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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOVES

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Autobiography, 6:to ring the bell; who is very domestic and loves to cook and wash (and God knows has done her fullAutobiography, 9:There is a curious trait in human nature which loves to record and emphasize the unhappy momentsAutobiography, 58:or pompous have much to learn. An audience loves a lecturer who can look at them and say:Autobiography, 83:the time long before you English came. Same God loves me as loves you." I have since often wonderedAutobiography, 83:before you English came. Same God loves me as loves you." I have since often wondered who he wasBethlehem, 130:it in words familiar to all of us: "God loves from whole to parts, but human soul Must rise fromBethlehem, 157:that he can rightly interpret what he sees. He loves his Master, and he serves with whatBethlehem, 168:as it is lived today. He said in effect: God loves the world; all that happens is along the line ofBethlehem, 205:which is of the very nature of his own soul, he loves that which is connected with the form side ofBethlehem, 277:of light, and by the nature of its love and loves. Full expression of the "Hidden [278] Man of theDiscipleship1, 167:of sacrifice is faintly seen in every soul that loves the Plan. Teach them that sacrifice mustDiscipleship1, 251:life problem is summed up. It is I. B. S. who loves and serves; it is I. B. S. who speaks wiselyDiscipleship1, 490:can destroy that which it builds or seeks or loves, through the very intensity of the focusedDiscipleship1, 558:heart and love. As yet you love them not. One loves you not. Two seek your love. Learn to love allDiscipleship1, 611:person, working in the Piscean Christian age, loves public conviction of wrong doing) and, feedingDiscipleship1, 621:My brother need not infer from this that he loves not, but the pronounced first ray type needs whatDiscipleship1, 625:swept you too far apart. The first ray disciple loves isolation. It is for him the line of leastDiscipleship1, 626:the problem of right values. The first ray type loves himself, his power and his isolation tooDiscipleship2, 15:But he who feels the urge to pass that way, yet loves his brother on the darkened path, revolvesDiscipleship2, 29:amid the wreckage of all around and eternally loves; I would ask you to put your hand into that ofDiscipleship2, 429:of academic initiatory teaching but - if he loves his fellowmen and is dedicated to their serviceDiscipleship2, 474:he gathers people to him because he steadily loves and helps. Some of these may be just passing byEducation, 115:and sure cure for social ills and the man who loves to fan race hatreds, can ever get a following.Externalisation, 180:are mainly founded upon a stubborn idealism that loves the ideal more than humanity. They are basedExternalisation, 287:minute He reminds us that God exists and ever loves; that He is not unmindful of His people; thatExternalisation, 325:if each servant of the Hierarchy thinks clearly, loves intelligently and serves to the utmost. IExternalisation, 381:alleviation is entirely engrossing. The man who loves his fellowmen is mentally poised andExternalisation, 403:our being." I speak as one who believes in and loves the Christ and who knows Him to be the MasterExternalisation, 477:such measures. The cry of such people that "God loves all men" is true - eternally and foreverExternalisation, 477:the unalterable facts of existence itself. God loves - without distinction and irrespective of raceExternalisation, 514:who feels a close link with the Christ and who loves Him, can be practically sure that in PalestineExternalisation, 590:for fanaticism or hysterical devotion but Who loves all men persistently, intelligently andExternalisation, 612:of disciples of all faiths. He recognizes and loves those who are not Christian but who retainExternalisation, 619:away within his consciousness. No one who loves his fellowmen, who has a dream of seeing theExternalisation, 701:is love, and that Christ is coming because He loves humanity. This is the message which you mustFire, 593:of the Ego. A Master of Compassion loves, suffers with, and remains with His kind and with His kin.Glamour, 5:it appreciates need, and it produces in one who loves as a soul immediate identification with thatGlamour, 12:presuppose a tortuous and intricate mind which loves design and line and form and numericalGlamour, 52:inflow of spiritual energy. He knows. He loves. He seeks to serve, and does all three more or lessGlamour, 138:friend and the brother of all and, because he loves deeply, wisdom is his and (if he is of a mentalGlamour, 224:This they must not do as the sixth ray person loves them, with an isolating devotion, but as theGlamour, 224:isolating devotion, but as the second ray person loves - with an all round appreciation ofGlamour, 224:understanding heart, plus a critical mind, which loves steadily in spite of error seen, with aHealing, 117:and his aspiration. He is a devotee and one who loves the apparently unattainable - the Other thanHealing, 493:those who are closest to him and whom he deeply loves or hates are still in physical incarnation,Healing, 601:by the incentive to serve - who thinks and loves, can be a healer, and it is time that peopleHealing, 675:the trouble will only be possible if the healer loves enough; because he loves, he has achieved aHealing, 675:possible if the healer loves enough; because he loves, he has achieved a poise which bringsInitiation, 76:there is response, but looks not for it, and loves steadily, quietly, and deeply through allMagic, 226:in the ahamkara principle, as the occultist (who loves difficult phrases) is apt to call it. ThisMagic, 320:The only right there is, will make him say: "He loves. He standeth by. He knows. He thinks with meMagic, 498:of feeling and of the thoughts of those he loves, though he cannot perceive or contact the denseMagic, 559:before himself. He works in the world of men; he loves and comforts and serves; he pays noMagic, 590:Better far that the aspirant serves and loves and works and disciplines himself, leaving hisMeditation, 17:for the family, of all for those he personally loves, of all for his environing associates, andMeditation, 20:of the synthetic ray, that of expansion. He loves much and expands with fair facility hisMeditation, 126:another body in much the same way that a child loves to dress up. Occasional visitors from otherMeditation, 150:He aspires, he burns, he harmonizes, he loves and he works through devotion. He meditates byMeditation, 150:sheaths through which the life he so much loves, has to manifest. He has to work at his mental bodyPatanjali, 121:heart. It is the sublimation of all the lower loves and the bringing captive of all longings andProblems, 122:at hand and near to humanity whom He eternally loves. When He said, "Lo, I am with you all theProblems, 127:some mythical hell, the teaching that God only loves those who interpret Him in terms of somePsychology1, 93:life of the ordinary human being who lives and loves and works and plays and bears children andPsychology1, 180:and sure cure for social ills, and the man who loves to fan race hatreds, can ever get a following.Psychology1, 207:second rays.) The fourth ray [207] man always loves color, and can generally produce It. IfPsychology1, 207:always full of melody, and the fourth ray man loves a tune. As a writer or poet, his work willPsychology1, 337:his liberation from the thralldom of the lower loves into the liberty of love itself, and into thePsychology1, 393:this will be the changing of the attitude which loves the material into that which loves the real,Psychology1, 393:which loves the material into that which loves the real, and the acquisition of the things of thePsychology2, 28:urges, instincts and aspirations, the manifested loves and hates (as expressions of the great lawPsychology2, 369:[369] it for His use, - The One Who lives, and loves and serves the form, the One Who Is. The WordPsychology2, 501:He will seek for and often find those he loves; he will sometimes search for and find those heRays, 39:and the fire of divine love destroys the loves and desires of the integrated personality. TwoRays, 645:to salvation, His own and that of those He loves, His fellowmen;" all His actions and His thinkingRays, 677:to the higher demanding focus. That which he now loves and longs for, desires and plans for, liesReappearance, 60:of disciples of all faiths. He recognizes and loves those who are not Christian but who retainReappearance, 166:away within his consciousness. No one who loves his fellowmen, who has a dream [167] of seeing theSoul, 141:He knows and understands. He pities, [141] loves and serves. There is a wide field for research
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