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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOVE

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Magic, 44:correspondences to the monad, who is will and love-wisdom, or atma-buddhi, according to the occultMagic, 44:active intelligence of the soul. The heart, the love wisdom of the soul, the buddhi or ChristMagic, 50:soul likewise - the force of will, and of love, or of atma and buddhi, and it is the play of theseMagic, 64:of us calling us forth into the realm of light, love and service and [65] producing a cyclicMagic, 75:beats in tune with low desire, nor wastes its love upon the things that group and hide the Real. ItMagic, 75:the Real. It beats with rhythm new; it pours its love upon the Real, and Maya fades away. Kama andMagic, 75:fades away. Kama and heart are close allied; love and desire form one whole - one seen at night,Magic, 75:the other in the light of day... "When fire and love and mind submit themselves, sounding theMagic, 81:these other lives and diverse evolutions until love supersedes concrete mind (even though he may,Magic, 81:besides his own Hierarchy). Mind separates; love attracts. Mind creates a barrier betwixt a man andMagic, 81:barrier betwixt a man and every suppliant deva. Love breaks down every barrier, and fuses diverseMagic, 81:off all that hinders its whirling periphery. Love gathers all to itself, and carries all on withMagic, 81:scorching and burning aught that approaches it. Love soothes and heals by the similarity of itsMagic, 81:Finally, mind disrupts and destroys whilst love produces coherence and heals. [82] Magic, 87:and heart is the second aspect perfected; the love of the soul can express itself perfectly throughMagic, 88:it two other potentialities, that of spiritual love and spiritual life. These must in due time makeMagic, 89:in the brain of man. Intelligent activity and love wisdom must be united, and the union must takeMagic, 89:as a unit, and the motivating principle is love. The soul, expressing love and abstractMagic, 89:principle is love. The soul, expressing love and abstract intelligence, is at one with itsMagic, 90:as transmitters of that spiritual energy we call love is the promised reward of the triumphantMagic, 102:who lives consciously as a soul, whose nature is love, whose method is inclusiveness, and to whomMagic, 103:free passage can be given to the forces of true love, and to those spiritual energies which seem toMagic, 103:This will result in being a channel for the love aspect of the soul. Harmlessness in act. This willMagic, 109:is not to serve because they know rather than love God, Who, after all, is but their innermostMagic, 110:Is not true knowledge a species of intellectual love? If a poet can pen an ode to intellectualMagic, 110:predominantly mental and for him the path of the Love of God would be unsuited. The Love of God isMagic, 110:path of the Love of God would be unsuited. The Love of God is shed abroad in his heart and to aMagic, 110:with the view of interpreting that knowledge in love to all. [111] Responsible love, demonstratedMagic, 111:that knowledge in love to all. [111] Responsible love, demonstrated in duty to group and family, isMagic, 111:for him the line of least resistance. Universal love, raying out to all nature and all forms ofMagic, 115:with a constant endeavor to follow the law of love and see only the divine in your brothers, e'enMagic, 115:all He does. The basis of all Logic action is love in activity, and the fundamental idea on whichMagic, 115:with the human Hierarchy is the power of love to drive onward, - call it evolution, if you like,Magic, 115:inherent urge, should you so prefer, but it is love causing motion and urging onward to completion.Magic, 115:of the lesser organizations, if founded on love leading to activity, would lead to a divine urge inMagic, 116:good of the greatest number. That a man should love his wife is a statement of a principleMagic, 116:into the greater principle that a man must love his fellow men. Principles are of three kinds andMagic, 116:governing the higher Self and dealing with the love or wisdom aspect. It is with these that we areMagic, 117:that these higher principles, having to do with love or wisdom in all their fullness, are only nowMagic, 117:personality and in service learns the power of love in its occult significance. He spends andMagic, 118:for they are the basic principles of this love system. The trouble today is that men are confused.Magic, 118:inherent now, and a few of the higher egoic or love principles are seeping through into theirMagic, 118:must eventually be transcended by the higher love life that seeks the good of the group and not ofMagic, 119:active personal life and substitutes the life of love or wisdom as led by the ego can he begin toMagic, 119:he begin to understand the scope of that life of love and know it as demonstrated power. Just asMagic, 119:lower self, and the ego works with the law of love as demonstrated in group work, or love showingMagic, 119:law of love as demonstrated in group work, or love showing itself in the synthesis of the many intoMagic, 119:few, so the Monad deals with the active life of love shown in power through the synthesis of theMagic, 120:path of Knowledge has been added to the path of Love, he can never take the major initiations, forMagic, 120:can be felt; the Beloved can be reached by love, and the bliss and the joy of this contact canMagic, 120:is that of the occultist and the sage; that of love is that of the mystic and the saint. The headMagic, 120:saintly mystic. True knowledge is intelligent love, for it is the blending of the intellect and theMagic, 121:magical work and for labor on the plane of mind. Love is the great unifier, the prime attractiveMagic, 121:and the utilizer of the energies of the cosmos. Love attracts, but the mind attracts, repels andMagic, 126:plan. Only the soul, whose nature is intelligent love can be trusted with the knowledge, theMagic, 138:with personalities, and yet keep the link of love intact. This counts perhaps more than men realizeMagic, 138:and a man who can stand for principle and yet love all human beings - refusing compromise and yetMagic, 138:ends or who use unworthy methods. Give to them love and care and a ready helping hand, for theyMagic, 145:an active liberating force, a wisdom and a love that we call a Son of God. "Through the many SonsMagic, 153:to apprehend it, - and knowing also that the love and wisdom and understanding of the watchingMagic, 162:which are the joy of the soul - wisdom, love and power to serve. Peace, assurance and rightMagic, 163:must fail to penetrate, and through which the love of human beings, the lovely and beautiful andMagic, 171:the Hierarchy is depending upon them. Ambition, love of power, and the self-sufficiency whichMagic, 192:a realization of group consciousness, of group love, and group purpose which makes the aspirant aMagic, 195:body. The nervous system and brain. 2. That of love-wisdom, through the medium of the heart center.Magic, 195:its line is as follows: Monad. Buddhi. Spiritual love. The intuition. The second circle of petalsMagic, 195:second circle of petals in the egoic lotus, the love petals. The astral body. The heart center. TheMagic, 197:creative faculty, to be animated by divine love, and to bring into functioning activity the Will,Magic, 197:in his plans and concepts; he has to learn to love collectively and purely, and not be actuated byMagic, 204:turn, surely and steadily superseded by a vital love for humanity, and love of one individual (beMagic, 204:superseded by a vital love for humanity, and love of one individual (be he ever so perfect) is lostMagic, 204:(be he ever so perfect) is lost sight of in love for the whole brotherhood of men. Unceasingly, asMagic, 204:steadily manifests, this too is superseded by love of the ideal, of the Plan, and of the purposesMagic, 204:service to an individual as an expression of love, to the family, or to the nation, there growsMagic, 212:The development of the buddhic or wisdom-love aspect in the solar Angel demonstrates his fitnessMagic, 232:their choice with dispassion and are prompted by love and the desire to serve. [235] Magic, 236:in white magic, which is [236] based on love, animated by wisdom and intelligently applied toMagic, 237:which are prompted by boundless and infinite love, and are the expression of the One Life. This isMagic, 239:"dweller on the threshold", just as ambition and love of power, backed by frantic desire andMagic, 239:happenings. Their fears are wrapt in seeming love around their loved ones. Yet should each discipleMagic, 246:of divine manifestation which carries the love of God to all forms on the physical plane. Again heMagic, 248:the buddhic vehicle, of the plane of spiritual love, and when the three above enumerated (in theirMagic, 261:through the group of all true servers. "May the Love of the One Soul characterize the lives of allMagic, 263:Purely astral maybe the aim of the devotee - love of wife or child, or family, pride of race, loveMagic, 263:love of wife or child, or family, pride of race, love of popularity, or lust of some kind - to themMagic, 263:Higher still may be the form of his devotion, - love of art, or science or philosophy, the lifeMagic, 265:work at the plasticity of the astral body. In love of all that breathes comes capacity to vibrateMagic, 267:the atoms in substance. The potency of the love aspects - as wielded by the soul - is lacking. TheMagic, 274:currents embody His will and desire, express His love or attractive capacity, and manifest as thatMagic, 274:of its trend, for it lies beyond mind and love and will. It brings into play factors [275] forMagic, 279:and so produce that which his will commands, his love desires, and his need creates. Let himMagic, 288:to the Center, and enter thus into the Heart of Love Divine. Then from that point of sentient Life,Magic, 301:and to re-enter. In a few cases, great personal love for those left behind or the non-fulfilment ofMagic, 305:to make good, the fear that we may not gain the love and admiration of those we love, the fear thatMagic, 305:may not gain the love and admiration of those we love, the fear that others despise us or look downMagic, 314:the case (this not being a sacred planet.) The love and thought of that divine Life is turnedMagic, 316:in order to serve with greater efficiency and to love with greater intelligence. Forget not that inMagic, 316:Forget not that in the last analysis, love and emotion are not the same. [317] The practicalMagic, 317:in right thought (because based on intelligent love), right speech (because governed byMagic, 321:in its pure essence. We call it the "love of God". It is indeed that free flowing, outgoing,
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