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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOVE

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Rays, 516:and the Mysteries of Initiation Ray Two - Love-Wisdom Again the first two stages of Intention andRays, 521:the responsive impact of that "All surrounding Love" upon the lesser vibration. It is only now thatRays, 526:It must be remembered that intelligence and love were present upon Earth, the first in greaterRays, 526:greater Sons of God possessed a potency and a love of humanity which, even at the close of manyRays, 527:on Earth "the Will of God in the matrix of love" (as it has been esoterically called). He pointedRays, 527:aspects, thus giving "shape and substance to love"; this had been sequentially fostered by severalRays, 527:by manifesting in its fullness the nature of love, thus permitting the full expression ofRays, 527:of love, thus permitting the full expression of love-wisdom in its dual aspect - the one aspectRays, 528:"first thread of living substance, irradiated by love, intelligently woven and energized by will"Rays, 535:as definitely related to the second aspect of love-wisdom as it expresses itself through createdRays, 536:they unitedly prove the livingness of the divine Love-Nature. As this revelation takes hold of theRays, 536:the Hierarchy is the expression of the energy of love. The relationship also enables themRays, 536:the cosmic physical plane the lowest aspect of love (that which we call the Will-to-Good) isRays, 536:which it sets; the second aspect we vaguely call love and hope to demonstrate that we doRays, 536:and hope to demonstrate that we do demonstrate love through our affiliation with the Hierarchy; theRays, 542:within these forms of intelligent activity, of love-wisdom and of the will-to-good. These points ofRays, 542:into greater light and nearer to the "heart of love," which is the Hierarchy. As this takes place -Rays, 551:Will The heart center - Hierarchy - 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom The throat center - Humanity - 3rd RayRays, 558:The Ray of Power, Will or Purpose The Ray of Love-Wisdom The Ray of Active Creative IntelligenceRays, 559:4 and 6 are conditioned by the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. This I much earlier pointed out. A cycleRays, 560:which its initiates had to demonstrate, and not love-wisdom, as is the case today. This expressedRays, 560:we have it, the influence of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom is slowly becoming the dominatingRays, 560:exponents) has to manifest the spirit of love through wisdom; the basis of this expression is anRays, 561:control of the mind, plus the demonstration of love in service; these are the outstandingRays, 561:and manifesting energies of intelligence and love. In the final race (lying untold ages ahead)Rays, 562:are then made; the power to include and to love in the truly esoteric sense automatically producesRays, 565:self-directed activity, of the measure of love energy which his soul can express, and of the energyRays, 571:and activities of the second divine aspect of love - will result in the ending of economic fear,Rays, 578:a form through which the lowest aspect of divine love, goodwill, can flow without impediment. FromRays, 583:oblivious of crisis and firmly anchored in the love which streams forth from the soul." Let me sumRays, 590:to the major ray of the planet, that of love-wisdom. So responsive is it that - in conjunction withRays, 591:It is profoundly susceptible to the energy of Love-Wisdom, and its fusion with the love aspect isRays, 591:energy of Love-Wisdom, and its fusion with the love aspect is given the name of "wisdom" by us,Rays, 591:gained by experience and implemented by love. This energy, in its three aspects, is related in aRays, 593:of the world and by a stupendous inflow of love-wisdom. There is a tendency in the minds ofRays, 593:have you note them again. Ray II, the Ray of Love-Wisdom; and Ray V, the Ray of Concrete KnowledgeRays, 593:the mental plane. The second solar system of love; and the fifth root race, the Aryan race, ofRays, 593:factor which makes the revelation of love possible. Today in our Aryan age and race, we see theRays, 599:limpid pool of such reasonable response to the love of divine relationship" that the initiateRays, 599:initiate becomes a sensitive revealer of that love. The dynamic energy from the atmic plane (theRays, 601:I pointed out the close relation between love and mind, as follows: Ray II and Ray V Plane II andRays, 604:this Principle. The factor of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom as it basically controls Ray IV andRays, 608:it is based on the energy of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, just as the Principle of Conflict isRays, 611:Harmony through Conflict and the second Ray of Love-Wisdom; this second ray is primarily the ray ofRays, 611:kingdom in nature is concerned. The energy of love governs all relations between souls and controlsRays, 613:of Sharing, [613] inherent in the second Ray of Love-Wisdom which is concerned so fundamentallyRays, 614:the Major Initiations The Factor of the Ray of Love-Wisdom as it controls the Ray of HarmonyRays, 616:humanity. The mental plane. Stanza I. "Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men." TheRays, 617:conflict; the outpouring of the stimulating love of God into the hearts of men must equally andRays, 618:or influence of the energy of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. As far as humanity as a sum total isRays, 618:as they implement the "streaming forth of the love of God into the hearts of men." We have nowRays, 618:- the focal point through which the energy of love can flow. When the Christ founds His focal pointRays, 618:nature of a tiny heart center through which the love energy of the Hierarchy can persistently flow.Rays, 618:produces) causes an alignment, so that the love - streaming forth from the Heart of God - entersRays, 618:(which is the heart center or the place where love prevails upon our planet) is brought intoRays, 618:the New Group of World Servers (implementing the love of God and enlightened by the Mind of God)Rays, 619:men's hearts responsive to and receptive of the love of God; this is another way of sayingRays, 619:opportunity. Thus, eventually, the Lord of Love - in response to the invocative cry of humanity,Rays, 619:on Earth." His heart, embodying as it does the love of God, is drawn forth from the heart of theRays, 619:mind through the inclusiveness of the divine love nature. You have, therefore, as a guarantee ofRays, 619:originates. This will-to-good is essential love. [620] The Hierarchy, which is the planetary heartRays, 620:heart center. The Christ, the very heart of love within the Hierarchy. The initiates, disciples andRays, 620:Group of World Servers, seeking to embody the love and light needed in the world today. The heartsRays, 620:of goodwill in all lands who are responsive to love as it can express itself through right humanRays, 620:The focal point through which the Lord of Love will work on Earth. If you will study this sixfoldRays, 620:will study this sixfold progression of divine love from the highest manifestation of Deity down toRays, 627:soul of the country is conditioned by the Ray of Love-Wisdom. In this you have the presentation ofRays, 629:assumption of power, a growing incentive to love and a shouldering of responsibility. The conflictRays, 629:The conflict in the United States is between a love of freedom which amounts almost toRays, 629:of the country's personality, and the 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom, which governs the soul of theRays, 630:States: [630] The energy of the soul Ray of Love-Wisdom Ray II The energy of the personality Ray ofRays, 632:or Power In the USA. - right human relations - Love-Wisdom In the U.S.S.R. - right use of the mindRays, 639:and aspirants. Through the pouring out of love or of the Christ consciousness upon the masses onRays, 641:are both along the line of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. All these Rays of Attribute were - inRays, 642:in connection with the 5th Initiation. Ray II. - Love-Wisdom, active in connection with the 7thRays, 644:energy in its highest aspect is the Ray of Love-Wisdom, and this is now contacted; this is madeRays, 645:from that high place, atma-buddhi-manas (will, love and intelligent action) can be seen in unitedRays, 645:humanity by means of the three phrases: God is Love. Goodwill. The Will-to-Good. These threeRays, 645:Will-to-Good. He has developed in Himself "the love necessary to salvation, His own and that ofRays, 647:this is the lowest aspect of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, implemented and strengthened by theRays, 647:scientists today (and particularly those who love their fellowmen) [648] are not only visioning theRays, 654:which explains our present solar system, "God is Love," we shall have a dynamic expression of theRays, 654:(and is therefore expressing intelligent love), will be attempted. This statement is necessarilyRays, 660:that, humanity must respond to the light and the love which are the preparatory streams ofRays, 667:They should assume that all those who truly love their fellowmen, who are interested in theRays, 680:platform, but is based on personal ambitions, love of power and on interpretations of the writingsRays, 688:initiation. Initiation VII. The second Ray of Love-Wisdom is here active, as the major planetaryRays, 689:dominating ray of our planet - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom - is employed. There is no energy uponRays, 690:controlled by the energy of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, though this dominant ray is modified andRays, 702:for the first time in world history the love principle of divinity) to be the Head of theRays, 709:the group which he has attempted to serve with love and understanding. All disciples of anyRays, 715:he has only sought to be an exponent of the love of God; now he must express, with increasingRays, 716:holds all things within the circle of the divine love. Since its impact during the past few years,Rays, 716:with the energy to which we give the name of love. They have cut themselves off from the spiritualRays, 716:from the spiritual Hierarchy, through Whom the love of the planetary Logos reaches the forms in theRays, 718:has to use the dynamic or the potency of the Love of God; on the Way of the Higher Evolution, itRays, 726:itself through all created forms: the quality of love-wisdom which has animated our planetary LogosRays, 726:will always be spiritually qualified by divine love, and that will also be the underlying qualityRays, 726:You can see, therefore, why the phrase "God is Love" is really our planetary keynote. At the eighthRays, 727:part of the purpose is to liberate light and love into a wider universe and to free the solar
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