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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOOKS

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Atom, 107:several weeks before a baby consciously sees and looks with recognition. The faculty has alwaysAutobiography, 34:I was jealous of my sister, her brains and good looks. I had been taught the narrowest kind ofAutobiography, 43:of the Bible, good taste in clothes, really good looks and a most profound and complete ignoranceAutobiography, 130:a woman like this doing in a factory?" and "She looks too good for her job, but is probably noAutobiography, 141:born in such good circumstances with money, good looks, opportunity, and all the many interestingAutobiography, 288:taught in all the world religions. The Christian looks forward to the advent of Christ, the Jew isBethlehem, 50:man himself is the symbol and the reality. He looks out at all [51] the myths and symbols of theBethlehem, 190:the crucified Savior. Eastern Christianity looks to the resurrection as its pivotal teaching. TheBethlehem, 210:which took place upon Calvary. But today as one looks back upon that event, a certain truth beginsDiscipleship1, 130:must develop the attentiveness of the one who looks on at life and at the life struggle of others.Discipleship1, 442:for you to cultivate is that of the One who looks on, that of the Beholder, the Perceiver, and theDiscipleship1, 509:the attitude of the Observer, of the one who looks on - knowing himself to be the controlling soul.Discipleship1, 529:spring in the woods. Seated on these rocks one looks over and down about a foot or two, and seesDiscipleship1, 529:are feathery clumps of waving pampas grasses), looks down on seraphs' wings of glorious roses,Discipleship1, 530:the Disciples. When one stands on the path and looks towards the entrance gate, one sees fruitDiscipleship1, 611:time. I am making the effort but, my brother, it looks to me that this will constitute my lastDiscipleship1, 715:the part is not alone and the group is unafraid) looks down, catches the light, reflects theDiscipleship1, 737:disciple. Along with these reactions, the Master looks for an effort on the part of the disciple toDiscipleship1, 737:dies out and love can pour in. The Master also looks for an effort upon the part of his disciplesDiscipleship1, 737:to work as they may choose but he most certainly looks for the effort to take place along the linesDiscipleship2, 8:word "chosen"), then he too can teach. A Master looks at each member of his group from the angle ofDiscipleship2, 35:him, to the inner Ashram and to each other. He looks for the constancy of the interplay, for theDiscipleship2, 69:it is for these types of ability that he looks, and not at the reaction of the personality. This isDiscipleship2, 224:and not alone their own but that which looks to them for aid. Thus will redemption come to allDiscipleship2, 264:it is living as an outer observer who looks within. To live subjectively means that the focus ofExternalisation, 105:in the consciousness of the Hierarchy as it looks on at mankind going through the presentExternalisation, 378:behind the Evolutionary Process The average man looks on at all of this and is frequentlyExternalisation, 403:Teacher alike of angels and of men. I am one who looks to the Christ as the supreme expression ofFire, 362:vitality. This super-stimulation results in what looks to us like cataclysms, and a stupendousFire, 417:For, sitting at the Threshold of Light, he looks into it from within the Circle of Darkness, whichFire, 763:activity of this triangle is so great that it looks more like a wheel in rapid revolution. It has aFire, 866:may equip him for the work to be done, and he looks upon money, and that which money can purchase,Fire, 1097:destiny of the fourth form of substance. The eye looks downwards and, behold, the atom disappearsFire, 1097:behold, the atom disappears from view. The eye looks sideways and the dimensions merge, and againFire, 1097:merge, and again the atom disappears. Outward it looks but sees the atom out of all proportion.Fire, 1130:is the window of the Monad or Spirit whereby he looks outward into the three worlds. The third eyeFire, 1130:functioning on the physical plane whereby he looks inward into the three worlds. The jewel in theFire, 1221:the male figure holding above his head what looks like a shield or tray of silver, a greatGlamour, 32:surround him and through this mist and fog he looks out upon a distorted world. These reactions andGlamour, 32:precipitated, until today when the Hierarchy looks at humanity it appears to be walking in a deepGlamour, 142:stands and, with his back to the glamorous fog, looks towards the East from whence the light mustGlamour, 250:divine eye. It is that through which the soul looks forth into the world of men and through whichHealing, 365:wise disciple labors in the field of service but looks forward steadily to the dawn of the "clearHercules, 117:for their man-less world? But God, we are told, looks at the heart. It will come as a shock to manyHercules, 148:the heavy chains of self-exalting thoughts, he looks at other human beings with condescension. ThusHercules, 153:and as Hercules struggles with the hydra he looks up, sees the eagle, and is reminded that he hasHercules, 153:is the red star of desire. As he does this, he looks towards the constellation that we saw inHercules, 154:the crown but at the eagle, Aquila. Personality looks at the crown but says, "I am having such aInitiation, 76:love that rejoices where there is response, but looks not for it, and loves steadily, quietly, andInitiation, 79:may equip him for the work to be done, and he looks upon money and that which money can purchase asInitiation, 206:feet, and let him learn to see with the eye that looks out from between the two. This rule looksInitiation, 206:that looks out from between the two. This rule looks easy of interpretation upon the first reading,Initiation, 207:On the surface, the expression "the eye which looks out from between the two" seems to signify theIntellect, 49:gazes at God all the time and her lower face looks somewhat down, informing the senses; and theIntellect, 138:brain that which the soul itself perceives as It looks outward upon those new fields of perception.Intellect, 138:with the three worlds of human endeavor, and looks out, therefore, upon the physical, emotional andIntellect, 171:or meditation; then it becomes more focused and looks, as some express it, like a radiant and veryIntellect, 239:stupid action and much unconsidered effort. God looks for those who have trained and highlyMagic, 18:- uses the mind as a focusing [18] point and looks out through that lens upon the world of theMagic, 61:focus or see clearly in any direction. If he looks backward he can see only the fogs and miasmas ofMagic, 61:of illusion, and fails to be interested. If he looks forward he sees a distant light which attractsMagic, 61:as yet see that which the light reveals. If he looks around, he sees but shifting forms and theMagic, 61:cinematograph of the form side of life. If he looks within, he sees the shadows cast by the light,Magic, 117:learnt through renunciation and service. A man looks away (having learnt first principles) from theMagic, 183:fitted to be instructed and taught by Him, He looks for three things first of all. Unless these areMagic, 183:distress of mind and wasted motion. The Master looks for the light in the head. He investigates theMagic, 188:factor, that of service, for which the Master looks is one upon which the aspirant has the least toMagic, 188:by the aspirant as service. The Master looks not at a worker's worldly force or status, not at theMagic, 212:planet. These two directions in which the soul looks constitute the world of its spiritualMagic, 212:Being. 3. The third direction in which the soul looks and wherein he exercises the faculty ofMagic, 214:Through this point of focus the soul looks out upon, or contemplates the mental plane, includingMagic, 306:he has seen the vision and the possibility; he looks at his personality and ranges it up alongsideMagic, 565:have upon the hidden solar Angel. The latter looks out through the fire and through [566] the mistMeditation, 125:punishment, for on the inner planes the disciple looks [126] on, and in agony of mind sees hisPatanjali, 16:seer is pure knowledge (gnosis). Though pure he looks upon the presented idea through the medium ofPatanjali, 18:the sense, and is not literal. "Let the one who looks out take care that the window through whichPatanjali, 36:clear terms: "The seer is pure vision... he looks out through the vesture of the mind." (Book IIPatanjali, 69:is pure Knowledge (gnosis). Though [69] pure, he looks upon the presented idea through the mediumPatanjali, 69:Sutra as follows: "The seer is pure vision... He looks out through the vesture of the mind." It isPatanjali, 97:free from forms and thought. In it the perceiver looks out upon the world of causes; he sees withPatanjali, 112:seer is pure knowledge (gnosis). Though pure, he looks upon the presented idea through the mediumPatanjali, 132:He has no sense of values or of proportion but looks upon the transient, suffering, unclean,Patanjali, 155:is rhythmic and in tune with the great whole. He looks on at the spectacle and sees to it thatPatanjali, 160:seer is pure knowledge (gnosis). Though pure, he looks upon the presented idea through the mediumPatanjali, 160:"The seer is pure vision. Though pure, he looks out through the vesture of the mind." GanganathaPatanjali, 161:mind." We have here: 1. The seer or the one who looks on and considers (from his divine standpoint)Patanjali, 163:serves a triple purpose: Through it, the seer looks out upon the realm of causes, the spiritualPatanjali, 163:of investigation, or the window through which he looks out (whether upon the world of effects, uponPatanjali, 213:[213] can then be entered, when the soul looks out upon its own world, sees the vision of things asProblems, 31:which answers must be sought and found. The task looks hard indeed. Yet there are enoughProblems, 101:the cruel and jealous Jehovah of the Jews and looks upon The Old Testament as the history of aPsychology2, 90:that the intelligent human being can grasp as he looks back over the history of the planet (as farPsychology2, 501:walks down a street in any large city or as he looks out of a window in any environment. ThesePsychology2, 555:of the Indweller, the Entity within the form who looks on at life as it unfolds, who developsPsychology2, 593:form. To the clairvoyant view of the adept as He looks at the aspirant or disciple, it causes: ThePsychology2, 593:adept, when seeking information upon this point, looks first of all at the solar plexus center andRays, 6:the window through which the Ego, the real Man looks out upon vast and (to the majority) unknownRays, 23:feet and let him learn to see with the eye which looks out from between the two. For Disciples andRays, 197:for which the inner Teacher and later the Master looks, and "occult blindness," its need, its wiseRays, 304:even of the average disciple, is that of one who looks in from the periphery towards the center, of
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