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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOVE

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Fire, 147:personality shows in manifestation the will to love. The difficulty lies in the inability of theFire, 147:and its relation to the Ego, who is the love aspect and who nevertheless in relation toFire, 156:as our sun is the embodiment of the heart, or love aspect, of the Logos (Who is Himself the heartFire, 167:the three aspects of the threefold Monad - Will, Love and Intelligence: The Head center - The MonadFire, 167:- Will or Power. The Heart center - The Ego - Love and Wisdom. The Throat center - The PersonalityFire, 175:the Unity of the All-Self. The Vishnu or the Love-Wisdom aspect is latent in the Self, and is partFire, 176:in this astral-buddhic solar system, wherein love and wisdom are being brought into objectivity,Fire, 176:objectivity, the bulk of the monads are on the love-wisdom ray. The fact, therefore, of its beingFire, 176:This is the system of the SON, whose name is Love. This is the divine incarnation of Vishnu. TheFire, 179:- that Son of desire, Whose characteristic is love, and Whose nature is buddhi or spiritual wisdom.Fire, 179:characteristic (when fully demonstrated) will be love, the expression eventually on the physicalFire, 198:Flame. 83 The line of the Bodhisattva is that of Love-wisdom, and of the detailed science of theFire, 207:- S. D., II, 99. Their nature is knowledge and love. - S. D., II, 275; S. D., II, 619. The sevenFire, 216:Manasaputras, or the seven types of wisdom-love. The seven qualities of wisdom, which are producedFire, 234:cosmic Being, that principle which we call love-wisdom. That is the fundamental characteristic HeFire, 235:ascension, and developing: The quality of love-wisdom, through the utilization of form by the meansFire, 236:finally merged into the one synthetic ray, the Love-Wisdom Ray (the Dragon of Wisdom, the occultFire, 236:has accomplished His purpose. He is perfected love-wisdom; his light shines forth cosmically; HisFire, 237:Ray is the vehicle for the Divine Ray of Love and Wisdom. The merging of these two is the aim ofFire, 237:are. The Logos of Will or Power. The Logos of Love and Wisdom. The Logos of Activity. The Logos ofFire, 240:desire, and their united latent demonstration, love-wisdom. In terms of Fire how might we expressFire, 241:Son. Active Intelligence and Will are united and love-wisdom, when perfected through evolution,Fire, 241:which is inherent and potential, that of love-wisdom. This is the ability to love that which isFire, 241:that of love-wisdom. This is the ability to love that which is objective or the not-self, andFire, 241:abstraction; it is something that IS. Neither is love-wisdom an abstraction. It is in process ofFire, 244:Third Logos. Mahadeva Vishnu Brahma. Will Wisdom-Love Active Intelligence. Spirit ConsciousnessFire, 244:inherently will or power, and subjectively He is love-wisdom. This latter quality is in process ofFire, 244:aid of the intelligence of Brahma, to develop love-wisdom, or the Son aspect, the Vishnu aspect. InFire, 248:within himself three major principles, - will, love-wisdom, active intelligence or adaptability -Fire, 252:within Himself three major principles - will, love-wisdom, intelligence, and their manifestationFire, 257:His cosmic causal body, a paralleling quality of love-wisdom. Third. Ability to progress, toFire, 257:synthesized into the one perfected principle of love-wisdom. This ultimate principle is His primaryFire, 262:higher principles: Active intelligence. Latent love-wisdom. [263] (The psychic nature of the MonadFire, 263:Spiritual nature. Will. The principle of buddhi. Love nature. Wisdom. The principle of manas.Fire, 263:The Divine Manasaputra. 2. Purusha - Love-Wisdom. The Vishnu aspect. On the plane of objectivity -Fire, 266:II, 669. 6th Principle - Buddhi The energy of love. - S. D., II, 649, 676. S. D., III, 58. 7thFire, 267:Atma - pure will, realization. Monadic - Will, love-wisdom, intelligence. This deals with theFire, 267:deals with the sevenfold development of inherent love-wisdom by the aid of mind. This proceedsFire, 268:Who are [268] actively intelligent, inherently love, and are objectively seen through Their forms,Fire, 268:plane developing intelligence, are inherently love, and can be objectively contacted on the sevenFire, 268:is also developing intelligence, is inherently love, and is objectively seen through one or otherFire, 268:planetary Logos and of a man. Active intelligent love (the bringing forth from latency of theFire, 268:forth from latency of the inherent quality of love by the intelligent application of the mindFire, 268:dual, life-form, so subjectivity is dual, mind-love, and the blending of the two producesFire, 268:nurtured during manifestation, - perfect love and perfect intelligence showing forth then as activeFire, 268:showing forth then as active intelligent love-wisdom. We might, therefore, answer the questions:Fire, 268:evolve in order to develop the faculty of active love, When the Logos, Who is active intelligence,Fire, 269:has run His [269] lifecycle, He will be also love fully manifested throughout Nature. This can beFire, 279:Human consciousness 4. Intelligent activity, love or perfected feeling or realization and will, orFire, 288:with: The seven Rays, the Lords of Sacrifice, Love and Knowledge. The seven states ofFire, 289:of the earlier acquired faculty into applied Love. This is His work in the same sense that the workFire, 290:of mind, transmuted in due course of time into love-wisdom, and entail the conscious control of theFire, 317:makes Itself known as the Will-to-be, Desire or Love-of-Being, and that active intelligent purposeFire, 339:Vibrations, engendered by will, working through love-wisdom, and energizing substance. All thatFire, 339:principle has for its distinctive quality love, and demonstrates as wisdom working through love andFire, 339:love, and demonstrates as wisdom working through love and producing: Unity between all Selves.Fire, 339:are distinctively along the line of what we call love. Effective work in connection with evolution,Fire, 339:the entity ever in view, working it out through love in substantial form. Fire, 340:a solar system. Transmuted manas into wisdom or love. Synthesized the Rays of Activity orFire, 340:to merge this synthesis into the higher one of love-wisdom. To sum it all up in words of fire: TheFire, 387:Entities at Their stage of evolution are active love-wisdom and embody in Themselves the twoFire, 395:as its directing Intelligence acts with wisdom-love or otherwise. The manasic principle actuatesFire, 402:intelligent substance, in order to demonstrate Love-Wisdom; all this is based on purpose, and hasFire, 403:stage of development, is being transmuted into Love-Wisdom. When three fifths of the units (devaFire, 411:between these two factors of mind and love-wisdom, or the two laws of Attraction and Synthesis,Fire, 428:[428] Rays of Aspect: 1. Will or Power. 2. Love or Wisdom. 3. Adaptability or active intelligenceFire, 444:The mother. The Brahma or matter aspect. Love-Wisdom Dragon of Wisdom Seven Heavenly Men. SevenFire, 462:man to fan the emotional instinct (or the embryo love aspect) through the segregating of theFire, 511:units in the Body of the Dragon of Wisdom or of Love. This a man achieves when he can functionFire, 511:is that the second aspect of the Logos (that of love or the manifestation of the love nature of theFire, 511:Logos (that of love or the manifestation of the love nature of the Logos through the medium of theFire, 511:desire. Vibrant to the key of the cosmic Ray of Love. The form through which this ray of cosmicFire, 511:Love. The form through which this ray of cosmic Love (shown in the interrelation between the SelfFire, 511:by the cosmic Law of Attraction. The monads of love are the dominating quality. (I choose this wordFire, 512:perforce to use handicapping, misleading words) LOVE. This will account for the fact that the forceFire, 512:degree, via the solar Logos in His system of love, and the planetary Logos within a scheme, theFire, 512:Logos within a scheme, the Dragon of Wisdom-Love. This force when rightly directed and properlyFire, 512:the human unit a Master of the Wisdom, a Lord of Love, a Dragon of Wisdom in lesser degree.Fire, 513:Men, the Dragons Who are Unity and Who are Love. Through Them this force flows, and They in turnFire, 513:with the seven young ones. It is the Logos of love-wisdom with the seven planetary Logoi. It is theFire, 513:seven planes with their animating principles. Love-Wisdom is the manifestation of the astral (orFire, 530:Energy. Will. Form - Quality or shape. Nature. Love. Matter - Objective sphere. IntelligentFire, 534:controlled by mind, and are the dispensers of love-wisdom by means of certain of the "Halls ofFire, 537:- Will - Spirit. The Heart center - The Ego - Love - Consciousness. The Throat center - TheFire, 538:- Spirit. Existence. Unity. The Son - Soul. Love-Wisdom. Duality. Mother - Matter. The Trinity. andFire, 539:calls Them the Lords of Knowledge, the Lords of Love and the Lords of Sacrifice. Each of Them is aFire, 539:through physical plane experience. The Petal of Love for the physical plane. Unfolds throughFire, 539:relationships, and the gradual growth of love from love of self to love of others. [540] The PetalFire, 539:and the gradual growth of love from love of self to love of others. [540] The Petal of SacrificeFire, 539:the gradual growth of love from love of self to love of others. [540] The Petal of Sacrifice forFire, 540:fully developed. b. Second Group of Petals - Love Petals: The Petal of Knowledge, for the astralFire, 540:he begins to comprehend causes. The Petal of Love for the astral plane; unfoldment is brought aboutFire, 540:through the process of gradually transmuting the love of the subjective nature or of the SelfFire, 540:as a man strives to turn his attention to the love of the Real. The Petal of Sacrifice for theFire, 541:for a return of that which he gives and for love from those he seeks to serve, but it is of a muchFire, 541:with the coloring of the other two subsidiary; Love, on the astral plane, with the light ofFire, 541:is seen is colored by that light. The Petal of Love on the mental plane is unfolded [542] throughFire, 544:of each of the three aspects - will or power, love-wisdom, and active intelligence. [545] Each ofFire, 546:be the first to open, but the second petal of love will almost parallel its development, being forFire, 569:Aspect - 1st Aspect. The Law of Attraction - The Love Aspect - 2nd Aspect. The Law of Economy - The
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