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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOVE

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Healing, 268:of God. This the Jew has never grasped, for the love expressed in the Old Testament is theHealing, 268:in the Old Testament is the separate, possessive love of Jehovah for a distinct unit within theHealing, 268:of other nations, and to express inclusive love, instead of separate unhappiness. And what of theHealing, 303:grew dim and disappeared. The objects of His love slowly faded out. Only a world of shadows, ofHealing, 303:Angel of Bewilderment. Naught is clear to me. I love yet all seems wrong! I know that love is rightHealing, 303:to me. I love yet all seems wrong! I know that love is right and the spirit of the universe. WhatHealing, 304:give them understanding. He knew not then that love sustains." The effects of this ray force areHealing, 305:goal, and the second divine aspect, that of love, has to be manifested, and manifested through theHealing, 332:conveys the soul quality of intelligence, plus love-wisdom, and which constitutes what weHealing, 343:second ray could more effectively transfuse our love quality into brothers on the first ray, andHealing, 345:as possible, and where the interplay of love may produce an effective stimulation. But this is notHealing, 345:What exists in you exists in all, and the love quality (above all other qualities) is the dominantHealing, 353:to all who seek your aid the fullest measure of love, for love releases, love adjusts andHealing, 353:seek your aid the fullest measure of love, for love releases, love adjusts and interprets, and loveHealing, 353:the fullest measure of love, for love releases, love adjusts and interprets, and love heals, on allHealing, 353:love releases, love adjusts and interprets, and love heals, on all three planes. Healing, 356:Can we have some understanding of the part that love has to play in the art of healing?" I canHealing, 356:under direction of some kind. As to the part love has to play in the healing process: Love is theHealing, 356:part love has to play in the healing process: Love is the life expression of God Himself; love isHealing, 356:Love is the life expression of God Himself; love is the coherent force which makes all things wholeHealing, 356:(I would have you ponder upon this phrase), and love is all that is. The main characteristic of theHealing, 357:region of the application and the expression of love. Personality force is emotional, full ofHealing, 357:and they are completely occupied with group love, group activity and group purpose. Why then is itHealing, 358:ability of failure rightly met. So let true love, silent, uncomplaining, non-critical andHealing, 360:for planned service, for the distribution of love, and come into conscious alignment with theHealing, 361:His Name"? But these words must be spoken with love and will behind them or else they are but anHealing, 364:person forward on an ever-deepening stream of love. Through the power of the creative imagination,Healing, 365:whom you want to help, follow them with your love, remembering that they are still the same people,Healing, 372:Let simplicity be your guide and one-pointed love your major objective. Choose a field of serviceHealing, 374:as a unit and with true interplay of love, such a group can then begin to do some definite healingHealing, 388:correct adjustments, an uprising of a spirit of love and the negation of what may have been deepHealing, 393:at-one-ment. There is only a great principle of love animating the entire universe; there is theHealing, 393:our own salvation, actuated by the principle of love and light, and incited thereto by the exampleHealing, 393:God, the planetary Logos, the Eternal Heart of Love Whom Christ revealed. As these erroneous ideasHealing, 394:the fear and horror of death is founded upon the love of form - our own form, the forms of those weHealing, 394:of form - our own form, the forms of those we love and the form of our familiar surroundings andHealing, 394:surroundings and environment. Yet this type of love runs counter to all our teaching anent theHealing, 400:of death, needless to say, is founded upon the love of life which is the deepest instinct in humanHealing, 405:enters permanently "into the clear cold light of love and life" and no longer needs (as far as heHealing, 416:purpose in view of demonstrating perfectly the love side of His nature. Back of this design lies aHealing, 417:aspect of development called the "heart" or "love aspect," and the interest that is awakened by theHealing, 417:and heartbeat, lie their subjective analogies - love, feeling, emotion, desire, harmony, synthesisHealing, 420:The subjective life, the synthesis of will and love taking active form, is withdrawn. TheHealing, 421:of another quality to the logic content, that of love and wisdom. Therefore, at the next solarHealing, 421:be colored by active intelligence and by active love. This means literally that the aggregate ofHealing, 426:hears My voice, a voice unheard by those who love to thieve. The order will go forth again and yetHealing, 433:as an expression of the second aspect, love-wisdom. This attractive principle is found in allHealing, 442:intelligently, and applied [442] in a spirit of love upon the physical plane, it fails to fulfilHealing, 446:and to re-enter. In a few cases, great personal love for those left behind, or the non-fulfilmentHealing, 450:the sumtotal of creativity, based upon magnetic love) must return to the reservoir of life andHealing, 450:of two divine aspects - creative activity and love - he is now focused in the highest aspect andHealing, 471:of the destroyer, releasing the life. "God is love" connotes the second aspect and portrays God asHealing, 471:of Dying is carried forward, and that it is the love aspect, the second aspect of divinity, whichHealing, 473:to fulfil, as far as in them lies, the law of love; and the solar plexus for the undeveloped andHealing, 490:levels of the astral plane) sentient of outgoing love and aspiration; the man is engrossed withHealing, 510:finally by the activity of the quality of pure love; this pure love increasingly expresses itselfHealing, 510:activity of the quality of pure love; this pure love increasingly expresses itself as the higherHealing, 511:is characterized by pure mind, pure reason, pure love and pure will. A "Lord of Sacrifice" Who,Healing, 516:transcended. An over-shadowing sense of outgoing love towards those who are, as yet, seekingHealing, 517:of the knowledge petals and the energy of the love petals are now so actively fused and blendedHealing, 525:of divinity, or by simply pouring out love and the expression of a vague mysticism. It comesHealing, 527:these three qualities and also work through love? Power to control the will and work through love.Healing, 527:love? Power to control the will and work through love. "The healer...must keep the will in leash."Healing, 527:the sentimental and mystical desire to love the patient negates all efforts to hold the will inHealing, 528:of power behind all expression of the energy of love. Power eventually to wield the Law of Life. OfHealing, 535:in leash. It is not will that must be used, but love. Law X Hearken, O Disciple, to the call whichHealing, 546:heresy of separateness, and because hate and not love controls. Forget not that he who loveth notHealing, 555:keep a steady flow of the positive energy of love pouring out towards the patient. This willHealing, 556:act of the will. He will then realize that the love pouring from him to the patient will preventHealing, 571:- Will. The third eye - agent of the soul - Love. The right eye - distributor of buddhic energy.Healing, 588:as a duality; it expresses itself as will and love, as atma-buddhi and these two energies whenHealing, 588:then there is demonstrated in the planet will, love, and mind or intelligence; orHealing, 589:lowest. Life differentiates itself into will and love, into great impulsing energies which underlieHealing, 616:history, transmitted the cosmic energy of love directly to the physical plane of our planet, andHealing, 616:This should indicate to you that though the love energy is the second aspect of divinity, theHealing, 616:in a peculiar sense to the healing quality of love. According to The New Testament, this qualityHealing, 619:system, is related to the energy which we call Love, and this energy is magnetic attraction. TheHealing, 619:The energy of will. 2. The Hierarchy The ray of love-wisdom The second aspect The energy of love.Healing, 619:of love-wisdom The second aspect The energy of love. 3. Humanity The ray of active intelligence TheHealing, 627:by the power of thought or by the potency of love, as is the case presented today by the variousHealing, 659:general idea that they are an expression of the love aspect of Deity. That is essentially true,Healing, 659:if it is recognized at the same time that the love aspect is essentially pure reason and not anHealing, 659:accompanies this law deals with the relation of love and will, and is consequently of highHealing, 672:in leash. It is not will which must be used, but love. These three basic requirements concernHealing, 674:an unclogged channel for the inflow of pure love. Perfect poise, viewed from the same level, hasHealing, 674:disciple then functions as a clear channel for love. Divine Understanding must also be studied fromHealing, 674:and can therefore reflect the pure reason (pure love) which qualifies the reflections of the Son ofHealing, 675:simply the application of the principle of pure love (pure reason) to all men and to allHealing, 677:not really helped. So the instruction is to use love, and here a major difficulty emerges. How canHealing, 677:major difficulty emerges. How can the healer use love, freed from its emotional or lower quality,Healing, 677:preoccupied with himself, with the definition of love, and with the determination to heal theHealing, 677:need not brood or worry about the nature of pure love, or endeavor too ardently to understand howHealing, 677:ardently to understand how pure reason and pure love are synonymous terms, or whether he can showHealing, 677:terms, or whether he can show sufficient love to effect a healing. Let him ponder on the threeHealing, 677:channel and the hindrances to the inflow of pure love will be automatically removed for "as a manHealing, 677:then, without obstruction or difficulty, pure love will pour through him and the patient will beHealing, 686:- intelligent application. Duty - responsible love. [687] Dharma - will, expressed through theHealing, 695:forces which unitedly compose the primary Ray of Love-Wisdom. This is the second ray of our solarHealing, 696:the second subray of that ray - the ray of love-wisdom in each ray. By means of this, he becomesHealing, 696:The healer must learn to work through the love aspect and not through the wisdom aspect. This takes
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