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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LORD

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Astrology, 35:Atmic plane 5 9 IV Human Hierarchy The Initiates Lord of Sacrifice 4. Scorpio Planet - MercuryAstrology, 36:lies the clue to the nature of Agni, the Lord of Fire, the sumtotal of systemic vitality. MuchAstrology, 93:the power to manifest. Enter into battle for the Lord. Arrive at unity through effort. Creation -Astrology, 93:Strife - Synthesis, these are the nature of the Lord of the first constellation and enable Him toAstrology, 105:for this is a dual sign. First: Saturn is the Lord of Karma, the imposer of retribution and the oneAstrology, 113:(a correspondence to the planetary Logos). The Lord of the Planet, one of the great Lives or SonsAstrology, 186:to be brought under the control of the solar Lord. A study of the above will reveal mostAstrology, 269:Hierarchy and in the will-to-manifest of the Lord of our Earth, Who is Himself upon the third RayAstrology, 304:and with energies which emanate from the Lord of the Constellation Aries. In the last analysis andAstrology, 310:that which he requires. Saturn, therefore, the Lord of Karma, has his power lessened in [311] thisAstrology, 384:they had made but knew not what to do...The Lord replied and gave to them the sign ofAstrology, 431:plan and with the purpose of their controlling Lord. They called on Father Time (Saturn. A.A.B.)Astrology, 431:the Eternal Youth responded (Sanat Kumara, Lord of Shamballa); He set Himself anew to learn theAstrology, 431:plan, aided by Father Time yet unaffected by the Lord of Time for He Himself was timeless, thoughAstrology, 431:place of power. Shamballa was informed. The Lord of Life and of the World took action... The littleAstrology, 433:he in time becomes a Messenger. Thus does the Lord of Mercury repeat himself. The Son descendsAstrology, 519:in the life of the planetary Logos. He, the Lord of the World, is releasing new energies into theAstrology, 554:of the indwelling Christ, the hidden Soul or Lord of Being. The four arms of this Cross are GeminiAstrology, 571:stand with massed intent. Let the fiat of the Lord go forth: The end of woe has come! Come forth, OAstrology, 612:being. This great Life, the Ancient of Days, the Lord of the world, Sanat Kumara, the EternalAstrology, 623:here that the wonder of the work of Christ, the Lord of Love emerges into our consciousness. HeAstrology, 625:behind the life of Shamballa. It is the Lord of Sacrifice Who speaks. The keynote of sacrifice orAstrology, 656:Bear which is ensouled by the Prototype of the Lord of the third major Ray, the third planetaryAstrology, 660:on our system are under the rule of a greater Lord of Karma on Sirius. We are governed by theAstrology, 660:Karma on Sirius. We are governed by the Sirian Lord of Karma." (C.F. 570) "The consciousness of theAstrology, 660:Bear which is ensouled by the Prototype of the Lord of the third Ray, and I our own cosmic center."Astrology, 662:septenary chain. (Vol. I, 188-189) Mars was the Lord of birth, of death, of generation andAstrology, 663:divine science." (Vol. I, 513) "Mercury is the Lord of Wisdom." (Vol. II, 31) "Mercury is stillAstrology, 664:181) "In the middle of the fifth round, the Lord of Mercury will, with the Logos of the VenusAstrology, 674:alliance. Light flashed forth." (C. F. 323) "The Lord of Venus: Holds place in the LogoicAstrology, 681:and five, when the synthesizing Unit, the Lord of the World Himself, is counted as one. ThereAtom, 34:or heat or radiation." Therefore, an atom is (as Lord Kelvin in 1867 thought it would ultimatelyAtom, 87:Brother, the Christ, in reply to the demand "Lord, show us the Father," that "he that hath seen meAtom, 149:of ministries (or service) but the same Lord." When we are all group conscious, when we are allAutobiography, 15:somewhat hard and stern man, was the brother of Lord Rosse and son of the Lord Rosse of telescopeAutobiography, 15:was the brother of Lord Rosse and son of the Lord Rosse of telescope fame, mentioned in The SecretAutobiography, 40:on to the demonstration of the glory of the Lord. I grasped - faintly - that human beings neededAutobiography, 97:ahead into the future. I had confidence in the Lord and in my friends and so I just waited. In theAutobiography, 118:Some of our greatest men have been Jews, such as Lord Reading, Viceroy of India, and others. ThisAutobiography, 136:children. She apparently had a call from the Lord to go and teach and she went and taught - at theAutobiography, 147:pose as if they were really the anointed of the Lord; as if they were different from other peopleAutobiography, 162:and again in the Bible the words come "And the Lord said," whereupon some prophet or seer wroteAutobiography, 165:about it. As he was a personal friend of Lord Reading, once Viceroy of India, he was given everyAutobiography, 179:that Christ not only prayed but taught us the Lord's Prayer. To me, also, meditation is a mentalAutobiography, 232:of Moses when he descended from the mount of the Lord and found them falling down before [233] theAutobiography, 295:supreme Head) to those exalted spheres where the Lord of the World works out the divine Plan. ThatBethlehemconcentration upon the historic figure of our Lord and upon His teaching can alone inspire in thisBethlehem, that i:death? "I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord." (Romans, VII, 18-25.) Only through theBethlehem, 42:or the indwelling Christ, and the glory of the Lord can shine forth through the medium of theBethlehem, 53:revelation of Christ. "Philip saith unto him, Lord, shew us the Father, and it sufficeth us. "JesusBethlehem, 63:25t , when we now celebrate the birthday of our Lord'; and he tells us that the night of DecemberBethlehem, 66:the name Mary means "the exalted of the Lord." As one says these words, the famous picture, byBethlehem, 72:seen by the many, and given by the angel of the Lord to the shepherds who were watching in theBethlehem, 75:was taken up by His Mother to the Temple of the Lord and there, for the first time, gave indicationBethlehem, 88:enables us to say, "I lift up my heart unto the Lord." Most people live in their heart nature andBethlehem, 103:- A Pilgrim's Quest for the Absolute, by Lord Conway of Allington, p. 8. This illumination growsBethlehem, 123:It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God." (St. Matt., IV, 5, 6, 7.) It isBethlehem, 126:Satan, for it is written Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve."Bethlehem, 129:ye are called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father ofBethlehem, 132:that Self as it has been spoken by Thee, Mighty Lord; that divine form of Thine, O best of men! "IfBethlehem, 132:of men! "If Thou thinkest it can be seen by me, Lord, Master of union, then reveal to me the SelfBethlehem, 144:Elias, whose name means "the strength of the Lord," stood [145] beside Jesus Christ as theBethlehem, 146:of Transfiguration, revealing the glory of the Lord through the medium of our bodies. BrowningBethlehem, 149:fullness, I, the most ancient, the spirit, the Lord God. The golden-gleaming am I, of form divine.Bethlehem, 150:him. Then answered Peter, and said unto Jesus, Lord, it is good for us to be here: if thou wilt,Bethlehem, 155:for the revelation of deity. John means "the Lord hath spoken," and herein is the mind natureBethlehem, 164:has had revealed to him the glorious form of the Lord. At the close of the revelation God, in theBethlehem, 171:my body before Thee, I seek Thy grace, 0 worthy Lord! As the Father his son, the comrade hisBethlehem, 171:comrade, the beloved his beloved, so deign Thou, Lord, to pardon me! I exult, beholding what wasBethlehem, 171:and my heart trembles with fear; show me, Lord, the former form; Lord of Gods, be gracious,Bethlehem, 171:with fear; show me, Lord, the former form; Lord of Gods, be gracious, upholder of worlds." - TheBethlehem, 175:is the reaction of those who knew and loved the Lord, and the after effects upon the history of theBethlehem, 188:XIX, 30.) We can now "enter into the joy of the Lord." (St. Matt., XXV, 21.) Men are learning toBethlehem, 195:thinkers now regard the Crucifixion of our Lord as the supreme sacrifice made by Him for the sakeBethlehem, 195:Theory,' which states that the Devil was lawful lord of [196] mankind owing to Adam's fall, andBethlehem, 216:one. He recognized the divinity of Christ. "Lord," he said. And he also had a realization of whatBethlehem, 217:He knew joy in its essence, for the "joy of the Lord is our strength," and it is the soul, theBethlehem, 224:ye are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father ofBethlehem, 240:in it,' is preceded by the words 'and though the Lord give you the bread of adversity and the waterBethlehem, 243:to grieve in a matter that is inevitable... This lord of the body dwells ever immortal in the bodyBethlehem, 252:of the man who is awakening to the glory of the Lord within his own heart and immanent in everyBethlehem, 275:consciousness. He can share in the "joy of the Lord" as the wider reaches of consciousness becomeDestiny, 6:to invoke it and for its invocation the great Lord of the World has patiently waited. The call hasDestiny, 14:force and their consequent usefulness to the Lord of the World as He works out His plans of worldDestiny, 17:of certain great outstanding personalities. The Lord of Shamballa in this time of urgency, fromDestiny, 19:but the issues are not yet determined and the Lord of Shamballa, with His assistants and with theDestiny, 23:Plan Life Aspect. Ruler: Sanat Kumara, The Lord of the World, The Ancient of Days, Melchizedek.Destiny, 25:behind all of them stands He Whom we call the Lord of the World. When all these temporaryDestiny, 34:to themselves the glory and the honor of the Lord's elect. The Jew made this mistake and, as anDestiny, 34:for all are equally divine and all are the Lord's elect. Calvin and all who followed his lead madeDestiny, 95:will eventually bring illumination. The Lord of the World, the "Ancient of Days," is releasing newDestiny, 120:task [120] and his ignorance as to the Plan. The Lord of Shamballa and His Helpers have had to waitDestiny, 143:the imminent spiritual Crisis of Approach, the Lord of the Fifth Ray and the Lord of the World haveDestiny, 143:of Approach, the Lord of the Fifth Ray and the Lord of the World have decided temporarily toDestiny, 144:of directing Forces in collaboration with the Lord of the World at Shamballa. Their capacity isDiscipleship1, 62:be always acceptable in thy sight, Oh Soul, my Lord and my Redeemer." [63] Discipleship1, 104:silence with your attention focused upon the Lord of Love - which is the soul. Steady your thoughtDiscipleship1, 158:to you again and yet again, "Let the joy of the Lord be your strength." There is much to be doneDiscipleship1, 176:which those I meet may carry. The Joy of the Lord is my strength, and I develop strength in joy forDiscipleship1, 214:by constantly lifting up your heart unto the Lord of your life, and by constituting yourself a
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