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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LORD

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Discipleship1, 215:whom you serve upon "the Lighted Way of the Lord of Life." You work with human beings and you seekDiscipleship1, 218:of consciousness which radiates from the Lord of Life. Watch your physical strength somewhat andDiscipleship1, 313:"The blazing light within the Temple of the Lord is not for all at the same moment or hour of theDiscipleship1, 337:what you build can be either a temple of the Lord from which the Words of Power can issue forth andDiscipleship1, 362:wide, the disciple serves the purpose of the Lord of Truth. The rain drops on his heart from outDiscipleship1, 378:the first ray nature. It is the great first ray Lord (to use an illuminating simile) who, at theDiscipleship1, 392:with all the other angels, stood and cried: 'Lord of my life, grant me the strength to tread theDiscipleship1, 392:way to peace, the angel stood alone and said: 'Lord of my life, the way of revelation is the way ofDiscipleship1, 392:responsibility, each morn I stand. I cry aloud: 'Lord of my life, how can I do the duty of this dayDiscipleship1, 397:words and the understanding of "the joy of the Lord is your strength" affect my daily life? a. InDiscipleship1, 439:as he is pledged to his great Master, the Lord of Shamballa. He, as you know, will not leave hisDiscipleship1, 459:to the group. Might not the ideas underlying the Lord's Prayer unfold to you with greater clarityDiscipleship1, 460:with the third point and the use of the Lord's Prayer. Instead of pondering on the words of thatDiscipleship1, 565:is Service. Fifth month... Let the glory of the Lord who is my life, be seen. That glory is theDiscipleship1, 605:the entire personality. Ponder next upon the Lord's Prayer as part of your group work. Seek by theDiscipleship1, 675:takes. The soul enters "the playground of the Lord" and plays thereon until he sees the star withDiscipleship1, 675:of God, left playing on the playground of the Lord, make their appeal for light. The cave is longDiscipleship1, 676:the heart. "Enter again the playground of the Lord and this time lead the games." The way upon theDiscipleship1, 685:The Hierarchy is essentially the group of the Lord of the World; it is his Ashram. In thisDiscipleship1, 768:to make itself felt at the third initiation. The Lord of Life himself, the heart center ofDiscipleship1, 768:planet Venus, to Jupiter and thence to the solar Lord himself and on to a point in the Sun, Sirius.Discipleship2, 62:moment or climax of decision on the part of the Lord of the World institutes new law and bringsDiscipleship2, 79:cycle. In the cycle now so near at hand, the Lord of Love will seek to organize the new era alongDiscipleship2, 136:the will of God appear, and thus can the Great Lord who guards the Council Chamber of this sphereDiscipleship2, 136:of the purpose of Shamballa and the will of the Lord of the World. Humanity has now reached a pointDiscipleship2, 137:the great Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World, in Shamballa. This has to beDiscipleship2, 165:[165] can be to the new world religion what the Lord's Prayer has been to Christianity and theDiscipleship2, 202:about them; they are the "Helpers of the Lord of the World," and implement his purposes as they areDiscipleship2, 205:might repeat the statement) of Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World. This great Ashram is headed andDiscipleship2, 209:focused in the Council Chamber of the great Lord, Sanat Kumara. Here is known and embodied theDiscipleship2, 222:on Meditation - Part XIII To sum up: The Lord of the World, through meditation, is carrying forwardDiscipleship2, 223:strictly guarded in the Council Chamber of the Lord of the World; these cycles have reference onlyDiscipleship2, 224:to all through man, and thus the glory of the Lord of Life be seen." Focused intention,Discipleship2, 281:purpose of Sanat Kumara. Then the will of the Lord of the World will stand revealed to him. TheDiscipleship2, 284:is older than the Stanzas of Dzyan: God IS. The Lord for aye stands firm. Being exists alone.Discipleship2, 288:evolutions. d. Under the Law of Sacrifice, the Lord of the World remains ever behind the scenes,Discipleship2, 288:Kumara, the Eternal Youth, the Creator, the Lord of the World. The initiate, on his tiny scale,Discipleship2, 326:of activity in Shamballa. This will enable the Lord of the World to become the Ruler of a SacredDiscipleship2, 339:take to themselves the mysterious functions of a Lord of Karma. It is always difficult to conveyDiscipleship2, 352:and into a closer rapport with the Mind of the Lord of the World. This the disciples and initiatesDiscipleship2, 366:life is also the summation of the life of the Lord of the World, whose self-initiated program,Discipleship2, 383:the Master R. assumed the task of Mahachohan or Lord of Civilization, his Ashram was shifted fromDiscipleship2, 426:step will be the reappearance of the Great Lord, who will act as the lens through which the lightDiscipleship2, 427:and also necessitates the cooperation of the Lord of the World and of the entire Council over whichDiscipleship2, 519:Council, acting under the directing eye of the Lord of the World. [520] Shamballa is the majorDiscipleship2, 564:with the Christ, and through him with the Lord of the World. The Ashrams for which Masters of myDiscipleship2, 567:The astral body, "lifting up the heart unto the Lord" thereby, in reality, ignoring the existenceDiscipleship2, 596:with that dynamic center. The Master R. - as the Lord of Civilization - is also closely involved;Discipleship2, 626:human being and the vestures or vehicles of the Lord Buddha. The whole story of Sublimation, ofDiscipleship2, 648:Disciples - D.P.R. August 1942 I come to Thee, Lord of my Life, and from that point achieved, closeDiscipleship2, 649:lot. Had you not been "close to the feet of the Lord of your Life," you would have reached whatExternalisation, 53:rule of the Hierarchy under the Kingship of the Lord of the World. Rule by the leader of someExternalisation, 77:on our earth, is hid in the knowledge of the Lord of Shamballa, and is unattainable knowledge forExternalisation, 86:(as He is called in the Christian Bible), the Lord of Shamballa, Who is the embodiment of theExternalisation, 107:Holy City. Life Aspect Ruler: Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World. The Ancient of Days.Externalisation, 116:a salutary and changing world consciousness. The Lord of Pain has descended from His throne and isExternalisation, 144:Words of Power, ancient mantrams (such as the Lord's Prayer) and the Great Invocation are onlyExternalisation, 154:connection with the Great Invocation: We know, O Lord of Life and Love, about the need; Touch ourExternalisation, 155:order that good may come. What is applied by the Lord of the World in Shamballa under theExternalisation, 158:divine manifestation. These Forces include the Lord of the World and the Representatives of theExternalisation, 158:of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom; and the Lord of Civilization, the expression of the third Ray ofExternalisation, 160:centers can be related in a similar manner. The Lord of Civilization, the Master R -, representingExternalisation, 160:the Christ representing the Hierarchy and the Lord of the World, linked through the Manu andExternalisation, 162:extra-planetary as is the consciousness of the Lord of the World, and He could then touch certainExternalisation, 164:Humanity itself. Self-consciousness Agent - The Lord of Civilization Expression - Intelligent love,Externalisation, 165:and thereby producing conditions for which the Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, has longExternalisation, 166:emphasizes the fact that the soul of man is a Lord of Sacrifice and of loving persistent Devotion -Externalisation, 173:lies behind the Biblical words, "The joy of the Lord is our strength." "Rise up and fight, Arjuna,"Externalisation, 174:however, be suggested and found useful: "O Lord of Light and Love, come forth and rule the world.Externalisation, 249:stand with massed intent. Let the fiat of the Lord go forth: The end of woe has come! Come forth, OExternalisation, 267:an enlightened consciousness (such as that of a Lord of Liberation) towards humanity produces aExternalisation, 267:problem, because no such move can be made by a Lord of Liberation unless humanity is ready to raiseExternalisation, 274:- The General World Picture Let the Fiat of the Lord go forth: The end of woe has come. The endingExternalisation, 274:this connection, we have the appearance of the Lord of Civilization Who voices and engineers uponExternalisation, 274:upon the physical plane the fiat of the Lord of Liberation and of the Rider from the secret place.Externalisation, 274:by those whose hearts are rightly touched. The Lord of Civilization, the Master R., reached by allExternalisation, 275:the center where God's Love is expressed. The Lord of Civilization will stimulate and prepare theExternalisation, 287:and all nationalities. These Three are: The Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara,Externalisation, 287:Who is gathering His sheep into His fold, the Lord of Love. In these Three, Whose nature is radiantExternalisation, 301:and transmitted by Them is focused through the Lord of the World; They can only be reached by theExternalisation, 303:directed in His activities by the Christ, the Lord of Love. In this way, the energies of bothExternalisation, 304:with the Christ, with the Manu and with the Lord of Civilization, the Master R -; He will act asExternalisation, 358:the world the truths taught by the Buddha, the Lord of Light, and the Christ, the Lord of Love. InExternalisation, 358:Buddha, the Lord of Light, and the Christ, the Lord of Love. In this connection it might be pointedExternalisation, 359:and of emotions - appeared a point of light. The Lord of Light, the Buddha, undertook to focus inExternalisation, 359:of the mental plane - appeared the Christ, the Lord of Love Himself, Who embodied in Himself theExternalisation, 397:of right human relations. Just as the Great Lord of Love and Son of God, the Christ, used as HisExternalisation, 397:will be stepped down through the medium of the Lord of Love and become available to the mass ofExternalisation, 405:there, they have "entered into the joy of the Lord," participated in the mysteries of the kingdomExternalisation, 410:of Enlightenment to the world; He was the Lord of Light. As is always the case, He re-enacted inExternalisation, 418:which will later be given to the race, as The Lord's Prayer was given by the Christ and The GreatExternalisation, 425:upon the inability of the Armies of the Lord to commit the crimes for which the Axis Powers haveExternalisation, 426:can be interpreted as putting the "Armies of the Lord" at a disadvantage. It is this right attitudeExternalisation, 430:conditions, and into slavery. The armies of the Lord stand poised, and victory will be theirs whenExternalisation, 433:inner spiritual Commander of the Armies of the Lord. His is the responsibility of awakening theExternalisation, 438:initiate standing and in collaboration with the Lord of the World. He will thereby deflect theExternalisation, 441:consultation with the Buddha and with the Lord of the World. This great Triangle of Potencies - theExternalisation, 441:World. This great Triangle of Potencies - the Lord of Will or Power, the Lord of Wisdom, and theExternalisation, 441:of Potencies - the Lord of Will or Power, the Lord of Wisdom, and the Lord of Love - are todayExternalisation, 441:of Will or Power, the Lord of Wisdom, and the Lord of Love - are today entirely preoccupied with
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