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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOVE

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Discipleship1, 649:appreciation of true values and a deep and true love of your fellowmen which will enable you toDiscipleship1, 649:able to live their daily lives in the light of love and do your share in bringing this about on allDiscipleship1, 649:take risks for the cause of humanity and through love of his fellowmen. Love each other. Think withDiscipleship1, 649:of humanity and through love of his fellowmen. Love each other. Think with clarity, free from theDiscipleship1, 650:it not, but you are hurt because there is no love in your thought life where they are concerned.Discipleship1, 651:I stand detached. Flooded I am by the life and love of God. That love I send to all my fellowmen.Discipleship1, 651:Flooded I am by the life and love of God. That love I send to all my fellowmen. [652] 2nd month -Discipleship1, 653:to fire other lives, to hand the torch of living love to others, and to send people forth as agentsDiscipleship1, 654:and be simply a self-forgetting channel of love and light. This, however, you are not. You areDiscipleship1, 655:to this indicated need, my brother? Is your love of the work and of your group brothers adequate toDiscipleship1, 655:it is, and you know and must realize that, in love, I stand by, and will not fail you if you needDiscipleship1, 655:yesterday - the soul whose nature is impersonal love, or the personality whose nature (at my pointDiscipleship1, 655:I am the soul, whose nature is light and love and selflessness. I orient my mind towards the light,Discipleship1, 655:know myself to be nothing but a channel for the love of God. And, in this potent body of the lowerDiscipleship1, 655:self, naught can exist which blocks the outgoing love of God to all I meet. I stand erect throughDiscipleship1, 655:love of God to all I meet. I stand erect through love and strength divine. I manifest the nature ofDiscipleship1, 659:difficult for you, therefore, to tune in on the Love-Wisdom line of energy in manifestation. It isDiscipleship1, 661:and kind. I work as hard as I think I should. I love the truth and I endeavor to meet requirements.Discipleship1, 661:work of the group. This you know. You love no one truly but yourself. If you loved truly andDiscipleship1, 661:you would not cause the pain you do to those who love and believe in your capacity; you would beDiscipleship1, 661:to those who recognize your personality and love your personality. It is from this lack that yourDiscipleship1, 662:trend of all things is good. Handle life with love as a member of the New Group of World Servers.Discipleship1, 664:of the Path" and the inspiration and love of the group do most certainly constitute a powerful helpDiscipleship1, 664:a powerful help and bring a sense of life and love which negatives the ancient loneliness, andDiscipleship1, 665:is governed by the fourth ray, producing that love of art and literature which distinguishes you,Discipleship1, 666:are: The ray of the soul - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The ray of the personality - the sixthDiscipleship1, 666:The ray of the astral body - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The ray of the physical body - theDiscipleship1, 667:ray devotion into universal and non-critical love. It will give you what I might call horizontalDiscipleship1, 669:human relations, knowing that the potency of love rightly expressed is great and is - at this timeDiscipleship1, 679:for the lower of the two I have no longer any love. "Torn I am. Space and its Life I cannot know,Discipleship1, 682:he move towards the center of fusion. As your love for humanity increases and your interest inDiscipleship1, 682:will you move towards that center of light and love where the Masters stand in spiritual being.Discipleship1, 682:is so preoccupied with the Plan, so infused with love for his fellowmen that his entire orientationDiscipleship1, 682:the Creator; his attitude is one of unchanging love and his work is that of radiation - [683] aDiscipleship1, 684:a growing capacity for unlimited, non-separative love, clear vision and the unimpeded flow of soulDiscipleship1, 685:will proceed more rapidly and their love and service will consequently increase with a parallelingDiscipleship1, 686:through definite service, based upon a growing love of your fellowmen. The obedience demanded isDiscipleship1, 690:of service, impelled thereto by the fire of love in your hearts for your fellowmen. One factor thatDiscipleship1, 692:through which spiritual energy, light and love can be poured into a needy and agonizing world. TheDiscipleship1, 692:comes as a response to a life rightly lived and love fully given. There is a great law which can beDiscipleship1, 693:from his disciples such a depth of consecrated love and such a realization of today's opportunityDiscipleship1, 695:in this new effort manage to work with unity, love and understanding, and if this proves so strongDiscipleship1, 696:karmic relationships, point in evolution and love for humanity. In the words focus and directionDiscipleship1, 698:Plan, conducive to selflessness and motivated by love. According to the ability of the group, as aDiscipleship1, 698:is the vehicle of soul life, soul light and soul love, and the etheric web is responsive to theDiscipleship1, 701:and are doing so, in some measure, through their love and service. To this soul energy, they addDiscipleship1, 701:from them. The occult law is that the more you love the more you can respond to and include theDiscipleship1, 705:involves certain factors: A deep unerring love which "sees" in the light'. Love is truly theDiscipleship1, 705:A deep unerring love which "sees" in the light'. Love is truly the revealer. The power to withdrawDiscipleship1, 705:projected thought-form will embody the light and love, as well as the idea of the group inDiscipleship1, 706:out of slavery into freedom. Aid them with love because they are where they are through theirDiscipleship1, 706:surround them with a guarding wall of light and love; they can refrain from handicapping them withDiscipleship1, 710:Hierarchy. The one involves the development of love and of group consciousness; the other involvesDiscipleship1, 718:- distorted and unstable - of the will-to-love. Isolated individuality is connected with expressionDiscipleship1, 720:in the world is the fire of the will-to-love. This fire is not what you think it is. TheDiscipleship1, 720:fire is not what you think it is. The will-to-love means the love of the greater Whole and theDiscipleship1, 720:what you think it is. The will-to-love means the love of the greater Whole and the ability to doDiscipleship1, 720:best moments, they attempt to use the fire of love to offset the fires of the critical mind but atDiscipleship1, 721:the majority of aspirants, there is no true love in action but only much personality effort to beDiscipleship1, 721:"burn up the disciple in the fire of the will-to-love so that he is set free and the barriers toDiscipleship1, 721:that there would not be "enough of the will-to-love with the fiery essence." Where that will isDiscipleship1, 722:solace of distressed humanity. He will sweetly love and quietly deal with his Own people and willDiscipleship1, 722:aspirants everywhere to grasp the true nature of love and the real vision of the hierarchical Plan.Discipleship1, 722:of the hierarchical Plan. It is the Fire of Love which he will bring; it is the message of theDiscipleship1, 725:has to be established in a group of disciples is love and trust, for without that there can be noDiscipleship1, 725:can be no true transference of thought. Where love and trust do not exist, they must be definitelyDiscipleship1, 725:the point where his judgment is so based on love that it produces no personality effect in his ownDiscipleship1, 729:activity, wherein the fire of the will-to-love may animate and dominate. Frequently, a part of theDiscipleship1, 729:essence quenched before the fire of the will-to-love can flow through the disciple. The point to beDiscipleship1, 729:But where all the group are aflame with love and are living as souls, then the Ashram becomes aDiscipleship1, 729:bring about as rapidly as possible this unity of love and intention (will). It is only the beginnerDiscipleship1, 729:based on a sense of personal superiority and a love of fault finding. [730] Discipleship1, 730:or Power, expending its force. The second Ray of Love-wisdom, reaching its meridian and holding theDiscipleship1, 730:in combination with the other two - the will-to-love and the will-to-order - producing beauty outDiscipleship1, 735:will make you a magnetic center of power and love; if you are preoccupied with the failures ofDiscipleship1, 735:in these talks: What is the distinction between love and the will-to-love? It is one whichDiscipleship1, 735:is the distinction between love and the will-to-love? It is one which constantly is asked in theDiscipleship1, 735:Six Stages of Discipleship - Part VI The will-to-love involves the recognition of limitation, ofDiscipleship1, 735:an issue and of the intense aspiration really to love. It does not indicate the inflow of ShamballaDiscipleship1, 735:the soul whose intrinsic nature is spontaneous love. Where there is a determination to be [736]Discipleship1, 736:- emerge. The disciple knows that he lacks love, because he is constantly finding himself isolatedDiscipleship1, 736:the attitude is definitely that of the will-to-love, coupled to a deep realization of the handicapsDiscipleship1, 736:of the handicaps to the expression of love presented by those others and presented also by one'sDiscipleship1, 736:all a form of self-centeredness. The true way to love is to reflect and meditate deeply andDiscipleship1, 736:upon the significance and the meaning of love, its origin, its expression through the soul, itsDiscipleship1, 736:his innate realization that he does not really love in the spontaneous, free way of the spirit. TheDiscipleship1, 736:loving; now I am not loving; now I must try and love." Yet all the time none of these attitudes isDiscipleship1, 736:the time none of these attitudes is really true love nor is their result a loving expressionDiscipleship1, 736:with himself and focused in the personality. Love is never worked up, if I might put it so, in theDiscipleship1, 736:it is a free unimpeded inflow from the higher. Love is spontaneous and carries ever the free spiritDiscipleship1, 736:never been a better description of the nature of love than that given by the initiate Paul, evenDiscipleship1, 736:in the New Testament in which he defines love. Give up emphasizing the will-to-love and emphasizeDiscipleship1, 736:he defines love. Give up emphasizing the will-to-love and emphasize in your own consciousness theDiscipleship1, 737:of the personal self and little true outgoing love is present. Until they break through and trulyDiscipleship1, 737:is present. Until they break through and truly love, their usefulness is impaired. We haveDiscipleship1, 737:is the first step upon the road to spiritual love and understanding. The effort of most sincereDiscipleship1, 737:that has been achieved, criticism dies out and love can pour in. The Master also looks for anDiscipleship1, 749:work with individuals or to give understanding love and compassion to those in his path of life whoDiscipleship1, 755:intuition. This is an expression of the love nature of the Master and is that which enables him toDiscipleship1, 756:vehicle of the advanced disciple. The love petals of the egoic lotus. The astral body in its
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