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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOVING

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Discipleship1, 567:this group of disciples is to act as a stable, loving, integrating force. This you have steadilyDiscipleship1, 567:amounting almost to a command? Because his loving estimation of me and his belief that I was inDiscipleship1, 569:hard but can you not grasp the thought that the loving care and constant consideration of thoseDiscipleship1, 574:light of love. 3rd and 4th months - The power of loving understanding. Insert at this point anyDiscipleship1, 577:actuating living principle may be higher, more loving, closer to the center and, therefore, moreDiscipleship1, 580:and that peaceful activity which comes from loving truly as a soul, from a complete refraining fromDiscipleship1, 586:ray emotional body and the steady beat of your loving soul - now emerging into control. A tendencyDiscipleship1, 588:the service of a mind and brain, attuned to the loving, intelligent impulses of the group life. TheDiscipleship1, 602:think of you, it is with a sense of enquiry, of loving kindness and also with a sense of urgency.Discipleship1, 604:lower self endeavor. The group stands by you in loving helpfulness and readiness to aid. So do I.Discipleship1, 617:on the mental plane will give you scope for loving, fruitful living and prepare you for the freerDiscipleship1, 617:any line of endeavor. A clear, focused mind, a loving heart, and a cultivated simplicity ofDiscipleship1, 626:fear to descend and walk among your fellowmen in loving identification with them. It is onlyDiscipleship1, 640:you can use, if you remain humble and continue loving. Your physical body is upon the seventh ray,Discipleship1, 650:inner relation to them is one of complete yet loving detachment, they will be apt to hinder yourDiscipleship1, 650:in your thought life where they are concerned. Loving detachment is the method which should governDiscipleship1, 653:your potent personality - in all sincerity and loving willingness - to that need. Are you? TheseDiscipleship1, 658:and your own ideas loom so large that your wise, loving, intelligent soul has a hard task to makeDiscipleship1, 660:with others, and, therefore, to a life of loving service which will obliterate the strenuous waysDiscipleship1, 661:I only make trouble for myself. I try to be loving and kind. I work as hard as I think I should. IDiscipleship1, 689:is automatic with them but in no way negates loving understanding and readiness to assist on anyDiscipleship1, 706:the pouring upon them of a constant stream of "loving understanding." They are more advancedDiscipleship1, 711:of the world for decentralized, forward-looking, loving and intelligent workers is so great,Discipleship1, 720:for the future. It is, in other words, the loving intention to fire the entire world with the newDiscipleship1, 725:or that of his fellow disciple. It is simply a loving recognition of limitation and only becomesDiscipleship1, 736:love. Where there is a determination to be [736] loving, certain attitudes - either natural andDiscipleship1, 736:position in which he feels: "Now I am loving; now I am not loving; now I must try and love." YetDiscipleship1, 736:which he feels: "Now I am loving; now I am not loving; now I must try and love." Yet all the timeDiscipleship1, 736:is really true love nor is their result a loving expression because the disciple is identified withDiscipleship1, 737:sincere disciples is usually concentrated upon loving each other and in this (to use an old simile)Discipleship1, 739:status? Have I preserved the needed spirit of loving cooperation? Do I recognize truthfully my ownDiscipleship1, 767:the closest possible and mutual relationship of loving understanding. This stage of discipleshipDiscipleship1, 771:an inner attitude of complete harmlessness and loving understanding. For, my brothers, there areDiscipleship1, 771:to preserve and create that field of living, loving energy which will eventually bridge the gapDiscipleship2, 13:needed, and all can give much if the desire, the loving heart and the consecrated mind are unitedDiscipleship2, 20:always severs telepathic interplay) and based on loving understanding in which they - again asDiscipleship2, 50:group members. Towards the establishing of this loving relationship, I have been working for yearsDiscipleship2, 118:as one and the hearts of the group members are loving as one. Your aspiration also (through theDiscipleship2, 134:of soul contact and the expression of loving understanding; you are familiar with what theDiscipleship2, 143:In the spiritual sense, the motivation will be loving responsibility; in the personality sense, itDiscipleship2, 158:the divine manifestation. Upon the essentially "loving nature" of the Hierarchy I need not dwell;Discipleship2, 159:must fecundate humanity with the quality of loving-understanding - that is what is expressed whenDiscipleship2, 173:and in human terms as [173] goodwill, as loving determination or as a fixed intention to bringDiscipleship2, 175:light within a greater Light. I am a strand of loving energy within the stream of Love divine. I amDiscipleship2, 227:Servers and men of spiritual intention and of loving hearts are working for their fellowmen. ThenDiscipleship2, 298:and implemented by the soul as the expression of loving application. The mode par excellence byDiscipleship2, 337:disciple apparently distinguished by a so-called loving nature. Yet the results of theirDiscipleship2, 407:and expressed the Christ consciousness; this is loving understanding and intelligent, livingDiscipleship2, 515:standing. That I am. I have watched you with loving understanding for a very long cycle. My loveDiscipleship2, 517:into Shamballa," knowing that an intelligent and loving consideration of the problem would do muchDiscipleship2, 518:[518] number of aspirants. The interplay of loving understanding and of fused wills produces anDiscipleship2, 518:introspection; simplicity leads to simple loving, asking nothing in return; simplicity leads toDiscipleship2, 519:the outer structure of creation, of living, of loving and of service, and this is true of a solarDiscipleship2, 519:mode of approach to life and to people. This loving simplicity - free from complicated thinking,Discipleship2, 520:upon the planet. It is a tension that expresses loving intelligent Will, free from all self-will orDiscipleship2, 520:the relation of your individual self-will to the loving plan of the soul, of that will to [521] theDiscipleship2, 531:One thing only will prevent this happening: Loving understanding and a consequent sacrifice of theDiscipleship2, 541:seed which will produce the flowering forth of a loving spirit. Disciples need to remember thatDiscipleship2, 542:and comprehension. Say not always the nice or loving thing, but learn to say the hard things withDiscipleship2, 579:this year should be the establishing of the most loving "right relations" with all in yourDiscipleship2, 579:carried forward through realization, silence, loving understanding and inner synthesis. That is whyDiscipleship2, 582:forces in your equipment as the implements of loving service. Here lies your major technicalDiscipleship2, 583:in the molding processes of your life: Loving relationship. Conformity to the idea (not the ideal,Discipleship2, 595:to learn, and help them learn their lessons - by loving them and trusting them; confine your chiefDiscipleship2, 608:Form a steady and stable focal point of loving attention to which your group brothers can turn inDiscipleship2, 617:the same family name as yourself invoke your loving sense of responsibility and obligation but onlyDiscipleship2, 620:they are expressions of personality love and a loving manifestation (apparently, though not inDiscipleship2, 621:an isolating barrier) be transmuted into that loving understanding which comes because itsDiscipleship2, 641:Your whole life goal at this time is to give loving strength to others through tapping the sourceDiscipleship2, 641:do so at this time through giving them increased loving understanding. As regards certain problemsDiscipleship2, 642:and therefore ask for light. I choose the way of loving guidance, and therefore ask for liftingDiscipleship2, 668:and not because they possess a particularly loving nature, as might have been expected. They areDiscipleship2, 668:towards wisdom. Contact with the "Ashrams of loving intent" (as certain Ashrams close to the auraDiscipleship2, 671:consciousness of the Hierarchy. The "Ashram of Loving Intent." An outgoing consciousness,Discipleship2, 672:should also enable you to bring a fuller tide of loving understanding. You will thus enhance yourDiscipleship2, 674:but it is essential for the development of that loving understanding which is the complement ofDiscipleship2, 680:of two paths is open to you. You can work with loving cooperation with F.B. and the other goodwillDiscipleship2, 684:of greater need) to waste in useless gestures or loving phrases, of teaching so tactfully wordedDiscipleship2, 688:now be shewn as lighted wisdom and gentle loving poise. Let tenderness emerge like a stream ofDiscipleship2, 691:Love. 4th month... Money. The medium of loving Distribution. 5th month... Recognition. The mode ofDiscipleship2, 698:one, close to you, because she needs a guiding, loving understanding heart; one you will meet andDiscipleship2, 698:thus give opportunity for the evolution of that loving spirit which your first ray isolatedDiscipleship2, 699:How can I help you to bring in the power of your loving, intelligent soul so that it can releaseDiscipleship2, 703:be done. Let not the doing intervene between the loving. Love all, as love all chelas, and let pityDiscipleship2, 704:means loneliness. And finally, a need for a more loving understanding at times isolates you fromDiscipleship2, 705:in your personality, which is more wise than loving. Let your soul control your first rayDiscipleship2, 705:are: "Let not the doing intervene between the loving." This has much to do with the distribution ofDiscipleship2, 708:clear insight and executive ability and a loving heart when it is sparked into compassion. You haveDiscipleship2, 708:that you will carry on - learning and living and loving - and again I repeat, on the strengthDiscipleship2, 723:this over with A.A.B., who has watched you with loving concern for many years and is peculiarlyDiscipleship2, 726:intent and to work under the direction of the loving intentions of those whom you do recognize asDiscipleship2, 740:mind at times when the simple acquiescence of a loving heart is what you need. L.F.U. has a form ofDiscipleship2, 763:- so hard it is to develop the true practice of loving understanding which leads to the seeing ofEducation, 54:in the second case you will have: Cooperation - Loving Understanding - Group Love. There are higherEducation, 54:of the forces released through civilization. Loving understanding should be the hallmark of theEducation, 56:and PHILOSOPHY II. Love Petals Cooperation Loving Understanding Group Love The Intellectuals WorldEducation, 57:thus inaugurating an era of true cooperation, loving understanding and group love. This will beEducation, 75:a multitude of misunderstandings on the part of loving but superficial and well-intentionedEducation, 91:guaranteeing the new and better civilization. Loving understanding, intelligently applied, shouldExternalisation, 18:with detachment and is paralleled by a life of loving service, the awakening of the centers and the
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