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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOVERS

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Autobiography, 21:something which must be sought; they are always lovers, searching for something worthy of theirAutobiography, 201:card-playing woman, fast and with half a dozen lovers and I could have gone to communion because IDiscipleship1, 769:certain vibratory influences. There are the true lovers of humanity, who, though they may haveDiscipleship2, 589:experience and understanding. Compassionate lovers of humanity can do this healing work. 2. TheExternalisation, 135:and like other men - idealistic, mistaken, lovers of their country, egoists, impressionable,Externalisation, 223:and emotionally through the work of the lovers of humanity, the well-meaning efforts of theExternalisation, 406:What will it be? For it, the knowers and lovers of God and of their fellowmen are prepared; for it,Externalisation, 435:Impressing the minds of diplomats, thinkers and lovers of mankind to work out now certain postwarExternalisation, 465:by the world intelligentsia, by leading "lovers of humanity," working in the various organizationsFire, 1082:to the twelve petalled planetary lotus, The lovers of low vibration, The rejectors of the eighthMagic, 328:steadily growing one. It is that inner group of lovers of God, the intellectual mystics, thePsychology1, 113:and - on the outer plane of objectivity - the lovers of humanity which seems to us, the teachers,Psychology1, 281:a definite over-shadowing of His disciples and lovers by the Great Lord of Life. ThisPsychology1, 313:grasped. The hierarchy of mystics, knowers and lovers of God, are manifesting this revealed truthReappearance, 22:by the world intelligentsia and leading lovers of humanity, by groups dedicated to human bettermentSoul, 134:heart center is awake and functioning. Such Lovers of God have existed through the ages; they feel,
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