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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOW

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Hercules, 196:one decisive blow did Hercules lay the monster low.Then Eurytion, fearful of the brave warrior whoInitiation, 196:Rule 6 The purificatory fires burn dim and low when the third is sacrificed to the fourth.Initiation, 212:whom e'en that Ancient One bends in obeisance low; before whose throne of effulgent light Angels ofIntellect, 80:which characterizes all minds at a high or a low level, will give place to intuitive perception andIntellect, 103:by the mind, whether of a high grade or a low, but with the average person that is all thatIntellect, 177:And the High Soul climbs the High Way And the Low Soul gropes the Low; And in between, on the mistyIntellect, 177:climbs the High Way And the Low Soul gropes the Low; And in between, on the misty flats, The restIntellect, 177:But to every man there openeth A High Way and a Low, And every man decideth The Way his Soul shouldIntellect, 204:an automaton, the creature of desire - high or low - good or bad - as the case may be. Many are nowIntellect, 212:to this theory, when the personality is of a low order, when the reactions are mainly instinctualMagic, 75:are one. "The heart no longer beats in tune with low desire, nor wastes its love upon the thingsMagic, 324:of energy; if therefore the vitality is low and the pranic fluids are not assimilated, then theMagic, 381:Three things might be mentioned: The relatively low point of evolution of many men and theirMagic, 438:infallibly correct is that of the entirely low grade human being who lives entirely below theMagic, 473:to hate and pain, to fear, and jealousy and low desire, must first precede the conscious work ofMagic, 502:evolved man, whilst the other concerns the low grade human being who has scarcely advanced beyondMagic, 514:are people who are so little evolved and so low down (if one might thus express it) on the ladderMagic, 544:higher astral world. Selfishness and desire of a low order were the impulses back of them both. TheMagic, 545:when there have been many lives of selfishness, low desire, perverted intellectual aspiration, andMagic, 554:by his pranic energy, colored by desire high or low, and animated by the potency of his thought,Meditation, 59:aligned, should disperse some of the matter of low vibration in one or other of his bodies, shouldMeditation, 126:might enumerate a few. Discarnate entities of a low order awaiting incarnation, and who see, inMeditation, 177:- is to control these involutionary groups and low grade devas [178] through their own superiorMeditation, 194:about owing to the dangers incident to the low point of evolution of the human hierarchy. When theMeditation, 197:the centuries, and have their apotheosis in the low type of modern dance. In the modern dance isMeditation, 230:in evolution. One hint may here be given. At a low point in evolution the colors are largely basedMeditation, 236:will come in who are at present hindered by the low rate of vibration and consequent heaviness ofMeditation, 240:colors that are not desirable, killing out all low or coarse vibration and eventually so [241]Meditation, 251:mental lethargy will be expressed in terms of low [252] vibration, and physical disease will beMeditation, 264:not forget that when attained by Him it seems low indeed, for He measures it up with the vistaPatanjali, 20:desires; being therefore neither good nor evil, low nor high, can be vitalized by low tendencies orPatanjali, 20:good nor evil, low nor high, can be vitalized by low tendencies or idealistic aspirations, with allPatanjali, 24:average man is based upon his desires (high or low desires, aspirational or degrading, in its sensePatanjali, 199:throughout the human family at this time in the low health average, in the full hospitals, and thePatanjali, 349:of radiant loveliness, lacking all the colors of low vibration. Then the highest aspect of thePatanjali, 381:psychic powers is in many cases a symptom of a low stage of evolution and of the close Patanjali, 382:of our conscious thinking state from a low objective to a high one produces a flow of energy of aPatanjali, 406:am I following, the high way of the soul, or the low way of matter? Am I in a transition period,Patanjali, 424:of sensuous perception, the high as well as the low, has to be developed. Many people, when theyProblems, 38:from the standpoint of possessions and far too low from the angle of the spiritual values, or whenProblems, 83:neither rich nor poor, neither high nor low, neither labor nor capital but only the children of theProblems, 173:men and women everywhere - in high place and in low, in every nation, community and group - arePsychology1, 72:Creative Hierarchy came into incarnation: Speak low the Word. Speak low. Quality - power toPsychology1, 72:came into incarnation: Speak low the Word. Speak low. Quality - power to penetrate the depths ofPsychology1, 122:to them: Human beings, devas of order high or low, elementals of a desirable or undesirable nature,Psychology1, 322:man who is primarily an unintelligent animal. Low grade savages are in this class, and many purelyPsychology1, 323:You find this growing self-realization in the low grade slum dwellers, for instance, and in thePsychology1, 327:of high vibration to take the place of those of low vibration. One point I should like to makePsychology2, 41:of that which is high and that which is low, The darkness which precedes form expression, ThePsychology2, 166:His breath divine, sweeps through the garden... Low lie the flowers. Bending, the trees are [167]Psychology2, 203:human beings whose intelligence is of such a low order, and their awareness of themselves and ofPsychology2, 210:our cycle of evolution as human beings, - of a low order as far as the lowest of our presentPsychology2, 262:release the prisoners held in durance hard by low desire" (quoting from the Old Commentary), butPsychology2, 285:I would reply as follows: 1. Unevolved man, and low grade human beings are aware [286] of the urgesPsychology2, 340:on earth today who are capable of expressing as low a state of relative development as the LemurianPsychology2, 365:energy. They cannot therefore be produced at a low stage of evolutionary development, in which lowPsychology2, 365:low stage of evolutionary development, in which low grade energies are active and the personalityPsychology2, 365:high grade and character. (Is such a phrase as "low grade energies" permissible? When all arePsychology2, 414:with the slowness of the vital reactions and the low grade desires of the animal nature. The humanPsychology2, 418:integration, of such a nature that there is a low vitality, a lack of desire impulses, a failure toPsychology2, 458:In these cases you have idiocy, or simply a very low-grade human animal. Certain cases ofPsychology2, 495:wish life and an astral consciousness of a very low order), up to the idealistic schemes and thePsychology2, 512:humanity. The physical vitality of the races is low, or it is being whipped up into a betterPsychology2, 564:kingdom and with all those human races which are low down in the scale of the human evolution. ThisPsychology2, 567:unconsciously: Those whose evolutionary stage is low enough to permit of their automatic use. ThosePsychology2, 574:human being or in groups of men who are low down in the racial scale, as also in animals, there isPsychology2, 574:two are then as one. In between these stages of low grade psychic life and the spiritual perceptionPsychology2, 575:upon, the development of the centers. In the low grade human being, the centers are nothing morePsychology2, 576:will be to humanity what the Lemurian or low grade type is to the Aryan at this time. The massesPsychology2, 584:it can attract the primitive substance of a low grade which can be built into shape (and often is)Rays, 21:Applicants: The purificatory fires burn dim and low when the third is sacrificed to the fourth.Rays, 364:from one level of consciousness (no matter how low or gross, from the point of view of a higherRays, 633:in all classes; this leveling has produced a low standard of living and the work to be done is toRays, 664:coming in of the mental idea and mechanism, the low grade animal life (which, to a certain extent,Reappearance, 137:the spiritual life of the race been at such a low ebb. This idea is largely due to the fact thatSoul, 138:been frequently noticed that cats and dogs and low-grade human beings can frequently see and hearTelepathy, 116:major centers. When the individual is strictly low grade and is predominantly animal in nature,Telepathy, 154:unless the point in evolution is exceedingly low or unless one is dealing with a cleavage; these
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