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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOTUS

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Healing, 157:at the very center of the thousand-petalled lotus, has reached a point of real activity. ThinkingHealing, 161:the individual and the race, the inverted heart lotus with its twelve petals reaches downwardsHealing, 162:and also to reverse itself. The reversal of the "lotus centers" is always brought about as theHealing, 162:the pull from above. The reversal of the heart lotus and its upward unfolding is due to theHealing, 162:contact. The response of the unfolding heart lotus to the pull of the Master's Ashram. The surgingHealing, 175:- into the ajna center and the thousand-petalled lotus of the head. From the ajna center into theHealing, 187:directing will, centered in the 1000-petalled lotus. This can be safely stated, as the spiritualHealing, 187:and the pituitary, body. The 1000-petalled lotus and the pineal gland. Students will find itHealing, 188:fusing all six centers. The thousand-petalled lotus of the head, fusing all the seven energies.Healing, 210:in the Hindu philosophy, the thousand-petalled lotus) conditions the pineal gland and is related toHealing, 344:the heart." The "one who hovers over the central lotus." The "distant one who sees from far away,Healing, 506:streams from the knowledge petals of the egoic lotus, or from the intelligent perceptive nature ofHealing, 517:the inner petals, surrounding the jewel in the lotus, are no longer acting [518] as veils to thatHealing, 589:themselves in the soul vehicle, in the egoic lotus, and their fused activity evokes a response fromHealing, 589:and not as a quality), produces the egoic lotus, the vehicle of that "identified soul" which hasHealing, 589:The monad - Abstract mind. The soul - Egoic lotus. The personality - Lower or concrete mind. ThatHealing, 618:which we symbolically call the "petals of the lotus." In a point at the very center of the lotusHealing, 618:the lotus." In a point at the very center of the lotus the life force is focused, and as [619] itHealing, 619:energy is magnetic attraction. The petals of the lotus, and the area of surrounding energy whichHealing, 619:energy which constitutes the form of the lotus, are qualified by one of the seven subsidiary typesHealing, 622:in the head center, qualifies the petals of the lotus called in the oriental literature theHealing, 622:the oriental literature the "thousand-petalled lotus," and the petals of that lotus have aHealing, 622:lotus," and the petals of that lotus have a relationship and a definitely qualifying effect (bothHealing, 622:point which is found at the exact center of the lotus, or at the heart of the center. This isHealing, 622:This is sometimes called "the jewel in the lotus," though the phrase [623] is more frequentlyHealing, 623:to the monadic point at the heart of the egoic lotus on its own plane. When death takes place andHealing, 628:the center, life rays out into the petals of the lotus, and the combination of the life at theHealing, 676:from the petals of sacrifice in the egoic lotus. All true healers have to create a healingHealing, 684:in its own vehicle, the causal body or the egoic lotus. Yet again, facility in response to this lawHealing, 715:to picture the correct number of petals in each lotus. Initiation, 116:with his eyes occultly opened. As a many tinted Lotus of nine petals. These petals are arranged inInitiation, 116:is called in the eastern books "The jewel in the Lotus." This Lotus is a thing of rare beauty,Initiation, 116:the eastern books "The jewel in the Lotus." This Lotus is a thing of rare beauty, pulsating withInitiation, 116:fire of pure Spirit, latent in the heart of the Lotus, is first contacted. In all these words,Initiation, 116:words, "solar angel," "sphere of fire," and "lotus," lies hid some aspect of the central mystery ofInitiation, 137:as a center of force, a wheel of energy, or a lotus, and to picture it as a lotus with nine petals,Initiation, 137:of energy, or a lotus, and to picture it as a lotus with nine petals, hiding within these petals aInitiation, 137:secrete the central life, or the "jewel in the lotus." As evolution proceeds, these three circlesInitiation, 139:[139] of the wheel, or these petals of the lotus, have a close connection with the differentInitiation, 141:the seventh [141] principle at the Heart of the Lotus can stand revealed. After each initiation theInitiation, 141:can stand revealed. After each initiation the lotus is more unfolded, and light from the centerInitiation, 141:subplane of the mental plane (whereon the egoic lotus is now situated) a corresponding stimulationInitiation, 165:- The cross in its varying forms. The lotus. The triangle. The cube. [166] The sphere and theMagic, 41:soul hides within itself, as the "jewel in the lotus," that faculty of dynamic energy which is theMagic, 87:the base of the spine and the thousand petalled lotus, the head center. In this the four petals ofMagic, 87:the secret of the sixteen petals of the throat lotus is seen. The solar plexus center and theMagic, 90:grasp what has been called "the jewel in the lotus." Magic, 108:force, resembles the blazing sun, and from the lotus of the head, the path of light issues. ItMagic, 195:When this is the case the thousand-petalled lotus begins to function. The line of this stream ofMagic, 195:will. The inner circle of petals in the egoic lotus, the will petals. The mental body. The headMagic, 195:The second circle of petals in the egoic lotus, the love petals. The astral body. The heart center.Magic, 196:The third or outer circle of petals in the egoic lotus, the knowledge petals. The etheric body as aMagic, 198:from that aspect of the thousand petalled lotus (a synthetic lotus) through which the energy alwaysMagic, 198:of the thousand petalled lotus (a synthetic lotus) through which the energy always animating theMagic, 199:within the form of the thousand-petalled lotus, and the steadily heightening vibration of the heartMagic, 199:presence felt, and this significant two-petalled lotus begins to vibrate. It symbolizes the work ofMagic, 199:objective. In some occult books it is called the lotus with the ninety-six petals, but this is onlyMagic, 199:are synthesized therefore into the two-petalled lotus, and then we have forty-eight plus two equalsMagic, 200:one thousand (the number of the petals in the lotus of the head center) and you have the number ofMagic, 275:of energy, which pours through the cosmic egoic lotus, and (radiating forth from it) feeds with itsMagic, 362:vehicle, the karana sarira, the twelve-petalled lotus. We are of course talking entirely in termsMagic, 438:of the head centers (the thousand petalled lotus) and only enter into functioning activity afterMagic, 468:at times a vision comes - a vision of a folded lotus flower, close petered, [469] tightly sealed,Magic, 597:another until we arrive at the thousand-petalled lotus in the head. These centers are, in the lastMeditation, 44:you rapidly to Their Presence and to Their Lotus Feet, is by you to be desired and eagerlyMeditation, 78:Ninety-six petals. Color, one-half of the lotus is rose and yellow, and the other half is blue andMeditation, 81:goal for this manvantara is reached. The lower lotus is full blown, and reflects the greater withMeditation, 84:in the heart center, picture it as a golden lotus closed. When the Sacred Word is enunciated,Meditation, 84:the Sacred Word is enunciated, picture it as a lotus slowly expanding until the inner center orMeditation, 85:vortex (which whirling forms the petals of the lotus) it will be observed that certain petalsMeditation, 85:stimulation of the petals in each center. If the lotus is only partially unfolded, then only somePatanjali, 39:withdraw the energies into the thousand petalled lotus of the head, and from thence to abstractPatanjali, 39:the causal vehicle, the karana sarira, the egoic lotus. We are told by [40] Patanjali that this isPatanjali, 47:He will be seen seated upon the twelve petalled lotus of the heart, holding in his hands the "jewelPatanjali, 47:heart, holding in his hands the "jewel in the lotus." Thus the devotee finds Ishvara. When thePatanjali, 69:center becomes active, and the thousand-petalled lotus unfolded. Cosmic sight. This is of a naturePatanjali, 82:may regard each center symbolically as a lotus. This lotus is formed of energy units moving orPatanjali, 82:regard each center symbolically as a lotus. This lotus is formed of energy units moving orPatanjali, 82:assume the forms we call the petals of the lotus. [83] Each lotus consists of: a. A certain numberPatanjali, 83:forms we call the petals of the lotus. [83] Each lotus consists of: a. A certain number of petals,Patanjali, 212:the soul, lodged in the causal body or egoic lotus. There is then brought about a condition inPatanjali, 231:into the head center, the thousand petalled lotus or sahasara, by knowingly withdrawing thePatanjali, 266:the glory of the jewel will be seen. When the lotus plant has grown to maturity, the flower comesPatanjali, 266:in the center of its petals the "Jewel in the Lotus" (Om mani padme hum) can be seen. This symbolicPatanjali, 288:lend its ear to every cry of pain like as the lotus bares its heart to drink the morning sun. LetPatanjali, 290:and in the head is the thousand petalled lotus hiding Vishnu, seated in the center. Thus is thePatanjali, 293:of life can be consciously employed. As the lotus center of the heart opens and reveals the love ofPatanjali, 293:takes place within the head. The twelve petalled lotus in the head (which is the higherPatanjali, 293:intermediary between the twelve petalled egoic lotus on its own plane and the head center) awakens.Patanjali, 295:which in undeveloped man is pictured as a closed lotus turned downwards, is reversed, turnedPatanjali, 295:This in turn leads a man to the twelve-petalled lotus, the egoic center on the higher levels of thePatanjali, 342:and the highest chakra, the thousand petalled lotus. The study and understanding of this sutraPsychology1, 61:hand of the man of matter grasps the golden lotus of the soul, the left descends seeking the flowerPsychology1, 61:ends. "When the right hand holds the golden lotus firm and the left hand grasps the flower of life,Psychology1, 68:The Three-sided Triangle The Illuminator of the Lotus The Builder of the Foundation The ForerunnerPsychology1, 239:- A cube of sandalwood in the heart of the lotus. The animal secret - A bunch of cypress, over aPsychology1, 239:with seven knots. The egoic secret - A closed lotus bud with seven blue rays. Be all this as itPsychology2, 8:Man - the Angel - The Presence. The root - the lotus - the fragrance. The bush - the fire - thePsychology2, 23:forth from the outer tier of petals in the egoic lotus. (See A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.) These arePsychology2, 23:emanating from the nine petals of the egoic lotus. After the third initiation, the whole
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