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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOVER

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Autobiography, 181:with the growing publicity. I have never been a lover of publicity. I've never liked theBethlehem, ix:that He should Himself exist, but man also, the Lover and beloved." - Wrestlers with Christ, byDiscipleship1, 443:ever from the center. Fifth month - I am the Lover of men, who pours out love from the center ofExternalisation, 246:that of the agent of the Forces of Light or of a lover of humanity. You will also learn to keepExternalisation, 246:sore. Thus, by thought and word and deed, the lover of humanity will enter the battle against evil;Fire, 903:the path of pain and sorrow, and every true lover and server of humanity is stretched upon theGlamour, 76:corresponding reciprocation towards the would-be lover [77] or server who is still completelyHealing, 531:a minority. In the sincere investigator and lover of humanity in both groups will be found theHealing, 553:and stages. The healer will need to be a true lover of his fellowmen and a trained psychologist asIntellect, 69:wickedness of Man. The poet, the artist, and the lover are seekers after that glory: the hauntingIntellect, 167:to the Beloved, and the interplay between the Lover and the Loved One is great, but always there isMagic, 385:it is inherent in love itself. Ever there is the Lover and the loved, the Desirer and the desired,Meditation, 347:his personality in its three departments, the lover of humanity seeks perfection in action. NoPsychology2, 409:those of the mystic with his emphasis upon the lover and the loved, the seeker and the sought, upon
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