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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOVELY

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Autobiography, 18:That was the exact truth. She was beautiful, lovely and good. Her influence was widespreadAutobiography, 24:by the peculiar name, Miss Millichap. She had lovely hair, a plain face, wore dresses of greatAutobiography, 31:have I not, and primarily because people are so lovely, good and understanding. I want to go onAutobiography, 58:Ireland and there get some real training. It was lovely green country and I shall never forget theAutobiography, 70:dirt and degradation, palm trees and bamboos, lovely little children and women (in those days)Autobiography, 74:those days was called Woodcock Spinney. It was a lovely, hot, clear day and the fact that the placeAutobiography, 76:and Sankey's hymn book which, from its really lovely, lilting tunes, has its points but asAutobiography, 80:me down. Paralleling these events were many lovely times. I was successful in holding the men inAutobiography, 96:uniform, getting up to welcome me in her lovely sitting-room. Her uniforms were made of heavilyAutobiography, 103:III Anyway, with my beautiful clothes, my lovely jewelry, my cultured voice and my social manner, IAutobiography, 111:gossip and talk emanated. The climate is really lovely, though very hot and dry in the summer.Autobiography, 112:though he never touched Dorothy. He was always lovely to children. My daughter Mildred was born inAutobiography, 113:woke up to the fact that the world was full of lovely people and that I had been blind all my life.Autobiography, 154:inexact. I have known many vegetarians who were lovely and sweet and kind and good. [155] It wasAutobiography, 156:inheritance and my three girls have masses of lovely hair. I shall never forget a remark of myAutobiography, 157:keep your back to people and they saw only your lovely hair, they would never guess how old youAutobiography, 217:groups in Europe and elsewhere. She had these lovely houses, this lecture hall and these beautifulAutobiography, 222:train and there Olga met us and took us to her lovely villa where we stayed for a number of weeks.Autobiography, 224:held morning and afternoon. The grounds were lovely. The swimming and boating were ideal and theBethlehem, 81:new birth is no mystical dream; neither is it a lovely vision of something that is possible but notDiscipleship1, 371:both on our part and on theirs. Others again are lovely in themselves with a high and sweetFire, 762:varying degree. The inner three petals are of a lovely lemon-yellow hue. At the base of the lotusHealing, 438:processes and will convey to you the eternally lovely secret of Death which is entrance into life.Hercules, 26:himself a club. All these divine gifts were very lovely and wonderful, but as yet he did not knowIntellect, 248:They are curiously alike; they indicate a lovely aspirational spirit; they say no new thing, butMagic, 131:of its original beauty; it is not as pure and as lovely as when first conceived, and it isMagic, 163:and through which the love of human beings, the lovely and beautiful and comforting activities ofMagic, 622:felt and stands out of the mist of idealism, of lovely plans and much talk and arranging, many arePsychology1, 209:He is devoted to beauty and color and all things lovely, but his productive skill is not greatRays, 167:processes, and will convey to you the eternally lovely secret of Death, which is entrance intoRays, 169:of participation, and of synthetic realization - lovely euphonious words, but meaning little to the
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