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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Astrology, 25:This is repeated in the human frame and the four lower centers eventually return that which hasAstrology, 32:and the planetary Logoi. They can offset the lower influences as They awaken to and respond to theAstrology, 35:having achieved liberation, is only on the lower planes. [36] Astrology, 42:generation, the fact [42] behind the taking of a lower nature by the Ego. The fourth and the fifthAstrology, 42:Hierarchy and the four wicks, or the two dual lower hierarchies. Thus it can be seen that where manAstrology, 43:certain of the Hierarchies are not. The four lower Hierarchies are all concerned with [44]Astrology, 44:the forms are composed of substance of the three lower planes (that which the Logos does not regardAstrology, 44:of the earlier system. This means that the four lower Hierarchies are links between the life of theAstrology, 46:conjunction with the highest aspect - lifts the lower aspect up to Heaven. When these mysteries areAstrology, 48:the higher four and those which are found on the lower three subplanes. There is a vital andAstrology, 60:zodiacal wheel to the six which are found in the lower half; we shall consider the energy which isAstrology, 70:the incoming energies through the medium of the lower centers will have a very different type ofAstrology, 70:surface and destroys all that hinders in these lower regions. At the second initiation, theAstrology, 76:the energies and forces focused mainly in the lower center but at the same time playing quiteAstrology, 76:with the emphasis passing rapidly away from the lower centers into the higher triad and with theAstrology, 78:who is "becoming alive in the higher sense, his lower nature passes into the smoke and darkness ofAstrology, 79:acts as a "mediator" between the higher and the lower creative organs (between the sacral and theAstrology, 100:of illusion through the illumination of the lower mind. Mercury and the Sun are one, we areAstrology, 116:and raise the lives by which it is informed (the lower Creative Hierarchies) to the [117] status ofAstrology, 122:type of awareness, can relate the higher and the lower expressions of divinity. It is here and inAstrology, 123:enter upon that process which will transmute The lower nature into the higher manifestation. TheAstrology, 123:lower nature into the higher manifestation. The lower psychical powers into the higher spiritualAstrology, 128:is the number of "the Beast," which is the lower nature as far as man is concerned, and is all thatAstrology, 135:They are: The service of the personality, the lower self, which eventually transmutes itself intoAstrology, 143:nature is subdued and conquered and that the lower nature is (by being lifted up in the air, i.e.Astrology, 151:- latent. - Consecration to the service of the lower self. Selfishness. Experience upon the FixedAstrology, 152:and form natures. Taurus - The refocusing of the lower desires prior to another circling of theAstrology, 154:and form, but the mystery of the higher and the lower mind and their relation to each other. [155]Astrology, 156:Constellations In both their higher and their lower aspects these signs hold the secret of theAstrology, 174:consciousness Physical nature Emotional nature Lower mental nature Integrated man Aspiring manAstrology, 176:aspiration, and from the activities of the lower mind bent upon selfish interest to theAstrology, 180:personality to release itself from the grip of lower desire in the first case, and in the second toAstrology, 194:the whole general divine manifestation what the lower nature (form life or personality in the threeAstrology, 196:nearest to the Pole Star is expressive of a lower aspect of the will, which - in speaking ofAstrology, 197:solar system, in the planet, in man and in the lower forms of life expression. It is esotericallyAstrology, 200:act as the mediating principle to all the three lower kingdoms. Humanity is the divine Messenger toAstrology, 201:of them to individual man and later to the lower three kingdoms in nature. Thus you see, that fromAstrology, 205:power. Then there are, thirdly, the tests of the lower critical mind which are: Pride,Astrology, 210:in the three worlds. All aspects of the lower nature are involved in this crisis, for Mars is theAstrology, 211:of the purpose of soul control over the lower kingdoms in nature, via the human center of energy.Astrology, 211:angle of the soul and not from the angle of the lower nature. The final struggle in Scorpio onlyAstrology, 211:of the spiritual energy is imposed upon the lower personal forces. Scorpio governs "the initiates,"Astrology, 211:activity of Mars are potent to arouse the entire lower nature and bring about its final rebellionAstrology, 241:of God as it expresses itself through man; the lower mind dominates at first, causing theAstrology, 242:through the illumination which it brings to the lower mind, and then the Soul, the eternal Son ofAstrology, 242:and relating the universal mind to the two lower aspects of the Mind of God. These hints shouldAstrology, 245:is proceeding and taking place in the three lower kingdoms in nature, then further light andAstrology, 245:sex and money - will give the clue to the three lower kingdoms. Law, natural law (theAstrology, 265:experience. It is self-consciousness and the lower synthesis. Libra - The Crisis of Balance. TheAstrology, 280:together indicate the activity of the higher and lower mind and are, therefore, related to theAstrology, 281:the concrete and the abstract mind of God. The lower concrete mind was unfolded in the first solarAstrology, 290:Leo - The self-conscious man. Personality. Lower unity. Virgo - The latent Christ life orAstrology, 291:naturally supervene and a shattering of the lower expression would take place. It is here that theAstrology, 295:[295] the integrated self-conscious man, the lower self ; Sensitivity to the soul as theAstrology, 306:of the relation of the higher self and the lower self. Man becomes aware of his essential duality.Astrology, 306:at-one-ment of the two factors, higher and lower self, through the intelligent use of the mind.Astrology, 309:is then polarized above the diaphragm, for the lower more material aspects of life have really noAstrology, 320:or when dealing with the entire concept on a lower turn of the spiral and in connection withAstrology, 328:ray is "Harmony through Conflict" and it is the lower aspect of the ray energy, producing conflictAstrology, 328:of a relative fusion, but it is a fusion on the lower level of the spiral and connotes the fusionAstrology, 331:and cosmic. The initiate who has taken the three lower initiations is occupied henceforth with theAstrology, 333:Leo, Keynote: Leo seeks release in Scorpio The Lower Self The Higher Self The One Self The hiddenAstrology, 337:beginnings leading to the balancing of the lower psychic nature and its expression through form.Astrology, 337:consummates in the passion of satisfaction. Lower love controls. Taurus-Scorpio Powerful focusedAstrology, 337:love controls. Taurus-Scorpio Powerful focused lower desire leads to death and defeat. The triumphAstrology, 337:leads to death and defeat. The triumph of the lower nature which eventuates in the awakening toAstrology, 338:to personality achievement. The threefold lower nature, synthesized and directed, controls allAstrology, 340:and indirectly. They control the form and the lower psychic nature and produce the battle groundAstrology, 341:psychic sensitivity both in the higher and the lower senses. These are important developments forAstrology, 345:a human being. The field of development for the lower three kingdoms is dependent upon the statusAstrology, 353:from the study of the dual activity - higher and lower - of the etheric body and its relation toAstrology, 353:mind as it mediates between the higher and the lower. This mediation again falls into two stages:Astrology, 353:brain and establishes right relation between the lower self and the higher self; it is, therefore,Astrology, 368:between the two brothers or between the lower and the higher selves, is focused or conditioned intoAstrology, 369:dualism of Mercury as it expresses itself in the lower-higher mind is transcended by the universalAstrology, 377:which is characteristic of the developed lower nature, the personality aspect of integratedAstrology, 377:will in service and a free subordination of the lower will to the higher purpose in groupAstrology, 378:is dual. Today we see the willful dash of the lower nature of humanity, embodied in the forces ofAstrology, 379:time when the urge to gather gold shall rule the lower half (i.e., the personality aspect of menAstrology, 385:seen to be in truth only the relation of the lower nature to the higher Self; it is then lifted upAstrology, 401:- substituting these higher soul aspects for the lower form reactions. It is interesting to noteAstrology, 402:energy of active intelligence in its higher and lower aspects. One expresses intelligent love andAstrology, 422:is impersonal and free from the reactions of the lower self, and his consciousness is illumined byAstrology, 432:beat pulsates with greater strength it blends a lower note (that of the solar plexus. A.A.B.)Astrology, 433:which he has taken from them all. Then to the lower three he turns and to these souls in prison heAstrology, 436:between the higher worlds and the three lower kingdoms in nature; thus Mercury institutes theAstrology, 440:world of men in terms of will, both higher and lower. The willful (self-willed) man of the world isAstrology, 447:exhaust and deny the demands and desires of the lower nature. This cycle of experience is followedAstrology, 454:of the Triangles. You should note that the three lower kingdoms in nature constitute in themselvesAstrology, 462:into itself both the higher energy and the lower forces. This point is called the soul aspect ofAstrology, 463:and outgoing during the process of forming the lower triangle. In a later stage it - as a blend ofAstrology, 470:which shatters eventually the synthesis and the lower unity already produced by the Leo energy; itAstrology, 471:the energy of buddhi, the higher aspect of the lower psychic nature; it is the aspect of theAstrology, 475:the three triangles in a certain order with the lower points expressing the energy of certainAstrology, 505:the most advanced humanity. No human being of a lower degree to that of the third initiation canAstrology, 506:the intuition (the spiritual soul) which is the lower aspect of the Monad. The sacred planets are,Astrology, 507:- a correspondence to the four aspects of the lower man. You have there, first the physical outerAstrology, 512:diaphragm. In process of transference from the lower to the higher. The rays of the personality andAstrology, 516:The man who is attempting to master his lower nature and has the goal of expressing his innateAstrology, 516:(the bridge of light between the higher and the lower minds, between the Spiritual Triad and the
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