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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOTUS

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Fire, 907:by the unfolding of the fifth petal in the egoic lotus, and by the gradual opening of the third eyeFire, 999:First. From that circle of petals in the egoic lotus which the Ego chooses to use, or is in aFire, 1006:energy from one of the heart petals of the Egoic lotus. This circulates through the throat centerFire, 1010:of the major head center, the many petalled lotus above the top of the head. This center directlyFire, 1017:in an interesting way in the case of the egoic lotus, where we have the will aspect forming theFire, 1017:have the will aspect forming the "jewel in the lotus," or the inner [1018] center of electricalFire, 1018:and the desire or love aspect forming the egoic lotus itself, or the form which hides the center.Fire, 1018:the higher cosmic planes), seen as a vast blue lotus, and so on down the scale; even the tiny atomFire, 1018:The solar system is literally a twelve-petalled lotus, each petal being formed of forty-nine lesserFire, 1019:relation to that particular petal in the solar lotus from which the desired force emanates. TheFire, 1019:of the three circles of petals in his own egoic lotus. The formula for the particular petal in aFire, 1082:others related to the twelve petalled planetary lotus, The lovers of low vibration, The rejectorsFire, 1100:the fourth aspect of the solar and human egoic lotus; this is the revelation of the "Jewel in theFire, 1100:this is the revelation of the "Jewel in the Lotus," and macrocosmically is the perfect coordinationFire, 1101:The energy emanating from the "Jewel in the Lotus" itself, the focal point of energy in the UpperFire, 1103:emotional body via certain petals in the egoic lotus, and the astral permanent atom. The process ofFire, 1110:the atomic triangle at the base of the egoic lotus. When of sufficient strength and [1111] purity,Fire, 1111:The second tier of petals in any egoic lotus is the one that gives us the key to the nature of theFire, 1111:of the personality. By looking at the egoic lotus, the seer can tell the nature of the: PersonalFire, 1112:Logos, and which uses the "Jewel in the Lotus" as its focal point. In this summation, we have dealtFire, 1113:seen from the higher planes as a twelve-petalled lotus. These streams [1114] do not emanate fromFire, 1116:the "motion," occultly understood, of the egoic lotus. There is the inherent life of the atomicFire, 1118:an adequate idea of the beauty of the egoic lotus when it has reached the stage of completeFire, 1118:unified activity of each tier of the threefold lotus. At a specific stage in evolution, prior toFire, 1118:as a unit, begin to revolve, so that the entire lotus appears to be in motion. At the final stagesFire, 1118:direction to the rapidly circulating outer lotus. The reason may not here be revealed for it is hidFire, 1120:are the most noticeable points of light in the lotus; they constitute the "energy feeders" of theFire, 1120:physical plane becomes more active and the egoic lotus is consequently unfolding with greaterFire, 1120:the Jewel, a specific rhythm is imposed upon the lotus, and its energies are stabilized. ThisFire, 1122:egoic body which [1122] can reach him. The egoic lotus is unfolded, and the central "fire"Fire, 1122:living energy circulating in every part of the lotus. The three permanent atoms glow and blaze andFire, 1126:because one-third of the force of the egoic lotus is his and he knows well how to utilize it to theFire, 1127:plane. The head center, or the thousand-petalled lotus. The pineal gland, producing theFire, 1129:what the fourth energy center (the jewel in the lotus) is to the lotus, or to the three tiers ofFire, 1129:energy center (the jewel in the lotus) is to the lotus, or to the three tiers of petals. TheFire, 1129:correspondence is interesting: The jewel in the lotus is the director of energy from the monad,Fire, 1129:the Ego on the physical plane. The jewel in the Lotus is the center of force which links [1130] theFire, 1130:The jewel, or diamond concealed by the egoic lotus, is the window of the Monad or Spirit whereby heFire, 1130:inward into the three worlds. The jewel in the lotus is situated between manas and buddhi whilstFire, 1130:physical plane, passing through the triple egoic lotus via the channels already utilized by theFire, 1161:converging and passing into the highest head lotus. The correspondence to certain macrocosmicalFire, 1162:or logoic, which reaches Him (via the logoic Lotus on cosmic mental planes) from the seven RishisFire, 1164:Each of these planetary schemes can be seen as a lotus having seven major petals, of which eachFire, 1164:the microcosmic base of the spine is a fourfold lotus and has, therefore, four petals. There areFire, 1165:manifesting activity changes. The motion of the lotus or wheel for a long time is simply that of aFire, 1166:See Section VIII, Secret Doctrine, Volume I. The Lotus is symbolical of both the Macrocosm and ofFire, 1166:Macrocosm and of the Microcosm. The seeds of the Lotus contain in miniature the perfect plant. ItFire, 1166:the tradition that Brahma is born from or in the lotus, is the same. The lotus symbolizes aFire, 1166:is born from or in the lotus, is the same. The lotus symbolizes a world-system, and Brahma dwellsFire, 1166:he is therefore called the Kamal-asana, the Lotus-seated. The lotus, again, is said to arise fromFire, 1166:called the Kamal-asana, the Lotus-seated. The lotus, again, is said to arise from or in the navelFire, 1170:have the key reveals the quality of the egoic lotus and the place it holds in any particularFire, 1170:the place it holds in any particular planetary lotus, as well as a connection with certain devasFire, 1171:gains of the flowering plant." 6. The Law of the Lotus. This is the name given to the mysteriousFire, 1171:the plane of mind that which we call the egoic lotus, or "the Flower of the Self." It is the lawFire, 1171:of the Self." It is the law which enables the lotus to draw from the lower nature (the matterFire, 1180:by the totality of the force of the egoic cosmic lotus, or the attractive quality of cosmic love.Fire, 1182:by the attractive pull emanating from the logoic lotus via the heart of the Sun. Five of them areFire, 1183:through the medium of the Sun from the egoic lotus and which are in reality "logoic Soul energy"Fire, 1186:Will. Electric Fire. Positive. 2. Causal Body. Lotus (two petalled). Heart of the Sun. Cosmic LoveFire, 1186:Fire. Positive. 2. Planetary Causal Body. Lotus. Egoic Groups. Systemic Love. Solar Fire. Harmony.Fire, 1186:Fire. Positive Force. 2. Human Causal Body. Lotus. Solar Angel. Manasic Ego. Solar Fire.Fire, 1197:The symbol of this Hierarchy is the Golden Lotus with its twelve petals folded. It should beFire, 1204:which is said to be a cosmic twelve-petalled lotus, and with the logoic causal lotus, equally of aFire, 1204:lotus, and with the logoic causal lotus, equally of a twelve-petalled nature. We have, therefore, aFire, 1205:through: [1205] The logoic twelve-petalled egoic Lotus. Cosmic mental plane. The solarFire, 1205:Cosmic mental plane. The solar twelve-petalled Lotus. The planetary logoic Heart, also aFire, 1205:planetary logoic Heart, also a twelve-petalled Lotus. The twelve-petalled human egoic lotus on theFire, 1205:Lotus. The twelve-petalled human egoic lotus on the mental plane. The twelve-petalled heart centerFire, 1205:etheric plane (our buddhic plane). The egoic lotus of a human being on the mental plane, which isFire, 1207:form of a flower to the vast planetary or solar lotus) because the hierarchies exist as theFire, 1224:1. The Divine Lives. 1 or 6 Closed 12 petalled Lotus Golden. One of the 6th Cosmic Force or shakti.Fire, 1225:from the second row of petals in the logoic Lotus on the cosmic mental plane. They are, therefore,Fire, 1245:in the human unit we call the "Jewel in the Lotus." It should be remembered in this connection thatFire, 1246:identifications are connected with the fourfold lotus of the solar Logos, or with HisFire, 1246:or with His twelve-petalled heart center. This lotus is sometimes called the "heart of the Sun,"Fire, 1246:corresponding to the twelve-petalled lotus. It will be noted by the accurate student that we areFire, 1257:be added. This Path is sometimes called the "Lotus Path," as it concerns itself with theFire, 1257:called in the mystic parlance of the adepts the "lotus lands." The curriculum is termed at timesFire, 1257:lands." The curriculum is termed at times the "Lotus sleep," as it involves a condition of completeFire, 1269:Word. He steps from off the disk and turns His Lotus Feet back to that Path He earlier left behind,Fire, 1272:times it opens wide. Thus three great groups of Lotus Lords are impelled upon Their way. One groupFire, 1272:upon Their way. One group is called the "Lotus Lords of deep unseeing sleep." They dream, and asFire, 1272:the work pursued... The eye through which these Lotus Lords contact the planes of cosmic vision isFire, 1272:group has for its name "the Lords of the Inner Lotus." These are They who sleep, yet not so deep.Fire, 1272:are held together. The eye through which these Lotus Lords look out [1273] upon the great IllusionFire, 1273:in just proportion. The eye through which these Lotus Lords gaze out upon the cosmic Path isFire, 1273:The eye through which the middle group of Lotus Lords look up is turquoise blue, whilst the LordsFire, 1277:which is uppermost, and as it issues from the lotus within the head of Him who hath held His peace,Healing, 45:Initiation 1. Head Brahmarandra 1000-petalled lotus Pineal Upper brain Right eye Spiritual willHealing, 45:Monad via soul Will Causal body Jewel in the lotus Aspirant - Disciple - Mystic - Dominant afterHealing, 45:Magnetic Light Intuition Vision Petals of egoic lotus, as a whole Buddhic vehicle Causal bodyHealing, 144:It is frequently called "the thousand-petalled lotus" or the Brahmarandra. [145] It corresponds toHealing, 145:of the Spiritual Triad, of the threefold egoic lotus and of the triple personality, thus againHealing, 146:liberation retains the position of an inverted lotus, with the stem of the lotus (the antahkarana,Healing, 146:of an inverted lotus, with the stem of the lotus (the antahkarana, in reality) reaching up intoHealing, 149:having only two real petals, is not a true lotus in the same sense as are the other centers. ItsHealing, 155:the throat center of Substance in activity. This lotus of the throat is inverted in the earlyHealing, 156:of mine, that the rapid unfoldment of this lotus is one of the reasons why the world war could notHealing, 157:aspect of the heart center, the twelve-petalled lotus found at the very center of the
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