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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOVED

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Healing, 478:often unfamiliar but sometimes well known and loved. Individuality is not lost; the same person isHealing, 478:appearance of our planet. That which has been loved or hated, which has been useful to humanity orHealing, 484:imminent disappearance of the outer and usually loved form; due care must also be given to theHealing, 492:man again into relation with those he previously loved or with whom he had close contact. It can beHealing, 493:of death would disappear. The familiar and the loved will still remain the familiar and the loved,Healing, 493:the loved will still remain the familiar and the loved, because the relation has been closelyHercules, 27:with this task," calling the friend he greatly loved and who ever followed in his steps as he wentHercules, 57:for the sacred tree. His strength was sapped. He loved, adored Busiris, and accepted all he said.Hercules, 57:to day he grew, until there came a day when his loved teacher bound him to an altar and kept himHercules, 128:of exchange, of sharing at a distance, if not loved and held for itself alone, the gold of theHercules, 150:two tests Hercules "killed" when he should have loved, but in Scorpio he achieved thisInitiation, 88:thee; a Man like to me, Thou shalt love and be loved by, forever; A Hand like this hand Shall throwIntellect, 167:and the interplay between the Lover and the Loved One is great, but always there is the sense ofMagic, 203:devotee. To measure up to the standard set by a loved friend and teacher, he struggles and strivesMagic, 239:fears are wrapt in seeming love around their loved ones. Yet should each disciple ask himself aMagic, 264:realized and discarded; friends are made, to be loved and left behind, and to follow later and moreMagic, 297:fears so prevalent today of loss of friends and loved ones, of health, of money, of popularityMagic, 300:as to final immortality. Unhappiness at leaving loved ones behind or of being left behind. AncientMagic, 385:in love itself. Ever there is the Lover and the loved, the Desirer and the desired, the Seeker andMagic, 399:and desire for the mystical vision, and who loved deeply and were devoted to the spiritual ideal.Magic, 494:a warmed room, friendly and familiar, where our loved ones are assembled, and going out into theMagic, 504:by emotion, ambition to shine and love of being loved or admired? These two activities will resultMeditation, 126:its real owner and causing evil to be said of a loved cause. The little evolved, weakly organized,Meditation, 126:spirits, good and bad, who from anxiety over loved ones, over their business affairs, or eager toPatanjali, 27:results to be gained most earnestly desired (or loved) before the aspirant will make thatPatanjali, 111:world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me." (John XVII,Patanjali, 111:hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me." (John XVII, 20-23.) [112] Patanjali, 124:and selfishness to one of outgoing to the loved one. All things are counted as loss provided theProblems, 99:Jews in every nation and locality who are deeply loved by all who know them whether Jew or Gentile,Psychology1, 23:the concept of duality, for the loving and the loved, the desiring and the desired, must here bePsychology1, 45:into the radius of its influence that which is loved. It is the bond of coherence, and is thatPsychology1, 81:this sixth ray Lord has always been a [81] loved enigma to His six Brethren. This comes out in thePsychology1, 81:light upon the somewhat obscure quality of Their loved Brother. Why is desire red? Why red asPsychology1, 81:all? Why separate yourself and leave behind the loved and the well-known? Quality - power to detachPsychology1, 91:millions of human beings who have lived and loved, suffered and rejoiced upon our planet, what isPsychology1, 255:than the satisfying of man's love to be loved. The true and intelligent training of the wildPsychology1, 301:have paid, as yet, but little attention. We have loved ourselves and have sought to love those wePsychology1, 313:and manifested, to be understood. God must be loved, known and revealed within the human heart andPsychology1, 324:the animals and which often breaks down when the loved individuals assert themselves. The tie isPsychology1, 337:mind. The consciousness of loving and being loved, of attracting and of being attracted, entersPsychology1, 351:stars and show the nature of the one the Father loved." The rays of aspect have longer cycles thanPsychology1, 396:had labored for the riches which they held. They loved their God, and Him they sought to dower withPsychology1, 396:measure of the riches they had gained. They loved not discipline. "Again the Word went forth: DropPsychology1, 397:of those who, having reached the Gates of Light, loved the possessions of the world more than theyPsychology1, 397:the possessions of the world more than they loved the service of the light. Again the Word wentPsychology1, 398:this ancient race, founded by the three who loved that which they had to offer more than that whichPsychology2, 104:cross with a bird flying over it. This is the loved cross (rose being the color of affection), withPsychology2, 154:the race; whether it is the urge to be popular, loved and esteemed; whether it is the urge forPsychology2, 170:naught. Sometimes, he reached the person whom he loved and found, instead of visioned beauty, aPsychology2, 290:for harmony took form. The little lord, who loved to fight for what he sought, followed withPsychology2, 355:love of love must dominate, not love of being loved. The power to draw unto oneself must dominate,Psychology2, 372:from his vision, from his adored truth, from his loved ideals, from his painted picture of himselfPsychology2, 409:mystic with his emphasis upon the lover and the loved, the seeker and the sought, upon God and HisPsychology2, 566:this would be the recognition by a mother that a loved child is in danger. A form of clairvoyancePsychology2, 569:space of time and are usually of some one deeply loved or as deeply disliked. They are often soPsychology2, 601:vision of God, adoration of some deified and loved Individuality, such as the Christ, the Buddha,Rays, 102:cessation and the ending of all that has been loved, all that is familiar and to be desired; it isRays, 113:of the goal, of the beauty to be sought, of the loved one to be known, of liberation to beRays, 396:was connected with this subject of decision. He loved humanity so much that He felt He could notReappearance, 11:divine Emergencies. They are known, trusted and loved by countless millions. The nucleus ofReappearance, 108:for the separated self. Thus the Christ taught, loved, and lived, carrying forward the greatReappearance, 163:is ready and anxious publicly to appear to His loved Humanity only adds to the sense of general
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