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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOSES

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Bethlehem, 93:more still to be revealed, or else past history loses its point; ancient beliefs lose theirDestiny, 41:related to each other and how easily the higher loses its hold and the lower comes intoDestiny, 148:materially, when any civilization and culture loses its sense of spiritual values and respondsDiscipleship1, 117:more sensitive to my vibration than you are; he loses much, however, by an imposed impersonality toDiscipleship1, 451:stand no more but lapses into unconsciousness, loses his reason, or dies, so it can be equally trueDiscipleship1, 675:Stage III. The way of red desire fails. It loses its allure. The playground of the sons of God noDiscipleship1, 691:and become Masters themselves and he never loses sight of this objective. You, as disciples, have,Externalisation, 83:words that have been often used: by holding, man loses; by relinquishing, he gains; by seeking toExternalisation, 268:progresses upon the Path he forgets worship; he loses all sense of fear, and adoration fails toFire, 131:more to desire; the Ego, or the thinking entity, loses interest therefore in the form, and turnsFire, 572:all that lives or is. In like manner our Logos loses not His identity, even though He forms part ofFire, 583:form, [583] and at the moment of perfection loses its usefulness; it crystallizes, breaks, and theGlamour, 186:however, when put into words and word forms, loses something of its divine clarity. Much of theHealing, 419:more to desire; the Ego, or the thinking entity, loses interest, therefore, in form, and turns hisHealing, 594:to that which is below, but that which is below loses its identity in that which is above," as theHercules, 32:of desire. Little by little form-life loses its attraction until, having passed around and aroundHercules, 132:work. If he rises towards the ideal world, he loses touch with common things; if he descends to theHercules, 132:to the level of materialistic activity, he loses the precious perceptions that are the mainspringHercules, 149:air in the light of reason and compassion, it loses its power. The task of translating [150] theHercules, 200:talking of himself and pushing himself forward, loses sight of himself in the goal and silentlyMagic, 160:the individual astral body is the center and loses its separate existence. The simile of theMagic, 195:which initiates a man into his group life. He loses the sense of separateness, and finally emergesMagic, 468:sun. Stage III The way of red desire fails. It loses its allure. The playground of the sons of GodMagic, 623:of thought-forms, and knows it not. Thus he loses his way and wanders from his original intent, andMagic, 637:His vision becomes fogged and misty and he "loses the sense of touch" as it is called in the oldMeditation, 349:calm and non-accusing; he cares not if he loses friends, relatives, children, the popularity oncePatanjali, 249:the process. In contemplation, the yogi loses sight of: His brain consciousness or the physicalPsychology1, 190:the true, intended perspective. If the reader loses himself in the mass of possible analyses andPsychology2, 29:the soul from identification with form until it loses itself and its own identity in a higherPsychology2, 104:personality becomes identified with the soul and loses its separate quality and position. All thatPsychology2, 353:for responsiveness to his environment, he thus loses sight of self and the light breaks in. It isPsychology2, 372:blindly after his Master, his chosen ideal and loses himself in the chaos of his uncontrolled [373]Psychology2, 558:have distinguished him begin to fade out. He loses these lower powers and has not yet developed theRays, 261:by the mind and implemented by the personality, loses its hold upon the aspirant. Later again, andRays, 502:of bridge building. He never for one second loses his sense of conscious identity. He is aware ofRays, 700:higher mind or the level of abstract thought - loses its control over the initiate and isTelepathy, 175:of Decision, "the Monad guards two secrets, but loses three [176] when it takes control and the
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