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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOVE

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Fire, 1042:is a sphere. The quality of the sheath is latent love. The matter of the sheath is activeFire, 1043:are working at the desire consciousness (the love nature) of the planetary Logos. The informingFire, 1043:is seeking to make manifest the desire, or love nature, of the planetary Logos. The three subhumanFire, 1063:Energy. Will. Form - Quality or shape. Nature. Love. Matter - Objective sphere. IntelligentFire, 1112:Pitri - Knowledge petals. Ego - Solar Angel - Love petals. Monad - Father in Heaven - SacrificeFire, 1114:- Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind The Love Wisdom Petals The streams of energy playingFire, 1114:solar system, being the system of regenerative love. b. Another form of influencing energyFire, 1115:- that one which reaches the second tier of love petals, via the buddhic permanent atom. The energyFire, 1115:scheme. The life of the greatest cosmic Lord of Love pulsates in infinitesimal degree [1116] in theFire, 1116:forces absorbed from the personal self, of love forces which are the natural energies of the solarFire, 1118:living fire which extend to the tips of the four love petals and the four sacrifice petals. ThisFire, 1119:knowledge is superseded by divine wisdom and the love petals have their forces equally absorbed.Fire, 1123:major center. The physical brain. Group II. The Love Petals. The love petal in each circle. [1124]Fire, 1123:physical brain. Group II. The Love Petals. The love petal in each circle. [1124] The centers on theFire, 1124:knowledge petals in the two inner groups, as the love-wisdom aspect is atrophied in his case. HeFire, 1125:incarnation. They have achieved mind, and need love. Some few, through a mysterious cycle of eventsFire, 1168:which is the key to this solar system of love, our system being a "Son of Necessity" or of desire.Fire, 1171:- Knowledge petals. The Law of Solar Light - Love petals. The Law of Solar Fire - Sacrifice petals.Fire, 1173:11. The Law of the Schools. (The Law of Love and Light.) This is a mysterious term used to coverFire, 1180:lotus, or the attractive quality of cosmic love. This force is transmitted to the solar system inFire, 1184:certain places. The places where the streams of love energy cross the streams of will and karmicFire, 1186:Lotus (two petalled). Heart of the Sun. Cosmic Love (The Son). Solar Fire. Harmony. Equilibrium. 3.Fire, 1186:Causal Body. Lotus. Egoic Groups. Systemic Love. Solar Fire. Harmony. Balance. 3. Physical PlaneFire, 1194:demonstrating the three aspects of knowledge, love and will and all taking form. This may seem toFire, 1199:aloof from incarnation." Lords of Sacrifice and Love are They, but They cannot pass out of theFire, 1200:They are the "Lords of Sacrifice" and "Lords of Love," the flower of Atma-buddhi. In studying theseFire, 1200:marriage of spirit and matter, based on the love and desire of the Logos, but each hierarchy alsoFire, 1204:fifth Hierarchy are called "The Hearts of Fiery Love"; they save through love, and in their turnFire, 1204:"The Hearts of Fiery Love"; they save through love, and in their turn these lives are peculiarlyFire, 1204:lives are peculiarly close to the great Heart of Love of the solar Logos. These great redeemingFire, 1204:linking them up with "the Son of Divine Love," the manifested solar system, which is said to be aFire, 1222:3. Spiritual impulse, or energy. Ray of Love Wisdom. 4. Construction of forms through groupFire, 1222:group intercourse. 5. Stimulation of desire, the love principle. 6. Soul impulse, or energy. Ray ofFire, 1225:are, therefore, one and all an expression of His love nature, and it is for this reason that buddhiFire, 1226:of cosmic buddhi, and the downpouring of a love which has its source in the Heart of the SolarFire, 1226:OUR LOGOS, HE OF WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID. It is love limiting itself by desire, and for that whichFire, 1226:by desire, and for that which is desired. It is love pouring itself out into forms which areFire, 1226:is not possible to picture the revelation of the Love of the solar Logos as it reveals itself toFire, 1226:At each step along the Path, the extent of that love and sacrifice is opened up as the discipleFire, 1226:be in tiny measure also a Lord of Sacrifice and Love. It can only be appreciated as the two innerFire, 1226:one of which hides an aspect of the sevenfold Love of God as it is revealed through the hierarchyFire, 1226:the Son reveals it, Who is the sumtotal of the Love of God. We might at the same time consider theFire, 1236:or Logoi I. The Father - Will. II. The Son - Love-Wisdom. III. The Holy Spirit - ActiveFire, 1236:Four Rays of Attribute. I. Will or Power II. Love-Wisdom III. Active Intelligence. | 4. Harmony orFire, 1236:Manu. b. Master Jupiter. c. Master M. II. The Love-Wisdom Aspect. B. The Bodhisattva. (The Christ.Fire, 1243:principle. This being the solar system of love-wisdom, or of astral buddhic development, the fourthFire, 1244:rays. These three form the synthetic ray of Love-Wisdom by the time the sons of men have taken theFire, 1249:in the following words: "The seven Brothers love each other, yet each seeketh for many aeons theFire, 1250:fact that this system predominantly expresses love or attractive energy and our Logos is as yetFire, 1250:are then known as "Absolute sparks of parental love," or (in the exoteric language of theFire, 1251:men who at this time search for the "heat of the love nature" of the human unit and who add to thatFire, 1252:Lords of Sacrifice, and are animated solely by love, and all have therefore passed through theFire, 1261:but the seven subrays of one great ray, that of Love-Wisdom. This ray Path is the one upon whichFire, 1263:emotions, which are but a lower manifestation of love-desire. Aquarius is a force center from whichFire, 1268:is heard to say: "Son of Compassion, Master of Love and Life, the wheel turns all the time forFire, 1269:With eye intent and heart alive with burning love the Master utters not the final Word. He stepsFire, 1279:cosmic note - apportioned to the Lord of Cosmic Love Whose essence is the fire - the sacred Name isFire, 1279:Us on the greater cosmic plane. Then life and love and power shew forth as one. The cosmic Lord,Fire, 1280:source of cosmic action, and the gain of cosmic love. The triple All enters - from out of time andGlamour, 2:The intuition is not a welling forth of love to people and, therefore, an understanding of them.Glamour, 3:its highest point, it is known as that Universal Love which has no relation to sentiment or to theGlamour, 4:understanding involves an increased ability to love all beings and yet, at the same time, toGlamour, 4:can be so easily founded on an inability to love, in a selfish concern for one's own comfort -Glamour, 4:enters, it is not the activity of the intuition. Love. As earlier said, this is not affectionateGlamour, 5:discipline which will work out in your life as love, light and understanding. When the theory isGlamour, 6:have to learn to destroy, when prompted by group love and acting under the Will or first rayGlamour, 6:to build, acting ever under the impulse of group love and utilizing the power of attachment in aGlamour, 8:plane as illumination, understanding and love. In the first instance, the objective of the study ofGlamour, 16:increased inner relationship, and a "spirit of love" has been shed abroad among you through theGlamour, 24:and the illumination of the mind, plus love and intention will accomplish much. To this service, IGlamour, 37:more united on account of the strong stand in love taken by the other group members. May I remindGlamour, 37:and I.B.S. of their deep indebtedness to the love of their brothers. The group love protected them.Glamour, 37:to the love of their brothers. The group love protected them. I.B.S. has gone a long way in freeingGlamour, 52:technique, plus the desire to serve and to love, he achieves alignment. He becomes then aware ofGlamour, 53:can be naught but a channel through which love can pour, and light can shine. This pouring throughGlamour, 74:from the thralldom of money and the love of possessions. Today that higher rhythm is commensurateGlamour, 76:and owning a measure of freedom from the love of gold (symbolic way of speaking of the glamor ofGlamour, 76:their sentimental understanding of the nature of love. Love, for many people, for the majorityGlamour, 76:sentimental understanding of the nature of love. Love, for many people, for the majority indeed, isGlamour, 76:people, for the majority indeed, is not really love but a mixture of the desire to love and theGlamour, 76:not really love but a mixture of the desire to love and the desire to be loved, plus a willingnessGlamour, 77:by the glamor of sentiment. It is this pseudo-love, based primarily on a theory of love andGlamour, 77:this pseudo-love, based primarily on a theory of love and service, which characterizes so manyGlamour, 77:sentiment for them and knowing little of the love of the soul which is free itself and leavesGlamour, 77:and see its true meaning. Affection is not love. It is that desire which we express through anGlamour, 77:by the pouring in of true and selfless love. I am but touching with brevity upon these glamors forGlamour, 78:its desires, and intentions. Or: The pure love of the soul which is not personalized in any way andGlamour, 115:Warrior so that the two groups of forces which I love may be resolved into a unity? How can I findGlamour, 115:of this impasse? Why must I hurt that which I love and through which I have expressed myself forGlamour, 121:others and upon groups. RAY II The glamor of the love of being loved. The glamor of popularity. TheGlamour, 132:which have the warrant and the sanction of LOVE. It is, for instance, no illusion that the ideaGlamour, 135:the basic principle of the solar system, Love, through the imposed control of some secondary andGlamour, 137:evoked through the depth and intensity of his love - as it was in his Master, the Christ. Those whoGlamour, 138:[138] disastrous authoritarian position. The love of God, and the true spiritual incentive whichGlamour, 138:of the priesthood in all the world religions. Love is not the guide, the indicator and theGlamour, 138:their preoccupation with reality and their deep love of humanity have released the intuition. WhenGlamour, 142:and must learn to work with pure faith and love. The less he feels and the less he is preoccupiedGlamour, 143:your mind focused on the soul, whose nature is LOVE. Let a few minutes' interlude then take placeGlamour, 147:the Germans and the Jews merit our impersonal love, particularly as they are both guilty (if I mayGlamour, 147:your group meditation and pour out your group love upon both these divisions of your brothers in
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