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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LORDS

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Psychology1, 48:minor rays. The Secret Doctrine speaks of the Lords of Knowledge and of Love, and also of the LordsPsychology1, 48:Lords of Knowledge and of Love, and also of the Lords of Ceaseless Devotion. We might, in orderPsychology1, 48:will of the Logos expresses itself through the Lords of Ceaseless Devotion. Here devotion is notPsychology1, 48:which is that of the Lord of the first ray. The Lords of Love and of Knowledge are the two greatPsychology1, 49:day each will do so. None are as yet manifesting Lords of love, but they sense the ideal and arePsychology1, 49:striving towards its expression. None are as yet Lords of ceaseless will and none realize as yetPsychology1, 62:argument, being incapable of proof. [62] All the Lords of the rays create a body of expression, andPsychology1, 86:world period His relation with the other ray Lords may undergo change, but at this time His workPsychology1, 142:the mental purpose and life direction of the ray Lords, Whose purpose is immutable, Whose vision isPsychology1, 263:Atlantean Race - sixth ray The devotion of the Lords of Love. The Aryan Race - third ray ThePsychology1, 263:The Final Race - first ray The will of the Lords of Sacrifice. The two earlier races were governedPsychology1, 264:to humanity, the Old Commentary says: "The Lords of the fifth great ray of mind have sent us on ourPsychology1, 264:great ray of mind have sent us on our way. The Lords of the sixth great ray forced us to suffer inPsychology1, 264:it too, and through our deep devotion learn. The Lords of the third great ray bring us, throughPsychology1, 265:dies; is lost to sight. But the five great [265] Lords unite their forces. In fellowship sublime,Psychology1, 347:far as mankind is concerned, between the two ray Lords of Harmony and of Knowledge. It is again inPsychology1, 419:Concrete Knowledge or Science Planet: Venus. The Lords of mind came from Venus. Day: Friday.Psychology2, 35:dwell then in that place where dwell the Blessed Lords, and from that place go forth to "illuminePsychology2, 92:to the goal. These were and are ourselves. The "Lords of Knowledge and Compassion and of ceaselessPsychology2, 290:much talk anent the various elementals or lunar lords which compose, constitute and control thePsychology2, 3o8:nature, the force of the so-called "three lunar Lords" (the triple energies of the integratedPsychology2, 685:attempting a closer cooperation with the Great Lords in preparation for the opportunity to bePsychology2, 686:cooperation we are called. Should the two Great Lords and the focused and attentive HierarchyPsychology2, 686:under the group composed of the two Lords, the twenty-one chohans and the Masters of the sevenRaysguide all his members, imposing upon the "lunar lords" of the physical body a new rhythm and habitRays, 8:increasing dominance the lower man. The "lunar lords" will become increasingly powerful and theRays, 9:potent, until the dominant voice of its 'lunar lords' will stifle all other voices and the man beRays, 9:not self-conscious, existences. These four lunar lords constitute what the Ageless Wisdom teachingRays, 10:in the appeal and the demand of these lunar lords to attract him. He stands midway between theRays, 10:the solar Lord upon the aggregate of the lunar lords, they were driving these lives onward toRays, 13:the Lord of the World, our planetary Logos. The Lords of Liberation, focused in Their high place,Rays, 68:Hierarchy, under the aegis of the three Great Lords (the Manu, the Mahachohan and the Christ) inRays, 70:of the highest degree - such as the three Great Lords - have the right to invoke alone andRays, 71:strength of that goodwill. The second ("Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth...") can, inRays, 76:however, is to invoke at this time the Lords of Liberation and the Spirit of Peace. These are theRays, 92:and the Lord of Civilization. These three Great Lords thus represent the three divine Aspects inRays, 92:Aspects in the Hierarchy; They, with the four Lords of Karma, form the seven Who control the wholeRays, 100:of life which form the bodies of the lunar lords (as The Secret Doctrine calls them) which in theirRays, 118:at Shamballa and work in full unanimity with the Lords of Karma. These qualities and gifts concernRays, 130:the Members of the Hierarchy to the three Great Lords - the Christ, the Manu and the Mahachohan.Rays, 130:the Manu and the Mahachohan. Through these three Lords pours the energy which streams fromRays, 150:before the Throne; by one of the seven Ray Lords. Each of these rays has its seven subrays whichRays, 167:of humanity, of the Hierarchy) and the great Lords of Shamballa, working through the three majorRays, 180:Activity, Who are the cosmic Prototypes of the Lords of the three major rays, but not in the senseRays, 268:four Great Lives - through the medium of the Lords of the Seven Rays. Under the Law of Analogy,Rays, 269:three planets which are connected with the three Lords of the three rays and by means of which TheyRays, 335:violently stimulated through the action of the Lords of Liberation Who have swept into planetaryRays, 386:around the nucleus of light, started by the ray Lords much earlier. The point of light and of willRays, 410:and this fact confronts the three Great Lords Who rule the Hierarchy with a definite problem. ToRays, 411:then; the word has gone forth to our three Great Lords - the Manu, the Christ and the Mahachohan -Rays, 419:The effect of these intentions of the ray Lords or Lives upon our planet is, from Their angle,Rays, 420:the intention and the life purposes of the ray Lords. Many first ray souls find their way on toRays, 421:the type or quality of the intentions of the ray Lords which the Master of the sixth initiation hasRays, 426:sons of men. In the Hierarchy of our planet the "Lords of Compassion" are numerically greater thanRays, 429:and cruel and are not yet entirely over. The Lords of Karma (four in number) are today workingRays, 440:with Humanity. He works through the three Great Lords of the Eternal Ashram of Sanat Kumara, butRays, 481:of their own centers who are definitely 'Lords of Yoga' and can - through the conscious will ofRays, 568:of a Ray." You will find much about these Ray Lords in the earlier volumes of A Treatise on theRays, 568:life within our planetary ring-pass-not. These Lords of the Rays are the creating and sustainingRays, 705:that from which all Masters of the Wisdom and Lords of Compassion emerge: materialism, cruelty andRays, 724:You have oft been told that there are four Lords of Karma associated with the Council Chamber atRays, 732:or distortions of divine truth for which the Lords of Cosmic Evil are responsible. When in earlyRays, 733:by Them under the influence of the seven Ray Lords; the Ray Lords are embodied livingness qualifiedRays, 733:the influence of the seven Ray Lords; the Ray Lords are embodied livingness qualified by the sevenRays, 734:and Shamballa, so this much higher group of Ray Lords function in the deepest cosmic meditationRays, 754:endless death and hides the countenances of the Lords of wicked pride and hateful lust" wasRays, 762:to the lips of those who drink, by four great Lords of Karma. The draught within that cup must allRays, 762:the cup with a purer, sweeter one. The seven Lords of cosmic Love await the hour of filling. TheRays, 762:work. They release the cup of Karma. The tender Lords of Cosmic Love then mix another draught, andRays, 763:to the chanting of the Word by the great Deva Lords. Hush all earth vibration, still the restlessRays, 766:door is there, unseen, unknown, watched by the Lords of Flame. Deep in the heart of yellow, closeTelepathy, 120:impressing Agents and that the three Great [120] Lords are the "impressed Recipients" at anTelepathy, 132:coincided with the advent or the arrival of the Lords of Flame from the alter ego of our Earth, the
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