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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOVE

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Education, 76:affectionate response, and upon a knowledge that love always draws forth what is best in child andEducation, 91:rest back with confidence. Clear thinking, much love and a sense of true compromise (note thisEducation, 92:the middle or balancing aspect which is love or group relationship, in order that knowledge shouldEducation, 112:I say this to you who am myself upon the Ray of Love and know its meaning. There are two lines ofEducation, 112:and ignorantly, prompted by selfish desire, by love of power or by hatred; there is also that whichEducation, 113:world of the emerging reality. The power to love and to go out to that which is other than theEducation, 116:personal ambition and selfishness, animated by love of humanity and by a desire to help the race.Education, 117:correspondence of these lower forces - wisdom, love and direction - must appear; the more subtleEducation, 117:onward and to make progress. The Hierarchy of Love is, however, endeavoring to hasten the process,Education, 119:the transmutation of selfish desire into group love. This can be seen working out noticeably evenEducation, 119:all by selfish ambition, but are controlled by love of their nation and thus by some definite formEducation, 120:in sorrow and pain. The clear light of love must sweep away all this and joy will be the keynote ofEducation, 123:is, in the last analysis, a trend towards love-wisdom. The fact that men today misapply theseEducation, 129:which is the working out of one form of the love aspect in the universe. The recognition ofEducation, 131:eventually produce the civilization of light and love which will be characteristic of the AquarianEducation, 133:man is "born again" into the world of light and love. From the angle of the new education, theseEducation, 139:years, though the basic motive - that of love between two people - will remain unchanged or moreEducation, 147:mentioned above, unites with force from the love petals. From the astral body to the mentalEducation, 148:one characterized by power and the other by love, and all directed to the illumination of theExternalisation, 11:are forced to act as mediums to satisfy the love of sensation or desire for comfort of their almostExternalisation, 12:thoughts which feed ambition and which foster love of power, and those germs of desire and personalExternalisation, 20:the beginner upon the Path, and help him so to love them that they will begin to see more truly andExternalisation, 20:soul can pour through him, and express itself as love to all beings. He knows himself to be a partExternalisation, 23:and humanity can be re-established. I speak with love and almost anxiety, and with a widerExternalisation, 23:I give in Meditation Understanding of the Plan Love of my fellowmen? Forget not that meditationExternalisation, 23:that Plan into the world of desire, and that love releases the form which will make the PlanExternalisation, 29:An instance of this was the message of the love of God which Christ enunciated and the emotionalExternalisation, 44:to the emergence of that true magnetic link and love which must heal and lift and stimulate allExternalisation, 53:other names for the rays of Will or Power, of Love-Wisdom and of Active Intelligence. 4. GovernmentExternalisation, 55:to Christians as the Christ) Who embodied the love of God. The platform of the new world religionExternalisation, 61:of the Elder Brothers. They are those who love and do not hate and who work for unity - bothExternalisation, 63:(even if only temporarily) from the vortex of love. This spells danger and glamor. The very factExternalisation, 63:I stand almost bewildered (did I not know and love human nature so well) at the little advance inExternalisation, 64:ideas and learn to work in the spirit of love and with a conscious decentralization of theirExternalisation, 65:have hierarchical standing, they must learn that love and that patience which can wait - thinkingExternalisation, 70:and the powerful activity of the Hierarchy of Love. The future is of great promise, provided manExternalisation, 72:Hierarchy, the planetary center where the Love of God holds sway, as it swings into one of itsExternalisation, 73:In the second solar system, the Hierarchy of Love made its appearance and must come into fullExternalisation, 73:into full manifestation, thereby enabling the love of God to be seen. In the next solar system, theExternalisation, 73:the Will aspect of Deity intelligently through love. It is interesting to note that it is onlyExternalisation, 78:when the Jew does his share of understanding, love and right action. This he does not yet do,Externalisation, 79:the soul of each and all, whose nature is pure love, realized synthesis and divine potency. It isExternalisation, 80:the Christ, Who expresses to us the unchanging love of God, are still with us, and the HierarchyExternalisation, 82:yourselves full of hate and breaking the law of love - the only law which can truly save the world.Externalisation, 86:and the men and women who respond to the love influence - can change methods (though not theExternalisation, 86:the purpose or the direction) by pouring in the love force. Again, that force which we regard asExternalisation, 86:of the Personality of the planetary Logos. The love force is focused through the two greatExternalisation, 87:- sympathetic or antagonistic, expressive of love of conditioned by hate - is being gathered to aExternalisation, 89:Destroys. Will. II. Hierarchical energy. Divine love-wisdom. Expressions: Buddha and Christ.Externalisation, 89:Second Ray. Inspiring. Permanent. Builds. Love-Wisdom. III. Humanity's energy. Divine intelligence.Externalisation, 92:Center. Kingdom of Souls. Quality of Giving. Love. 2nd Ray Love. 3. Humanity Throat Center. KingdomExternalisation, 92:of Souls. Quality of Giving. Love. 2nd Ray Love. 3. Humanity Throat Center. Kingdom of man. QualityExternalisation, 94:which will be characterized by vision, cohesion, love, impersonality, sacrifice, persistency andExternalisation, 95:to add a consecrated and awakened heart, full of love to all, vibrant with compassion and withExternalisation, 96:free from all taint of separativeness, full of love to all men and eager for the [97] spread ofExternalisation, 97:world fusion and so precipitate the "crisis of love" to which I have so oft referred. The GreatExternalisation, 98:is described in current esoteric literature as love-wisdom (the heart nature and the higher [99]Externalisation, 99:is descriptive of the future groups; it is not love, however, as usually understood, or wisdom asExternalisation, 99:of the solar plexus life which most people live; love, esoterically and in reality, is perceptiveExternalisation, 99:all this is fused and blended with and by the love which I have defined above, plus that esotericExternalisation, 100:To this Whole the self must dedicate its life, love and light. Those are the three gifts which theExternalisation, 103:which are non-criticism, sensitivity and love. Where these are lacking, this simultaneous onenessExternalisation, 105:understanding, more goodwill and more outgoing love than at any previous time in the history of theExternalisation, 106:of the Christ principle of spiritual or true love which is ever free from emotionalism and selfishExternalisation, 107:bring about (in conjunction with the energy of love) that tremendous crisis - imminent in the humanExternalisation, 107:Ruler: The Christ. The World Savior. Love Wisdom. Unity. Planetary Heart center. At-one-ment. 3.Externalisation, 108:along the line of will or power and in whom the love aspect of divinity was not sufficientlyExternalisation, 109:that the world stress at this time is such that love, sympathy and kind words are needed far moreExternalisation, 113:humanity and - with the deepest compassion and love - will help men to right the wrongs they haveExternalisation, 129:the right and the felt necessity to shew love to all beings and thus stamp out all hate andExternalisation, 131:adjustment. The U.S.A. expresses the will-to-love, which shows itself in an ability to absorbExternalisation, 137:Angel of the Presence - the Soul Whose nature is love and light and inclusive understanding. TheExternalisation, 142:of men are one and I am one with them. I seek to love not hate: I seek to serve and not exact dueExternalisation, 142:hurt. "Let pain bring due reward of light and love. Let the soul control the outer form and lifeExternalisation, 142:and life and all events, and bring to light the love which underlies the happenings of the time.Externalisation, 142:demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone. Let love prevail. Let all men love." These words may seemExternalisation, 142:cleavages be gone. Let love prevail. Let all men love." These words may seem inadequate, but saidExternalisation, 145:must go forth from the soul (whose nature is love and whose purpose is solely group good), backedExternalisation, 145:therefore brings into activity the will, the love and the intelligence of the man who is usingExternalisation, 146:forth the Great Invocation in a spirit of pure love and with a [147] completely unbiased attitude?Externalisation, 150:the increased inflow of the Christ principle of love, which will express itself in worldExternalisation, 150:what name they recognize Him and then, with love in their hearts to Him and their fellowmen, seekExternalisation, 151:to the first stage of evoking the response to love and understanding in human hearts and minds asExternalisation, 154:Great Invocation: We know, O Lord of Life and Love, about the need; Touch our hearts anew withExternalisation, 154:Love, about the need; Touch our hearts anew with love, that we too may love and give. It is thisExternalisation, 154:Touch our hearts anew with love, that we too may love and give. It is this thought of the freeExternalisation, 154:first aspect is Sacrifice, and of the second, Love. The words therefore "that we too may love andExternalisation, 154:Love. The words therefore "that we too may love and give" can produce a contact between the two. AExternalisation, 155:the World in Shamballa under the motivation of love, wisdom and selflessness with a sure touch andExternalisation, 158:and the representative of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom; and the Lord of Civilization, theExternalisation, 159:embodied in Himself the cosmic principle of love, the expression of which in manifestation willExternalisation, 159:His birth. When He expressed this principle of love in His life and world service, He definitelyExternalisation, 159:(in particular) with the Source of the light, love and life to which we refer in this secondExternalisation, 159:serves to provide great reservoirs of light and love. These have hitherto not been made availableExternalisation, 160:somewhat established; the inflow of light and love to humanity is now possible if the disciples andExternalisation, 161:as the expression of universal and planetary love; perhaps it will produce the sending of an AvatarExternalisation, 161:is the illumination of the minds of men with love and light. This precipitates upon the mentalExternalisation, 161:and two divine aspects - intelligence and love - will reach fruition upon the physical plane,Externalisation, 162:major divine attributes and aspects - will and love (atma-buddhi) - and because of this, HisExternalisation, 162:His ability to express the will of God in love and as world salvage, established the first major
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