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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOOMS

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Bethlehem, 64:therefore a human being. Then He Who shall come looms over them all, over-shadowing them, pointingDiscipleship1, 97:in forgetting the little self; this frequently looms so large (from habit) that it shuts out theDiscipleship1, 98:significance in the long career of the soul. It looms as large and important in the personalityDiscipleship1, 124:fades from view and the immediate present looms." One of the most difficult tasks which faces anyDiscipleship1, 236:must be, in some measure, overcome. The one that looms the larger in your consciousness is that ofDiscipleship1, 236:of an unstable digestive system. The one that looms the larger (in the consciousness of those whoDiscipleship1, 390:same expression of reality. But, behind them all looms - immanent, stupendous, and glorious - thatDiscipleship1, 610:Yourself as a server and the work (as our work) looms large between you and your fellowmen and willDiscipleship2, 348:Chamber; there it must take shape. Behind it looms that which has brought it into being. I wouldDiscipleship2, 423:human consciousness is capable, and one which looms with increasing magnificence during eachDiscipleship2, 525:of service which he deems essential and which looms larger in his consciousness than the work ofDiscipleship2, 530:a whole, and the good of the form side of life looms unduly large in your attitude to service. YouFire, 984:not pause even here for back of the Zend "mag," "looms up the Sanskrit, maha, signifying great." ItIntellect, 129:page 63. The conquest of the kingdom of the soul looms before man. The day when the word PsychologyIntellect, 227:over again at the bottom, and the word Stability looms." - Comfort, Will Levington, Letters. HeMeditation, 199:impossibility at present, for the personality looms as yet too large) then the Nirmanakayas will bePatanjali, 401:the watery sphere and pierces into that which looms inert, immobile, darkling, silent and remote.Psychology2, 45:initiation takes place and the wider open door looms before the initiate, he will then discover thePsychology2, 738:and full of pain. The economic problem looms large and is a determining factor in many cases. In aRays, 42:at his highest moments. The door of initiation looms large in the consciousness of the neophyte;Rays, 103:incarnation has brought him. The whole matter looms, therefore, over-large in his consciousness.Rays, 335:them. The picture is entirely different. What looms with such importance in the consciousness ofRays, 742:The picture of what must be accomplished looms too large; there is little organized [743]
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