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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOVED

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Astrology, 623:Love. But humanity has to see that which must be loved before that power of the will isAstrology, 673:Vol. II, 33-35) "The planetary Logos of Venus loved the Earth so well that He incarnated and gaveAutobiography, XI:the outer comings and goings, helped her and loved her, sometimes criticized, sometimes complained,Autobiography, 18:spiritual realization, it is largely because she loved me enough to start me right. She was one ofAutobiography, 29:people in my life at that time who I felt truly loved me and believed in me. Autobiography, 34:the world but here I was. I was just 15. Nobody loved me and I knew I had a hateful disposition andAutobiography, 42:and touched and really known, Who truly loved all beings - good and bad - and Who understood themAutobiography, 54:the work and hard work it was, though I found I loved every bit of it. The first months were theAutobiography, 56:I was truly interested in my topic, if I really loved my audience and not Alice La Trobe-BatemanAutobiography, 59:days. I adored Miss Sandes, as who did not? I loved her for her beauty, for her mental strength,Autobiography, 59:and also for her rippling sense of humor. I loved her most, I believe, because I discovered thatAutobiography, 59:I believe, because I discovered that she really loved me. I shared her bedroom in the funny littleAutobiography, 62:the most puritanical spinster, and how I loved it! The canteen lot used to come to the room everyAutobiography, 65:long three weeks voyage to Bombay. I have always loved travelling (as do all Gemini people) andAutobiography, 70:are some of the memories I have of that time. I loved India. I have always hoped to go back butAutobiography, 70:for I was only there a few years, but I loved the people. Autobiography, 79:and the interest of the work gripped me and I loved every minute of it in spite of the fact that myAutobiography, 81:and talk. She was a very good Christian. She loved me and watched me grow up with much interest.Autobiography, 82:but it is of no moment. I believe he really loved me. He was an ancient gentleman with a long,Autobiography, 95:and me. She bad heard Theo's story and Theo loved me. She had heard my story - the story of aAutobiography, 95:The Bhagavad Gita, calls "skill in action." She loved me and petted me and told me not to worry. IAutobiography, 97:She had never married but she knew life and she loved people. I told her the story of Walter Evans,Autobiography, 100:basically superficial. I was doing work that I loved and I was successful at it. I was surroundedAutobiography, 105:the best that it was in her power to provide. I loved her and she was my one confidante. It wasAutobiography, 159:row and I did not enjoy this period at all. I loved some of the people on the other side very muchAutobiography, 172:impulse is heartbreaking to those of us who loved the principles and truths for which TheosophyAutobiography, 180:called "Craigie" by all of us who knew and loved her. She lived with us off and on for many yearsAutobiography, 180:us off and on for many years and was greatly loved by me and the children. She was a unique person,Autobiography, 180:care, knowing they would be safe, cared for and loved. I travelled to New York where Foster met meAutobiography, 188:than the rest of the membership and those who loved their fellowmen, who believed in progress andAutobiography, 203:than the one in Ridgefield Park and personally I loved it. I shall always remember the morningsAutobiography, 205:away but he was no protection whatsoever. He loved everybody and welcomed every bum to the house.Bethlehem, 42:thee; a Man like to me Thou shalt love and be loved by, for ever: A Hand like this hand Shall throwBethlehem, 49:in awe and wonder could now be known and loved. Today God is coming closer still, and the new ageBethlehem, 111:life alternated between the crowd whom He loved and the silence of the solitary places. First He isBethlehem, 148:of the essential nature of the Master they loved and followed, and it is this aspect of Christ -Bethlehem, 175:recorded is the reaction of those who knew and loved the Lord, and the after effects upon theBethlehem, 187:Humanity will accept the thought of a God who so loved the world that He sent His Son to give usBethlehem, 194:may live. The lower carnal nature (as St. Paul loved to call it) must die in order that the higherBethlehem, 199:perfect man, suffers with God, because God so loved the world that, immanent in it as He is, HeBethlehem, 201:of the universe. He suffered and died because He loved and cared enough for human beings toBethlehem, 205:to love, and the trouble has been that he has loved wrongly. In the early stages of his developmentBethlehem, 208:and of the desertion of those who supposedly loved Him, with His subsequent agony in the Garden ofBethlehem, 210:did, and who can love one another as Christ loved us. The way into that kingdom is the way thatBethlehem, 211:the way of love and of service. He served and loved and wrought miracles, and gathered together theBethlehem, 213:of fellow beings; desires for the happiness of loved ones; for the alleviation of pain andBethlehem, 221:and although at His feet stood those whom He loved, He was utterly alone. It is the lonelinessBethlehem, 231:to be the same to the physical eyes of those who loved Him, or whether He had constructed anBethlehem, 233:Christians were simple in this way because they loved one another, because [234] they loved ChristBethlehem, 234:they loved one another, because [234] they loved Christ and the Christ within each other. Dr.Bethlehem, 266:and the development of character of those to be loved; but in spite of all, it is a love which seesBethlehem, 266:so ready to take love. We are all so eager to be loved, because we realize, unconsciously if notBethlehem, 284:to serve as Christ served, to love all men as He loved them and, by the potency of our spiritualDestiny, 17:better conditions, and the passing away of the loved, but slowly decaying forms. The energy ofDestiny, 28:approximately the same conclusions, provided he loved his fellowmen enough to see them truly asDiscipleship1, XV:at love of their fellowmen, just as they have loved themselves in the past. Think on this withDiscipleship1, 137:To serve has long been your aim for you have loved your fellowmen and have struggled to retain thisDiscipleship1, 140:soul demands. Let not the lesser voices of the loved and near deflect you from your progress uponDiscipleship1, 218:and the unseen, the known and the unknown, the loved and that which needs loving. Such is theDiscipleship1, 250:attention to my words as you would to an older, loved and trusted friend? I ask for no more thanDiscipleship1, 336:that you will sacrifice much in order to be loved by people. This matters not at all in the case ofDiscipleship1, 366:is involved, you are prone to over-estimate the loved ones and see too much for them. Is this notDiscipleship1, 373:why be in a group of disciples, why be so much loved by those around you? Your co-disciples loveDiscipleship1, 412:love. Think of yourself as a child of God, loved by the Father, and a part of his life. DedicateDiscipleship1, 476:Are you satisfied with the way you have "loved all beings" during the past six months or has thatDiscipleship1, 516:growing spirit of criticism. You are deeply loved by your fellow disciples and the gentleness ofDiscipleship1, 518:stage with growth. One's physical care for one's loved ones may and must persist in some measure,Discipleship1, 529:the lawn, and containing every flower one ever loved! They are of every color and every fragrance,Discipleship1, 531:only to say that all the flowers one ever loved were there, - but I have planted dahlias, forDiscipleship1, 626:fear of not being understood or not adequately loved, and cares too much what others may think ofDiscipleship1, 626:with you. It is this inner "isolation," deeply loved by you and fostered by early training andDiscipleship1, 632:factor in your life which makes you magnetic and loved. You have a non-separative mind. Your astralDiscipleship1, 661:know. You love no one truly but yourself. If you loved truly and impersonally, you would not causeDiscipleship1, 767:the disciple has merited the right to be truly loved and, therefore, to be truly close to theDiscipleship2, 655:to Disciples - D.P.R. August 1946 MY TRIED AND LOVED DISCIPLE: The last few years have been yearsDiscipleship2, 696:to Disciples - D.I.J. August 1946 MY BROTHER AND LOVED FRIEND: In publishing the book DiscipleshipDiscipleship2, 741:I am speaking thus frankly to you, my tried and loved disciple, because I see more effectiveExternalisation, 63:and also today, have hated each other and loved themselves. It is caused by people in everyExternalisation, 99:achieve identification with that which must be loved. Can you follow the beauty of this concept andExternalisation, 115:saved"; "This is the destruction of the old and loved values, and it must not be permitted." ThatExternalisation, 241:fight, the overturning of that which is old and loved and the destruction of that which is inhuman,Externalisation, 255:new age will take place when mankind is truly loved and selflessly served, and when the true,Externalisation, 292:than any other Divine Emergence. They are known, loved and followed by countless millions. I wouldExternalisation, 309:It is feeling and fanatical adherence to a loved ideal which frequently stand between a discipleExternalisation, 443:they must be educated in new and better ways and loved into right understanding of theirExternalisation, 514:they saw Him, knew Him and mayhap served and loved Him. Externalisation, 557:all disciples, initiates and spiritual men have loved and followed for nearly three thousand years,Externalisation, 616:is ready and anxious publicly to appear to His loved humanity only adds to the sense of generalExternalisation, 637:unhappy and glamored exponents of this evil are loved, along with the rest of mankind. This is aGlamour, 5:soul immediate identification with that which is loved. These three words sum up the threeGlamour, 76:of the desire to love and the desire to be loved, plus a willingness to do anything to show andGlamour, 121:groups. RAY II The glamor of the love of being loved. The glamor of popularity. The glamor ofGlamour, 137:one who so achieved and he achieved because he loved so deeply, so wisely and so inclusively. HisHealing, 226:then and now, myriads of people have lived and loved and experienced; their bodies have beenHealing, 299:life. Infusion and diffusion pleased Him not. He loved and sought abstraction." As far as we canHealing, 302:III - Our Karmic Liabilities "The Great One loved Himself in others and in all forms. On everyHealing, 303:and with certainty the outlines of the forms so loved were lost, grew dim and disappeared. TheHealing, 363:with a sense of utter futility, whilst the loved one passes through the gate which leads to what,Healing, 438:cessation and the ending of all that has been loved, all that is familiar and to be desired; it isHealing, 442:as to final immortality. Unhappiness at leaving loved ones behind or of being left behind. Ancient
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