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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOST

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Astrology, 105:luminaries fade out. Just as the personality is lost sight of in the light of the soul, the solarAstrology, 114:today studies them. Humanity, [114] having lost the consciousness which permits contact with theAstrology, 132:for the personality or form side of life is lost to sight in the radiance of the Sun, the soul. TheAstrology, 173:ambition. The man can then say with truth "Lost am I in light supernal, [174] yet on that light IAstrology, 196:art of "refacing and recovering that which is lost" is developed. This eventually brings a man backAstrology, 317:truth and the real beauty of the theme have been lost to sight. Cancer is one point of the wateryAstrology, 333:Cancer visions life in Leo The blind unit is lost The unit awakes to that which is around The WholeAstrology, 342:mass service instead of being involved and lost in the mass. The power of Saturn in this signAstrology, 343:for unity, freedom and release. Some are lost in the illusion and know not what is reality andAstrology, 368:and governing the tendency to fluidity, to lost motion and to misdirected change. I dealt with muchAstrology, 401:speaking, that the effect of Mars is lost in the larger whole. It "adds to the glamor and confusionAstrology, 432:blend their light and make it six (refers to the lost Pleiad, A.A.B.) and yet the seven still areAstrology, 654:I reach the goal and see another. Capricorn - Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turnAstrology, 667:Orpheus seeks in the kingdom of Pluto, his lost soul. Krishna rescues from Pluto his sixAtom, 55:the most vital part of the concept is lost sight of, and we must look elsewhere for a truerAtom, 116:and to equip our mental body, is ever lost; it is all something which we are adding to the total weAtom, 146:of one and the same great life, but have lost much time in endeavoring to prove each other wrong,Atom, 156:sisters, and supposed by some to be the little lost Pleiad. The Eastern teachers say that in theAutobiography, 20:in which our many, many toys were kept. We were lost for quite a while and nearly suffocated, [21]Autobiography, 23:memory whilst things of greater importance seem lost to recollection. [24] One wonders what it isAutobiography, 45:a firm determination that I was going to save lost souls, I set about doing something which IAutobiography, 74:One of them is still my friend although I have lost sight of all the rest during the forty yearsAutobiography, 76:a wide range and exceedingly well trained. I lost it in singing in smoke filled rooms. I suppose IAutobiography, 80:days and months, all told, on the ocean. I have lost count of how many times I have crossed theAutobiography, 92:up to the end but I have an idea that I had lost my punch. All I can remember was the tremendousAutobiography, 123:a stockbroker. I knew enough of theology to have lost my faith in theological interpretations and IAutobiography, 130:mind, Mrs. Evans, we here call you 'the diamond lost in the mud'." I found that full compensationAutobiography, 204:on this point. But I often regretted my lost hours of sleep. The three girls never gave me any realAutobiography, 211:on and when I got up to my office I found the lost photograph lying on my desk. There was evidentlyBethlehem, 7:to the lives of His followers have been lost to sight in the undue importance attached to certainBethlehem, 7:the historical Christ, and thus fighting, have lost sight of His message of love to all beings.Bethlehem, 8:lives. In our myopic study of the letter we have lost the significance of the Word itself. We needBethlehem, 29:sufferings." (Phil., III, 10.) Self must be lost to sight in service. Service is rapidly becomingBethlehem, 37:is not to say that Christianity has therefore lost its historical foundation. The work whichBethlehem, 37:by a WORD which is known among them as the "Lost Word." When that Word is finally spoken humanityBethlehem, 64:symbols associated with them came into being, is lost in the night of time. They have existed inBethlehem, 118:distant date - in humanity itself. This is the "lost Word" of the Masonic tradition. OrientalBethlehem, 121:and financial stringency may re-establish a lost sense of values and enrich the heart withBethlehem, 177:of the story and their highest meaning have been lost. Two things emerge, however, from theBethlehem, 184:and the entire constellation is enveloped and lost to sight in the radiant glory of the sun. AboutBethlehem, 190:the West have forgotten the Transfiguration and lost touch with divinity, and we should now standBethlehem, 202:in the doctrine that every man is irretrievably lost unless he is "saved" in the orthodox sense ofBethlehem, 210:new truths concerning love and service Christ lost his life. Canon Streeter tells us that "theBethlehem, 212:the dead. We have regarded half the world as lost and only the Christian believer as saved, yet allBethlehem, 213:the symbolism of which has been so disastrously lost in theological practice. The keynote of thatBethlehem, 232:whole trend of their thought. All that had been lost of confidence and hope and purpose wasBethlehem, 232:danger. When Jesus was crucified they had lost the last glimmer of hope that he might prove to beBethlehem, 245:on the evolutionary ladder, and His humanity was lost to sight in the divinity which He expressed.Bethlehem, 247:that those whom we love and value are not lost to us. We seek to share with them some state ofBethlehem, 263:stage of individualism; we have temporarily lost sight of the deeper truths, the mystical values,Bethlehem, 270:never Had birth in you yourself, then were you lost for ever; [271] And if within yourself it isBethlehem, 281:of those men and women everywhere who have lost sight of their own individual salvation and hope ofDestiny, 30:into a state of bewilderment. They feel entirely lost, are gripped by the idea that life holds forDestiny, 35:who did not think as they did are regarded as lost. When the Jew and the narrow-minded religiousDestiny, 40:simplicity which is in Christ. Theologians have lost (if they ever possessed it) the "mind that isDestiny, 40:of some dogma, formulated by men who have lost their sense of proportion (and consequently their,Destiny, 44:import of the movement is in danger of being lost. Spiritualism, in its lowest and material aspect,Destiny, 49:main objectives and tasks. This must never be lost to sight. Much could be written about theDestiny, 113:a form that unfortunately the original idea is lost, the primal ideal is destroyed and the devoteeDestiny, 113:ideal than by the ideal itself. Thus the idea is lost in the ideal and the ideal, in its turn, inDiscipleship1, 15:from the subjective and spiritual world are lost and not registered and recorded. You will find itDiscipleship1, 25:effort becomes inevitable and there is no lost motion. It is the partial realization of the PlanDiscipleship1, 27:of the sense of responsibility, producing lost motion and the emphasis of the non-essential. TheDiscipleship1, 28:but neither should there be any waste time or lost motion. It will become apparent to you that muchDiscipleship1, 78:my egotism. I learnt through that failure but I lost much time from the standpoint of usefulDiscipleship1, 84:understood. The ordinary connotation has largely lost its significance through wrong emphasis. TheDiscipleship1, 99:and self-discipline. If you have never lost it (though many disciples have) seek to force thatDiscipleship1, 167:a sense of urgency. This will [167] negate all lost motion and will permit no opportunity to slide.Discipleship1, 186:on the inner side and that none of it has been lost motion or waste of time. It has been for you aDiscipleship1, 212:of those forces from the astral plane as being lost and merged in an ocean of intelligent love. OnDiscipleship1, 224:and brother of mine, the personality must be lost to sight in the "glory of the One." [225] Need IDiscipleship1, 363:There is no time these fateful days for that lost effort which is connoted by too close aDiscipleship1, 551:who have transcended selfish aspiration and have lost sight of their own progress in the desire toDiscipleship1, 563:and deeds of other disciples and thus time is lost that could be more constructively employed. DoDiscipleship1, 563:Ask A. A. B. She knows the meaning of those lost hours and can help you there. Remember, also,Discipleship1, 577:the will upon the immediate duty and be not lost in the mazes of possibility. Of your own freeDiscipleship1, 629:stands, but you are suspicious of it and have lost interest in it and that is a great step.Discipleship1, 648:been dissipated and the vision itself has been lost to sight in accomplishment and identification.Discipleship1, 650:impediments and hindrances, and consequently lost time. I realize that there have been times whenDiscipleship1, 652:shines forth through me." 6th month - "May I be lost to sight, and only the radiance and the restDiscipleship1, 654:which you thus struggle is oft forgotten. It is lost to sight in the dramatic picture you have ofDiscipleship1, 676:in the inmost depths of conscious being, their lost estate of liberty eats like a canker. Pain,Discipleship1, 678:use the fire of mind during the early stage are lost within a light illusory. "Fierce grows theDiscipleship1, 773:has swung out beyond space and time; he has lost all self-interest and is a focused point ofDiscipleship2, 67:his steps and admit the reality of the time lost - lost in the moment of humanity's greatest need.Discipleship2, 67:steps and admit the reality of the time lost - lost in the moment of humanity's greatest need. YetDiscipleship2, 101:rightly oriented attitude. Thus time will not be lost; you can - if you so choose, each and all ofDiscipleship2, 235:was fostered and group understanding was lost. Maybe - owing to the work of the Brothers ofDiscipleship2, 236:much time, effort and spiritual energy would be lost. Therefore, we must assume (if these premisesDiscipleship2, 325:in previous lives. No time, therefore, need be lost, and there is today a constant series ofDiscipleship2, 351:nothing hitherto developed or gained is ever lost, and the quality of devotion is still potentlyDiscipleship2, 674:us has forgotten the difficulties encountered or lost our horror of glamor; we are therefore notDiscipleship2, 684:worded that much of its import might be lost, and in making our disciples aware of their personalEducation, 16:reality and the right significance is entirely lost. All that we have, however, emerging slowly andEducation, 47:that his relation to the whole is entirely lost. Yet the value of the individual and the existenceEducation, 57:of humanity, which is long and varied and lost in the speculative indications of the esotericistsEducation, 72:considered, and in this way there will be no lost motion; the boy or girl will meet withEducation, 87:our teachers differently and much time will be lost as we grope for the new and better ways,Externalisation, 61:integrity and work undismayed. All is not yet lost. The steadiness of those who know God's PlanExternalisation, 65:group work. The lesson of patience has not been lost and I would remind the group members that if
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