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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LORD

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Psychology1, 24:which our Earth plays only a minor part. 4. The Lord of Harmony, Beauty and Art. The main functionPsychology1, 24:that which is the originating idea. This fourth Lord of creative expression will resume activityPsychology1, 24:of creative art in all its branches. 5. The Lord of Concrete Knowledge and Science. This is a GreatPsychology1, 25:the mind of the creative [25] Deity, just as the Lord of the second ray is in close touch with thePsychology1, 25:in power, just as the influence of the sixth Lord is waning. 6. The Lord of Devotion and Idealism.Psychology1, 25:influence of the sixth Lord is waning. 6. The Lord of Devotion and Idealism. This solar Deity is aPsychology1, 25:and a divine sincerity are the qualities of this Lord, and set their impress upon all that is foundPsychology1, 25:at this time. The influence of this sixth Lord is now passing out. 7. The Lord of Ceremonial OrderPsychology1, 25:of this sixth Lord is now passing out. 7. The Lord of Ceremonial Order or Magic is now coming intoPsychology1, 26:interrelation between (for [26] instance) the Lord of the seventh ray and the seventh plane, thePsychology1, 27:manifestation by the will and desire of some ray Lord, are part of His body of manifestation.Psychology1, 40:words: "Let the disciple know the nature of his Lord of Love. Seven the aspects of the love of God;Psychology1, 48:of God, embodied in a Life which is that of the Lord of the first ray. The Lords of Love and ofPsychology1, 48:The Monad is Life, the sustaining force, a Lord of persevering and ceaseless devotion to thePsychology1, 48:a seen and determined objective. The soul is a Lord of love and wisdom, whilst the personality is aPsychology1, 48:of love and wisdom, whilst the personality is a Lord of knowledge [49] and of intelligent activity.Psychology1, 50:of God in such a way that the Temple of the Lord is indeed known in its true nature as that whichPsychology1, 52:said of this time that then "the temple of the Lord will take on an added glory and the BuildersPsychology1, 63:and loose again. I, the Destroyer, am. This ray Lord is not yet in full expression, except as HePsychology1, 64:through the gateway of Death." The intent of the Lord of the first ray is to stand behind His sixPsychology1, 64:if we study some of the names by which the ray Lord is called: The Lord of Death The Opener of thePsychology1, 64:the names by which the ray Lord is called: The Lord of Death The Opener of the Door The LiberatorPsychology1, 64:Form The Power that touches and withdraws The Lord of the Burning Ground The Will that breaks intoPsychology1, 64:High The qualities and characteristics of this Lord Who brings release may be gathered from thePsychology1, 65:- clear vision. Seek out the gentle way, Oh Lord of Power. Wait for thy brother on the path ofPsychology1, 65:nature and on all planes. The energy of this ray Lord brings about the death of an ant or of aPsychology1, 66:down the ages. Some of the names of this ray Lord which convey his purpose are as follows: ThePsychology1, 66:are as follows: The Displayer of Glory The Lord of Eternal Love The Cosmic Magnet The Giver ofPsychology1, 66:Quality - love divine. Let the glory of the Lord shine forth. Let there be radiant light as well asPsychology1, 68:profitable and useful. Some of the names of the Lord of the third ray indicate His use of force andPsychology1, 68:are as follows: The Keeper of the Records The Lord of Memory The Unifier of the lower Four ThePsychology1, 68:Four The Interpreter of That Which is seen The Lord of Balance The Divine Separator ThePsychology1, 68:veils and yet reveals The Dispenser of Time The Lord of Space The Universal Mind The Threefold WickPsychology1, 69:The qualities which characterize this ray Lord might be enumerated in the following phrases. WePsychology1, 69:His form are one. Reveal this fact, Oh sovereign Lord of form. God and His form are one. Negate thePsychology1, 69:the physical plane. Produce the garment of the Lord; set forth the robe of many colors. ThenPsychology1, 70:or buddhic plane) within the temple of the Lord. He has found a measure of light, but in that lightPsychology1, 71:on his way to achieve the greater synthesis. The Lord of the fourth ray has many names whichPsychology1, 71:consideration. In less than a hundred years this Lord of harmonizing power will have more influencePsychology1, 71:the Highest of the Four The Trumpet of the Lord. The aphorisms connected with this fourth ray arePsychology1, 75:the purpose back of all the acts of this great Lord of Knowledge. Before enumerating the names ofPsychology1, 77:each other. Some of the names given to the Lord of this ray are as follows: The Revealer of TruthPsychology1, 77:will show how potent and important is this ray Lord. These six aphorisms were chanted by His sixPsychology1, 80:this beneficent yet somewhat violently energized Lord of a ray are as follows: The Negator ofPsychology1, 80:the Twelve Curiously enough, this sixth ray Lord has always been a [81] loved enigma to His sixPsychology1, 81:one occasion when They met "under the eye of the Lord" to interchange Their plans for united,Psychology1, 83:Ceremonial Order or Magic "Let the Temple of the Lord be built", the seventh great Angel cried.Psychology1, 84:valleys of the land and seek the temple of the Lord. Give them the light. Unveil the inner shrine,Psychology1, 84:and through the work of all the craftsmen of the Lord extend the temple's walls and thus irradiatePsychology1, 85:worker and thus aid in the magical work of the Lord of the Temple. The names whereby this ray LordPsychology1, 85:Lord of the Temple. The names whereby this ray Lord is known are many, and their meaning is ofPsychology1, 85:the Form The Bestower of Light from the Second Lord The Manipulator of the Wand The Watcher in thePsychology1, 85:of God The One Who lifts to Life The Lord of Death The One Who feeds the Sacred Fire The WhirlingPsychology1, 86:of the Will The Revealer of Beauty This ray Lord has a peculiar power on earth and on the physicalPsychology1, 86:the power of thought (thus cooperating with the Lord of the fifth ray and on the physical plane,Psychology1, 86:when He is recognized as aiding the building Lord of the second ray and utilizing the energies ofPsychology1, 86:the second ray and utilizing the energies of the Lord of concrete thought. The aphorisms embodyingPsychology1, 87:into the purpose. Build towards beauty, brother Lord. Make all colors bright and clear. See to thePsychology1, 124:groups of devas are a band of servers to the Lord, and their special work is to contact men and toPsychology1, 133:the worlds came into ordered being, and the Lord of the Ray of Ceremonial Magic brings about thePsychology1, 133:of Deity may grow in power and beauty. Thus the Lord of Power or Will performs the task ofPsychology1, 133:path of the planets, and the path of man. The Lord of Adaptability and the Intellect brings intoPsychology1, 134:taste" or share in that great happening, and the Lord of the Ray of Devotion and Idealism shall seePsychology1, 134:of His work and be "satisfied." Also the Lord of the fourth Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art will addPsychology1, 134:of the divine omniscience), then will the Lord of Concrete Science, Who is the embodiment of thePsychology1, 134:of the truth, as it essentially exists, and the Lord of the second ray will bring to a conclusionPsychology1, 142:Builders, Who produce the radiant temple of the Lord, under the guidance of the Mind of the GreatPsychology1, 151:the energy, will, love and purpose of the Lord of the solar system, as that Lord in His turnPsychology1, 151:purpose of the Lord of the solar system, as that Lord in His turn embodies an aspect of the energy,Psychology1, 152:Who constitutes our own particular planetary Lord or Life. I should like at this point to makePsychology1, 159:and so embrace and express the glory of the Lord. The second ray is the ray of the Master Builder.Psychology1, 221:the Kingdoms in Nature The work of the seventh Lord and of the first Lord is essentially the workPsychology1, 221:The work of the seventh Lord and of the first Lord is essentially the work of the architect and ofPsychology1, 228:why, in this present period of transition, the Lord of the seventh ray is taking over the controlPsychology1, 231:efforts of the earnest follower of the Great Lord. Above all else the work is handicapped by thePsychology1, 241:the scenes), but behind Them both stands now the Lord of the fifth Ray of Knowledge andPsychology1, 258:in a unit of life in form. A son of God, a Lord of dedicated and directed Will, is born, and thePsychology1, 264:until they blend the five great forces of the Lord of Magic. When thus they work as one, in unityPsychology1, 281:of His disciples and lovers by the Great Lord of Life. This over-shadowing will call forth aPsychology1, 285:scale, a true "lifting up of the heart unto the Lord," and a steady turning of the eyes towards thePsychology1, 289:and thereby the beautifying of the Temple of the Lord will be tremendously accelerated. In thePsychology1, 344:great plane they thus control the battle. "The Lord of Harmony, Who sits on high, pours all HisPsychology1, 345:of mind. There they fortify the temple of the Lord, illumine it with light and glory, and then theyPsychology1, 345:four will chant in unison the glory of their Lord, the beauty of the love of God, the wonder of thePsychology1, 347:the power to create. Then the ray of the fifth Lord will be withdrawn from the major cyclePsychology1, 363:of the preparation [363] made by the sixth great Lord of Idealism for the work of the seventh LordPsychology1, 363:Lord of Idealism for the work of the seventh Lord of Ceremonial. Psychology1, 365:of the divine Life. Thus is the temple of the Lord built by the [365] ceremonial of the Builders.Psychology1, 369:treatise in which I dealt with the seventh ray Lord, with His names, and with His purpose. WhenPsychology1, 396:They brought their gifts as offerings to the Lord of life, who needed not their gifts. They soughtPsychology1, 397:yourselves, because you are disciples of the Lord, you shall have no share in peace, no sure andPsychology1, 397:enter, free, accepted by the Servants of the Lord, and know, forever, peace." Psychology1, 417:is but Me!' " THIRD RAY "Let the Army of the Lord, responsive to the word, cease their activities.Psychology2, 35:ways which stretch before the disciples of the Lord of the World. They must all be trodden beforePsychology2, 37:up and fight, and reconcile the armies of the Lord. There is no battle. Force the conflict toPsychology2, 37:peace of all; form out of two, one army of the Lord; let victory crown the efforts of the BlessedPsychology2, 38:threads that weave the [38] outer garment of the Lord, and found the many ways there be, leading toPsychology2, 46:'Harmony is restored and the beauty of the Lord of Love shines forth. Such is the Plan. Thus is thePsychology2, 57:attributes of marble, that the Temple of the Lord must be built, in conformity to the design orPsychology2, 58:begin to build consciously the Temple of the Lord, out of the conditioned and prepared material
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