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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOSE

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Magic, 627:that he will fail of recognition and thus lose much that would otherwise be his. As time hasMagic, 640:of you may so work, and that each of you may lose sight of self in the realization of world need,Meditation, 257:touch the glory at a lofty moment only again to lose the contact and to sink back again into theMeditation, 267:group color. Then he will relax, drop back and lose the contact. His bodies are not refined enoughPatanjali, 13:activity are controlling factors. He must not lose sight of the fact that we are [14] dealing withPatanjali, 26:senses put a man in contact, they continuously lose their hold over him; the time eventually comesPsychology1, xix:to the Higher Self that endeavor will be made to lose sight of self in service - a service to bePsychology1, 92:to imagine, to build images and pictures, and to lose himself and his dreadful present in a dreamPsychology1, 122:will become scarce and the turquoise will lose its hue. Flowers of violet color, of lavender and ofPsychology1, 153:the concrete mind and the rationalizing nature lose themselves in the realized complexities andPsychology1, 161:They may gain thereby, and in any case they lose nothing. [162] The four rays of attribute, whichPsychology1, 184:objective together into a new world. Death will lose its terrors, and that particular fear willPsychology1, 188:a new day, in which you face new opportunity. Lose sight of your own affairs, your petty sorrows,Psychology1, 326:with the secret of translation. Students must lose sight of the foolish and erroneous idea thatPsychology2, 97:of conduct and thus sacrifice another way, to lose in order eventually to gain, - such is thePsychology2, 117:individual service. As the individual aspirants lose sight of self in service, and as they arrivePsychology2, 135:I forfeit rest, and, in the stress of pain, I lose myself and find Myself and enter into peace. ToPsychology2, 193:rapport with the inner sources of power; Never lose sight of the group objective, whatever thatPsychology2, 238:or from what point His vision can be seen? Some lose themselves in thought processes andPsychology2, 512:phases of civilization be recovered and humanity lose its depression and its unhappiness? The wholePsychology2, 543:the heart. He will learn to realize that he must lose his sense of the Beloved in the knowledgeRays, 731:love unduly that which is material and hate to lose contact with the form aspect of nature do theyReappearance, 168:of intruding. They, therefore, preserve silence, lose opportunity and never discover how readySoul, 84:a unified Reality into parts, and in so doing we lose our sense of proportion and over-emphasize
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