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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Astrology, 516:It comes into activity when the resources of the lower mind have been used, explored and exhausted.Astrology, 517:a sevenfold stream of energy, playing upon the lower self in the three worlds or upon those whoAstrology, 519:and of difficulty. This transference out of the lower states of consciousness, expressed throughAstrology, 519:states of consciousness, expressed through the lower centers, into a higher state, can and willAstrology, 525:through Tokyo are those of the first Ray in its lower materialistic aspect. Japan is governed byAstrology, 531:cooperation. Thus the higher mind and the lower mind, the abstract and the concrete, the subjectiveAstrology, 539:of inner forces, an increased activity of the lower mind and an outpouring of the Shamballa force -Astrology, 539:of evil in their own nature, respond to the lower aspects of this force. It is also responsible forAstrology, 557:of the individual soul through the stages of the lower experiences of humanity, the strictly humanAstrology, 557:becomes the aspirant. This Cross governs the lower triad in manifestation and rules in the threeAstrology, 557:of activity and the two superhuman, i.e., the lower trinity and the Spiritual Triad. It deals withAstrology, 560:learn eventually their divine use. It is in the lower aspect of this Cross that the Nazis choseAstrology, 560:of human lives." To those who respond not to the lower aspects and effects of the whirling CrossAstrology, 584:its true nature. One is the sensitivity of the lower nature to its impact and its consequentAstrology, 585:would simply serve to focus and strengthen the lower self-will, which is the name we give toAstrology, 603:practically identical expression, usually on a lower level. These seven great Beings expressAstrology, 639:triangle is the Eagle (Scorpio); in the left lower angle stands the Lion (Leo); in the right, theAstrology, 640:and of the transmutation of all bodies from a lower state into a higher is better comprehended, theAstrology, 643:Gods were divided into two triads and the sun. Lower Triad - Mars, Mercury and Venus. Higher TriadAstrology, 648:Birth of man Tension Hatha Yoga Saturn Green V Lower mind Practical Science The Moon Violet VIAstrology, 658:with our solar system and the Pleiades make a lower quaternary." (182) "The sun, Sirius, is theAstrology, 665:place of systemic failure. Connected with the lower principles. The source of the sexual miseryAstrology, 683:with the solar system and the Pleiades, make a lower quaternary which are eventually synthesizedAstrology, 690:"The heart of the Sun, and its relation to the lower and higher mental bodies, producing thatAstrology, 692:can be distinguished in importance from the four lower." (C. F. 299) "Those who are working in theAstrology, 692:In the central list of schemes the middle and lower group of Agnishvattas are active. In the othersAtom, 39:forms, the atoms constitute animals of the lower order. Finally they combine in man, who representsAtom, 69:kingdom is but the macrocosm for the three lower. Man demonstrates intelligent activity, he isAtom, 102:growth of consciousness in the three lower kingdoms. It is not possible in the short time now at myAtom, 105:been gained in the earlier stages in the three lower kingdoms of nature. Man is the gainer by thatAtom, 115:kingdom merged, and the life passed from the lower kingdom into the higher, that was an initiation.Atom, 135:race, the development of the [135] concrete or lower mind is the goal, and this we are developingAtom, 136:and to pass on the truth without the use of the lower mind. Truth lies within ourselves. When weAtom, 137:self, who emerges from out of the threefold lower self, as the butterfly emerges out of theAtom, 137:when we shall consciously control our threefold lower nature. Time will then not exist for us atAtom, 145:consciousness is distinguished from all other lower forms in that it is self-conscious; that man isAutobiography, 12:personality or between the higher self and the lower nature. The United States and London are ruledAutobiography, 17:and the crescent moon is supposed to rule the lower or form nature. This is the A.B.C. of occultAutobiography, 102:I have met frightful snobs from the so-called lower classes. I've met them, also, of an equallyAutobiography, 102:in any nation. The push and the rebellion of the lower classes promotes the growth of a people,Autobiography, 119:(and it is frequently true) that the Jews lower the atmosphere of any district in which theyAutobiography, 153:because man is the macrocosm for all the three lower kingdoms, he might be supposed, [154]Autobiography, 163:was being asked to do embodied no aspect of the lower psychism. I replied that I didn't care, thatAutobiography, 164:higher self and Alice A. Bailey is the lower self. Some of these days (if I ever have the pleasureAutobiography, 194:psychism, or spiritual perception, and the lower psychism which many people share with the cats andAutobiography, 267:personality. He learns to control and direct his lower nature through a technical understanding ofAutobiography, 284:the personality or of the higher Self with the lower self. When this latter integration has beenAutobiography, 291:from the control of the personality or lower self; they are, therefore, free from all desire toBethlehem, 16:the Buddha we have the three ways in which the lower nature can be changed and prepared to be aBethlehem, 16:and to turn a deaf ear to the calls of the lower nature. Detachment imposes a new rhythm upon theBethlehem, 16:he becomes immune to the suffering of the lower nature as he detaches his interest from secondaryBethlehem, 17:reveals the life-situation, and irradiates the lower nature. It leads to group activity, and self,Bethlehem, 18:this; also to point out the warfare between the lower and the higher man, between carnal man andBethlehem, 18:person, and to emphasize the necessity for that lower man to be saved by the higher. This, St. PaulBethlehem, 23:of sacrifice and its call to the death of the lower nature. This was the lesson which St. Paul knewBethlehem, 27:reveal to man the quality of his higher and his lower nature; it is this realization which marksBethlehem, 44:Through discipline he has coordinated his lower nature, the personality, so that it is a "vesselBethlehem, 81:center. Much is to be overcome and faced. The lower nature (the Mary aspect) draws back from theBethlehem, 87:must lay emphasis upon the purification of the lower nature which it is essential should prefaceBethlehem, 88:thinking entity. When these three parts of man's lower nature are functioning smoothly, andBethlehem, 88:man, an integrated personality, or an efficient lower self, is the result. To this the numberBethlehem, 95:into a functioning unity the higher and the lower, and made out of them "one new man." He foundedBethlehem, 95:in Himself soul and body, the higher and the lower aspects, and therefore produced a divineBethlehem, 97:strenuous [97] activity. The purification of the lower nature is a requirement which the ChristianBethlehem, 99:symbol of this interior subtle world of the lower nature in which most of us live, and wherein ourBethlehem, 99:the activity of that divine spirit in the lower nature. Conscience, with its call to theBethlehem, 106:Bible. The Old Testament stands for the natural lower man, the virgin Mary aspect, carrying withinBethlehem, 110:tests, in which the three aspects of the lower nature were involved. They were syntheticBethlehem, 110:the gathering up of the forces of the threefold lower man - physical, emotional and mental - intoBethlehem, 115:of His achievement, and how the powers of the lower nature can be overcome by the powers of theBethlehem, 116:tested out all the three aspects of [116] the lower human nature - the physical, theBethlehem, 116:tests may first be focused in one aspect of our lower nature or another is equally unimportant. ItBethlehem, 118:it may be through the activity [118] of the lower nature; it is upon the mind that the Word soundsBethlehem, 119:which is only another name for the personal lower self, regarding it as a unified whole, as is onlyBethlehem, 120:from God) pours into, and is the life of, the lower man. This is the first essential forBethlehem, 120:affluence; but it will mean a sweetening of the lower nature, a tendency to self-forgetfulness, andBethlehem, 124:same family - really between the higher and the lower self - and he, too, questions what he shallBethlehem, 124:Shall he assert his divinity and defeat the lower and the non-divine? In a commentary on TheBethlehem, 127:soul, and the instrument of power, the personal lower self, produces what we call a personality.Bethlehem, 128:of integrating the various aspects of the lower nature into a synthetic whole, into a unity forBethlehem, 136:the kingdom, that august moment when the entire lower nature is transfigured and one realizes theBethlehem, 138:much is being discovered as to this higher and lower self, and the nature of that which is calledBethlehem, 138:subjective subliminal man; the higher and the lower self; the personality and the individuality;Bethlehem, 139:thus resolving the dualities of higher and lower in Himself, making "of twain one new man," (Eph.Bethlehem, 139:and inevitably must gain the victory over the lower self. One of the things that is happening todayBethlehem, 140:Christ, as the synthesis of the higher and the lower aspects of divinity, is the glorious heritageBethlehem, 144:the injunctions which he must set upon his lower nature (the desire-nature), and emphasizing theBethlehem, 147:this connection to remember that the threefold lower man, with whom we have been dealing so oftenBethlehem, 153:in Job's three friends the three aspects of his lower nature stand revealed. The same is the caseBethlehem, 158:expression of divinity in and through the lower personal nature shall we have attained to that ofBethlehem, 194:in order that the hidden Christ may live. The lower carnal nature (as St. Paul loved to call it)Bethlehem, 194:nature may show forth in all its beauty. The lower self must die in order that the higher self canBethlehem, 196:of the shortcomings and the relative evil of the lower human nature. We have seen that one of theBethlehem, 196:of that) the ability to see the higher and the lower natures in opposition to each other. When theBethlehem, 196:of contacts is instinctively contacted, and the lower self, with its lesser values and its moreBethlehem, 199:of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection: the lower nature must die in order that the higher may beBethlehem, 200:can be released in us only by the death of the lower nature, and this is what Christ has alwaysBethlehem, 204:the light of our awakened consciousness into the lower nature, and then with deliberation do, "inBethlehem, 204:which are determined and vitalized from the lower levels of our existence, we are throwing theBethlehem, 204:reject, certain things, and when we choose the lower, and do it, making a specific choice, then the
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