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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOT

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Astrology, 546:world dislike and decadent forms will make the lot of the German people one of great tragedy. InAtom, 72:of the old philosophies seem to be shaken. Our lot is cast in one of the most difficult periods ofAutobiography, 13:Grouper was present as leader and there were a lot of people eager to testify to their wickednessAutobiography, 33:it is quite forgotten. All I remember is a lot of laughter and noise and much friendship. Maybe IAutobiography, 36:mistake on the part of beginners and I see a lot of it today in connection with various occultAutobiography, 46:time; I had met many people; I had traveled a lot. I forget how often I have crossed the EnglishAutobiography, 47:not seem reasonable, and I think has led to a lot of trouble. It is a happy thing when friendshipAutobiography, 54:her entire life in an attempt to ameliorate the lot of "Tommy Atkins" and ran her homes along veryAutobiography, 54:who became my friends and who helped me a lot to adjust myself to the changed environment - EdithAutobiography, 62:lots as to who should take me home and if the lot fell on a drinking man, he was carefullyAutobiography, 62:spinster, and how I loved it! The canteen lot used to come to the room every evening to see me. IAutobiography, 65:talked about gambling and racing; they drank a lot of liquor; they played cards and - worse thanAutobiography, 66:nice to me. One of them later sent me a lot of religious books for one of the Soldiers Homes.Autobiography, 78:I really never did believe in hell, and a lot of the men orthodox from the Christian point of view,Autobiography, 85:might possibly be right? I knew there were a lot of nice people who did not think as I did andAutobiography, 89:which need debunking and which has misled a lot of very good people. We learn to be Masters byAutobiography, 126:It seemed to me that God was keeping a lot of statistics. I consulted a theologian in the seminaryAutobiography, 129:going through the gate but, after all, I'd had a lot of experience in handling men and little byAutobiography, 142:unless the mind is developed and that has been a lot of the trouble. The mass of the people do notAutobiography, 151:who am I that I should be exempt from the common lot. And this same argument applies to manyAutobiography, 154:diet, they were not a particularly healthy lot, and I found, also, that the more rigid andAutobiography, 160:he sacrificed when he chose to throw in his lot with mine. The children adored him and do to thisAutobiography, 184:to block what they wanted to do. I learnt a lot during this short cycle of years and have found itAutobiography, 197:the home or community in [197] which their lot is cast. Because of this we have active students whoAutobiography, 203:was with us and although there was an awful lot of housework to be done the girls were gettingAutobiography, 206:of 1000. In time, however, we decided that a lot of these people who occupied chairs in myAutobiography, 208:write and say, 'I've just had a present of a lot of new dresses and I simply can't wear all I have.Autobiography, 223:kinds of vices and evil were cultivated and a lot of those who practiced these undesirable modes ofAutobiography, 298:of social activities and obligations, as was the lot of such young ladies, her Master came to her.Bethlehem, 29:undergoing of painful experiences is ever the lot of the individual disciple. It is becomingBethlehem, 36:to those tests and trials which are always the lot of the disciple preparing for initiation. ForBethlehem, 51:rail, by steamship and by airplane is today the lot of everyone. Groups of people in many countriesBethlehem, 77:the home circle and in the little town where His lot was cast, is it not possible that He wouldBethlehem, 165:the world of spiritual values is ever the lot of those who are. This, Christ faced, and yet "HeDestiny, 16:plan. I would also like to state that the lot of a first ray disciple is hard and difficult. ThereDestiny, 16:the issue. It simply makes your individual lot and difficulties harder. [17] I would also remindDiscipleship1, 156:is no life, at this time, without its difficult lot to bear, and what matter what it is? Love all.Discipleship1, 275:to those, for instance, with whom your daily lot is cast. They need help. Give them of that helpDiscipleship1, 310:successfully carried forward, which falls to the lot of all who achieve the great Initiations,Discipleship1, 314:habit and right desire, to all with whom his lot is cast. To this difficult task your soul is nowDiscipleship1, 419:Freedom from difficulty will never be your lot. Would you have it otherwise? Loneliness grows asDiscipleship1, 519:effect upon all you contact, or with whom your lot is cast. Work ever along the line of soulDiscipleship1, 523:to trust the souls of those with whom your lot is cast... I will give you the following eightDiscipleship1, 535:and right obligations to those with whom your lot is cast, but you should also have definite timesDiscipleship1, 587:group [587] with which you choose to cast your lot and let the other be in the outer world whereDiscipleship1, 600:brother, and how you would like me to save you a lot of trouble and direct your way, and give youDiscipleship1, 658:of these personality things matter and that a lot of them will fade out when your preoccupationsDiscipleship1, 663:added to renunciation, have been your lot for years, have they not, my brother? They have sweptDiscipleship2, 43:the nervousness and strain which are the common lot today; it takes courage to attack life onDiscipleship2, 484:response from all and sundry with whom your lot may be cast. Rebuffs, misunderstandings and lack ofDiscipleship2, 603:and none of you are unaware of this. The lot of disciples in these days is particularly hard owingDiscipleship2, 649:and all of them severely testing, has been your lot. Had you not been "close to the feet of theDiscipleship2, 665:Service and pain and dreaming are your present lot. You do not walk as yet the darker ways ofExternalisation, 90:men of seven colors...Seven men, each on his own lot and related to the eighth. They spoke and knewExternalisation, 90:time persisted and the seven - each on his own lot - began to grow too large for the confiningExternalisation, 90:it for you. "The seven - each on his own lot - acquired knowledge. The knowledge was the same, butExternalisation, 91:aspiration)...No further do they reach. Upon the lot of each, nine points of light appear,Externalisation, 94:fourth kingdom. The "seven men, each on his own lot," reach a moment of tension and of creativeExternalisation, 94:seeds can appear in the world "on their own lot." Putting it more simply and in terms symbolic, andExternalisation, 371:civilized world, and for some time to come her lot must be hard and she will have to pay in sweatExternalisation, 426:and a new order of happier living is to be the lot of coming generations. A temporary ending of theExternalisation, 436:truth and right living shall be [436] the lot of the incoming generation. This necessitates on theExternalisation, 585:section or phase of human effort in which their lot and life-trend appear to cast them. They may beFire, 613:on his allotted lands: Seven of them each on his lot. The Lords of the Flame remained behind. TheyFire, 789:physical incarnation is not the appointed [789] lot, and man functions in his lowest manifestationFire, 878:2.) this meaning only that pralayic peace is the lot of these entities until the return ofFire, 1274:who builds a Path between the sphere whereon His lot is cast [1275] and the great manasic orb. HeHealing, 131:The ills of life are his because they are the lot of man - not generated in a shell, because theHealing, 137:the struggle which, in the main, make hard the lot of the disciple. It might be posited that: A.Healing, 545:that what he is enduring is the fate and the lot of the majority, and that he is not alone. A rightHercules, 69:have the story of the aspirant, of our present lot. Dwelling within us is the inner [70] ruler, theHercules, 161:order to get away from it all, which is what a lot of people do. Stay with humanity as Christ does,Initiation, 24:know that utter renunciation of all which is the lot of every aspirant at this time. There is noIntellect, 218:and not litter up the family sitting room with a lot of literature in which they are not the leastMagic, 263:when no man stands by and isolation is his lot. In lesser degree this comes to all, and to theMagic, 303:escape this menace. Worry and anxiety are the lot of every man and cannot and will not be offsetMagic, 584:way home alone. In the loneliness which is the lot of every true disciple are born thatMeditation, 44:been lost. Should scorn and despising be your lot, smile still, for only the look of commendationMeditation, 187:causes a conflagration. I have here given you a lot of information in very few words. The matter isPatanjali, 207:it may be. The man who has learnt to accept his lot, wastes no time in vain regrets, and his entirePatanjali, 211:and external purification, 2. His karma or lot in life contentment, 3. His soul or ego fieryProblems, 98:the alien races among whom they cast [98] their lot, and to preserve inviolate, as far as may be,Problems, 132:His head. There are deeply spiritual men whose lot is cast within the cramping walls ofProblems, 132:and within all churches and faiths. Their lot is a difficult one; they are aware of conditions andPsychology2, 471:serve to bewilder the man and make difficult the lot of the earnest aspirant. It might be of valuePsychology2, 483:is found a blind acceptance of an undesirable lot because it is the will of God and that WillPsychology2, 748:good will in the environment where their lot may be cast. They must strive after harmlessness inTelepathy, 34:other and to the other human units with whom the lot of the disciples may be cast. This involves:
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