tell theGlamour, 47:' Those of us who are considering him and looking on at him from the clearer heights of attainmentGlamour, 70:records the existence of these shining stars. Looking, however, at the astral body of the planet,Glamour, 137:light, beginning with the situation as it is and looking forward into a future of divineGlamour, 224:once a week for two years or more) without looking for results; they need to realize that they canHealing, 202:diagram of the spinal column and the head, looking at both from the angle of the centers and theHealing, 265:this question from the long range vision (looking backward historically as well as forwardHealing, 316:is a pronounced tendency among the most forward-looking psychologists today, to handle these casesHealing, 423:You are not a distressed and bereaved disciple looking anxiously at the separating veil and hopingHealing, 448:the body is permissible or not. He can see, by looking, whether the will principle of abstraction,Healing, 462:withdrawal from present incarnation or simply looking on at a restorative process. In the latterHealing, 682:lower man) of the average intelligent aspirant, looking at this law from one of its lowestHercules, 8:the interests of the phenomenal world, and is looking for a way out into a wider realm ofHercules, 132:between heaven and earth the Libran waits. Looking above, he sees the vision, the golden dawnHercules, 154:is called Hercules and portrays the aspirant looking not at the crown but at the eagle, Aquila.Hercules, 154:is not concerned about the crown, he is looking at the eagle, the spirit aspect. He is occupiedHercules, 162:symbol of soul. Sagittarius, the aspirant, looking to the left and to the right: to the rightHercules, 162:"I am spirit flying straight for my home"; looking the other side and seeing Cygnus, the swan, withHercules, 164:and only as I can grasp my brother's way of looking at the truth is it possible for me to have theInitiation, 207:eye is to man, and therefore is described as looking out from between the Monad or spiritual selfIntellect, 12:Intuition - Chapter One - Introductory Thoughts Looking back over the seventy or more years thatIntellect, 193:the light of God's reflection, which is always looking back to God. The arcanum of the mind is theIntellect, 247:is so anxious to serve his fellowmen that he is looking for no phenomenal contacts for himself andMagic, 58:knowledge. They will also save themselves much looking back and reference. It will be seen from aMagic, 63:days and he seems to stand on the mountain top looking out over a sunlit landscape, where all isMagic, 137:the reality as they deem wise. The Masters are looking out for those with clear vision,Magic, 259:working in the field of planetary evolution are looking for dependable instruments, and this cannotMagic, 302:races however, have little of this. That forward looking anticipatory state of mind isMagic, 353:faculties in a disciple. The Great Ones are looking for those who can rapidly obey the inner voiceMagic, 404:- Rule Ten - The New Group of World Servers Looking ahead, during the conclave to which I have madeMagic, 407:the part. The unification to which the forward looking people aspire does not involve the neglectMagic, 417:of the one group, are organizing these forward looking souls into groups which are destined toMagic, 582:spiritual truth, a realized pleasure in forward-looking ideals, and a pleased acquiescence in theMagic, 595:world, and should desist from wasting time and looking for a Master; they should achieve masteryMagic, 608:there is a time and a season for all things, and looking ahead and comprehending intuitively theMagic, 617:"Let the magician stand within the sun, looking from thence upon the ball of earth. From that highProblems, 117:[117] scale throughout the world. People are looking eagerly for the unexpected and the unusual,Psychology1, 97:provided with a firm basis for all our forward looking. Had the unfoldments of the nineteenth andPsychology1, 132:The brain is like the eye of the soul, looking out into the physical world; in the same sense thePsychology1, 159:facility of the Great Architect of the Universe. Looking at all this beauty from a symbolic angle,Psychology1, 229:radiation and the radioactive substances. We are looking on at the transmutation process. ThePsychology2, 37:Loaded with the panoply of war, he stood midway, looking two ways. The clash of battle, the manyPsychology2, 245:and limit Deity, for such is His divine Will. Looking at the whole subject from another angle, itPsychology2, 246:an upward straining or too intense an outward looking, to use terms which the usual limited pointPsychology2, 270:Group of World Servers is primarily occupied, - looking at their activities from the [271]Psychology2, 319:for the writer (perhaps [319] unknowingly) was looking forward to that period in the evolution ofPsychology2, 475:far as his higher progress is concerned; he is looking on at the bewildering kaleidoscope of thePsychology2, 488:the guided person is, usually unconsciously, looking for help. This is largely a brainPsychology2, 494:minds became of an increasingly forward-looking, idealistic nature; these, as they came to thePsychology2, 569:contacting is astral in nature and that anyone looking at a circle from the standpoint [570] of thePsychology2, 593:and the disappearance of the form. The adept, by looking at the body, can tell just how long it hasRays, 66:idea as follows: The initiate wastes no time in looking backward towards the lessons learned; heRays, 127:as to form becomes adjusted. He is forward-looking towards the soul, and not backward-lookingRays, 127:towards the soul, and not backward-looking towards the form nature. Some very sincere devotees andRays, 221:not so easy to understand. Forget not, I am not looking for understanding for I write for those whoRays, 317:of a man, as many Fundamentalists today suppose, looking for the reappearance of the discardedRays, 437:by the sin idea), and by the intensely forward-looking anticipatory consciousness of the averageRays, 458:esoterically speaking - "he takes his stand, and looking upward sees a promised land of beauty,Rays, 685:study initiation from the angle of liberation, looking upon it as a process of strenuously attainedRays, 748:in all religions. Men are not, in reality, looking for the Christ to come as a religious leader;Reappearance, 177:or to secure the right use of money for forward looking ideas, such as the return of the Christ.Soul, 13:or internal psychology, and, secondly, looking past scientific psychology to the larger realm ofSoul, 145:perhaps by some perfectly different way of looking at phenomena, of registering the shadows on theSoul, 146:Dr. Frazer is right in thinking that 'a way of looking at phenomena' different from the way of
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