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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOVE

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Destiny, 20:bear no ill-will or hatred to others. Love is a great unifier and interpreter. This energy of loveDestiny, 20:a great unifier and interpreter. This energy of love is primarily concentrated (for purposes ofDestiny, 20:and uplift. Through them, the potency of love-wisdom can express itself. These people areDestiny, 20:people are frequently misunderstood, for the love which they express differs widely from theDestiny, 20:and to it they must pay no attention. True group love is of more [21] importance than personalDestiny, 21:Disciples learn to grasp the need of group love and to amend their ways in conformity with groupDestiny, 21:the necessities and urgencies of group work and love, the Hierarchy can work and so bring about theDestiny, 21:and assisted the processes of evoking the latent love in human beings which, in its initial andDestiny, 22:a similar response to the universality which the love of the Hierarchy prompts it to express, andDestiny, 23:gland. II. THE HIERARCHY The new Jerusalem. Love-Wisdom Consciousness Group unity. Ruler: TheDestiny, 24:In the second solar system, the Hierarchy of love made its appearance and must eventually come intoDestiny, 24:upon the physical plane, thereby enabling the Love of God to be seen. In the next solar system, theDestiny, 24:will manifest (intelligently and through love) the will aspect of Deity. It is only however in thisDestiny, 24:it is to interpret and express that will through love, intelligently applied. They know what theDestiny, 36:and in whom (for this major world cycle) the love aspect of the soul remains totally undeveloped,Destiny, 36:of endeavor - that of the Hierarchy, animated by love and that of the opposite pole, the BlackDestiny, 37:of the mind and not the coherent influence of love, as is the case with the Masters of the Wisdom.Destiny, 38:ray reaching full expression. In Them, idealism, love-wisdom and indomitable will stood forth inDestiny, 39:for centuries - by the strength of Their living love and power - brought the vision and theDestiny, 39:working out the plans of God, founded upon the love of God. The Buddha and the Christ are stillDestiny, 40:eternal livingness, and the beauty and the love which it can reflect from its contact with Him, theDestiny, 49:the Light. Great Britain 1st Ray Power. 2nd Ray Love. I serve. Italy 4th Ray Harmony throughDestiny, 49:I carve the Paths. USA 6th Ray Idealism. 2nd Ray Love. I light the Way. Russia 6th Ray Idealism.Destiny, 49:Idealism. I disperse the Clouds. Brazil 2nd Ray Love. 4th Ray Harmony through Conflict. I hide theDestiny, 52:age technique of government. The second Ray of Love or of Attraction governs - from the soul angleDestiny, 52:mind is closely allied with the divine aspect of love and understanding, producing attraction andDestiny, 54:under the influence of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. An interesting fact thus emerges: GreatDestiny, 54:and right government, based on true idealism and love. Great Britain represents that aspect of theDestiny, 55:and which serves to reveal the wisdom aspect of love in its beauty. It is too dangerous in theseDestiny, 56:or energy of the nations concerned. The Ray of Love or Inclusiveness, the Ray of ActiveDestiny, 58:ray) can be transformed by her soul ray of love into just and intelligent world service, then sheDestiny, 58:States of America can be illumined by the law of love and not by personality self-expression, thenDestiny, 61:cruelty and the understanding which produces love, of a developed materialism and a perfectedDestiny, 73:more spiritual expression of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, which has in the past led to materialDestiny, 74:coming via the planetary rulers: Ray 2. - Love-Wisdom, via Jupiter and the Sun. These are the mostDestiny, 76:work for the peace and security of the whole in love and with wisdom, or for France withDestiny, 78:power direction which is given them. Ray 2. - Love-wisdom, via Jupiter and the Sun as the ruler ofDestiny, 79:ray of Berlin tend at this stage to express self-love. Ray 1. - Will or Power, via Pluto as theDestiny, 79:applied, and the lack of true spiritual love as it is diverted into sentimental personalityDestiny, 79:accounts for what has puzzled all who know and love the German people. At present, the [80]Destiny, 83:Uranus and Saturn (the Capital). The soul ray - Love-wisdom - 2nd. The personality ray - Will orDestiny, 84:a unity through the will of the people. Ray 2. - Love-wisdom, via the Sun, the ruler of Leo whichDestiny, 84:the British empire which is essentially that of love-wisdom when given real expression and notDestiny, 84:fundamentals, in cooperation with Libra, and its love of order and [85] of rule, thus providingDestiny, 85:to imminent possibilities of adjustment, if the love which is the basic motivating power of theDestiny, 87:coming through the planetary rulers: Ray 2. - Love-wisdom, via the Sun and Jupiter. This againDestiny, 87:influence it is the wisdom aspect more than the love aspect which is dominant. Love is in reality,Destiny, 87:more than the love aspect which is dominant. Love is in reality, understanding wisdom in activeDestiny, 89:the Earth and Mars (the Capital). The soul ray - Love-wisdom - 2nd. Personality ray - Idealism,Destiny, 90:which flourish today in the States. Ray 2. - Love-wisdom, via Jupiter, thus linking the StatesDestiny, 96:a change will come) is that of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, with its major emphasis at this timeDestiny, 96:with the "binding together in brotherly love" and with the expression of the nature of service.Destiny, 98:under the inspiration of service, motivated by love. Thus the two major democracies can eventuallyDestiny, 99:the ray of the soul which is the second ray of love. Destiny, 105:soon and prior to the time when there is enough love present in human nature to offset the possibleDestiny, 107:aspect entirely, and in this group the light of love and of selflessness is absent. The other groupDestiny, 107:group the doctrine of the heart and the law of love control. In this connection, the two groups areDestiny, 109:and thereby nearer to the sources of light and love. It is right here and in connection with thisDestiny, 124:is that of radiating glory and power and love. Destiny, 135:a man is, for instance, upon the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, it may be expected that the influenceDestiny, 139:to bear upon humanity the focused [139] life of love and it is this basic love which the secondDestiny, 139:focused [139] life of love and it is this basic love which the second decanate of Aquarius -Destiny, 139:of souls), carries always the message of love and sets up an unbreakable interrelation between theDestiny, 139:the Hierarchy. The activity of the second ray - love-wisdom. The second initiation, which relatesDestiny, 139:vehicle - the soul. The second divine aspect - love-wisdom. The second type or grade of Messenger -Destiny, 140:as that mysterious force which is a blend of love and knowledge, of intelligence and synthesis, andDestiny, 141:synthesis, the hierarchical aspiration towards love and the desire of humanity for intelligentDestiny, 142:to humanity in preparation for the "crisis of love," and an imminent major planetary initiation. AtDestiny, 152:to an end the great heresy of separateness. Love, unity, and the Risen Christ will be present, andDiscipleship1dedication to the life of the spirit and their love of humanity warranted the choice; one or twoDiscipleship1, XI:forms of life through which pulses the life and love of God. The true disciple is ever inclusiveDiscipleship1, XII:This belief necessarily involves a heart full of love, a mind open and illumined by rightDiscipleship1, XIII:ray, such as Julius Caesar. The second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The Christ and the Buddha are to beDiscipleship1, XV:It will also be because they have arrived at love of their fellowmen, just as they have lovedDiscipleship1, XV:the principle of wisdom, and the Other brought love to the world and embodied in himself a greatDiscipleship1, XV:a great cosmic principle - the principle of love. How can the effectiveness of their work beDiscipleship1, 4:Group endeavor, carried forward as a group, to love all beings and to apprehend and understand theDiscipleship1, 4:significance of the Aquarian technique of group love and work. Discipleship1, 8:attitude and the outpouring of a spirit of love on the part of each member of the group. This [9]Discipleship1, 10:to hold each other unwaveringly in the light of love. You have no idea of the potency of such anDiscipleship1, 10:an exceedingly high place. By the pure light of love for each other, you can draw nearer to me andDiscipleship1, 10:to each other the scientific value and power of love, regarded as a force in nature. Make thisDiscipleship1, 10:life patterns and purpose of the group members. Love is not a sentiment or an emotion nor is itDiscipleship1, 10:a selfish motive for right action in daily life. Love is, the wielding of the force which guidesDiscipleship1, 10:which impels Deity itself to action. Love is a hard thing to cultivate - such is the inherentDiscipleship1, 10:Disciples in the group of a Master have to love each other with intelligence and an abidingDiscipleship1, 11:be the case - provided that, untidily and in love, they will then help their fellow disciple toDiscipleship1, 12:courage, to finer purity of motive and to deeper love, yet avoiding the vitalization of hisDiscipleship1, 13:of each other and a constant sending forth of love. Group meditation... as a group ofDiscipleship1, 13:and link up with your co-disciples, sending them love, soul force, and help. [14] Discipleship1, 16:may seek to separate you. I ask my disciples to love each other in spite of character and rayDiscipleship1, 17:in effort, if there is the loyal link of love, if there is adherence to the group ideal and ifDiscipleship1, 19:personality. The nature of the soul is love and the will-to-good. Transfer the energy, now turnedDiscipleship1, 20:disciples see to it, therefore, that their love for all beings deepens and that the growth of theirDiscipleship1, 20:all beings deepens and that the growth of their love comes through their tapping the group loveDiscipleship1, 20:their love comes through their tapping the group love which lies back of all world happenings. MyDiscipleship1, 20:time come when the world will realize that the love aspect of the Logos - as it affects the humanDiscipleship1, 20:the inner subjective group of workers? That love is now in the stage of anchoring itself physicallyDiscipleship1, 20:new groups are centers (or should be) of divine love, magnetic, constructive and pure. See to it,Discipleship1, 21:organism, characterized by mutual life, love and interplay. The relationships in such a group are
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