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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Bethlehem, 205:demonstrates either our divinity or our erring lower nature. Our task in life is to expressBethlehem, 206:could enter that kingdom - by subjecting the lower nature to the death of the cross, and rising byBethlehem, 206:He had perfectly transcended the ephemeral lower self. His personality was subordinated to HisBethlehem, 207:that equilibrium which released Him from all lower impacts and set Him free to ascend to the throneBethlehem, 207:of God. For Him there was no holding on to the lower and to that which was humanly desirable butBethlehem, 222:soul, the matter of the form and the perfected lower nature. These are the three Words of theBethlehem, 222:habitually lives. The sacrifice of the entire lower nature had been completed, and there wasBethlehem, 261:values, and called us to the death of the lower nature in order that the Spirit of God may haveBethlehem, 261:to all who love and serve and who purify the lower nature, irrespective of creed and dogma. HeBethlehem, 270:we discover how weak and faulty is the lower personal man; on the path of discipleship we work atBethlehem, 272:duty. The soul who has made contact with the lower expression, the personal self, sweeps that selfDestiny, 4:these forces have both their higher and their lower aspects and men respond to them according toDestiny, 36:earlier given anent certain of the higher and lower expressions of the rays you will see how theseDestiny, 37:law - express themselves through a higher and lower form or forms. One of the higher expressions ofDestiny, 39:symbol. In the same connection, among the lower aspects of the sixth ray are to be found all formsDestiny, 39:churches. All formulated theologies are the lower expression of the higher spiritual truths becauseDestiny, 39:exist. Consequently the dreadful nature of the lower expressions of the sixth ray and the controlDestiny, 39:are ever the outstanding characteristic of the lower sixth ray activity) can be seen [40] nowhereDestiny, 41:affairs. It will also be apparent to you how the lower and the higher expressions of a ray areDestiny, 41:and how easily the higher loses its hold and the lower comes into manifestation - something thatDestiny, 41:to differentiate between the higher and the lower expressions of the seventh Ray of CeremonialDestiny, 41:its major expressions will be, either higher or lower. Human reactions have their place and - as IDestiny, 42:higher worlds of atma - buddhi - manas and the lower reflection of mind - emotion and the physicalDestiny, 43:with spiritualism that I can best illustrate the lower expression of the incoming seventh rayDestiny, 46:the case) in a dual manner and have always a lower and a higher form of manifestation, which is aDestiny, 46:culture will be properly rooted in the old. The lower forms are, however, tenacious and dominantDestiny, 46:in mind as you study the world situation. The lower forms of the seventh ray expression are stillDestiny, 48:movement and for the enormous increase in the lower psychic powers. Old Atlantean magic and theDestiny, 48:psychic powers. Old Atlantean magic and the lower psychism are upon us again in the great turningDestiny, 80:influence of Mars, of Leo and of Pisces in their lower octave or connotations, are dominant. ThatDestiny, 81:[81] work of the nation from the personality or lower angle - the secret and oft devious diplomacyDestiny, 84:as well as Gemini and hence the well developed lower concrete mind of the British nation. TheDestiny, 99:through Tokyo are those of the first Ray in its lower materialistic aspect. Japan is governed byDestiny, 105:cooperation. Thus the higher mind and the lower mind, the abstract and the concrete, the subjectiveDestiny, 118:to search for that which could unify the three lower physical levels and this is in its natureDestiny, 145:is exactly opposite to Leo which is found in the lower half. Leo is the sign of individualDestiny, 148:in the highest sense, or of the medium in the lower; it is the sign of many of the world SaviorsDiscipleship1, 9:moment to me, except in so far as you raise or lower the group vibration. As personalities, youDiscipleship1, 14:him from the snares of the world illusion and of lower psychism. Any illumination which may come toDiscipleship1, 15:is based upon the solar plexus activity). The lower psychic experiences can also be noted - whetherDiscipleship1, 15:has to be cultivated and existing sensitivity to lower psychic impressions has to be tuned out; soDiscipleship1, 19:is direct conflict between the soul and the lower nature, so there is now an analogous crisis uponDiscipleship1, 36:are completely at-one. Mind to mind on the lower levels of the mental plane. This involves theDiscipleship1, 36:the complete integration of the personality or lower self, so that mind and brain are at-one.Discipleship1, 38:intermediary between the higher mind and the lower mind. They are concerned with the building ofDiscipleship1, 38:mental focus - the higher mind, the soul and the lower mind - so that there may be established aDiscipleship1, 49:is not so easy to explain. I do not refer to the lower psychic powers which may or may not developDiscipleship1, 50:mind must pour into all the dark places of the lower nature. [51] These are the results of mentalDiscipleship1, 56:frequently the disciple's situation where his lower nature is concerned: excessive fatigue,Discipleship1, 64:The Lords of Form work entirely on and from the lower levels of the mental plane and with theDiscipleship1, 65:and positive negativity on the part of the two lower aspects of the personality - the astral bodyDiscipleship1, 65:brain; these determine the reactions of the lower centers, particularly of the solar plexus center.Discipleship1, 70:the personality and the Monad (the triple lower man and the Spiritual Triad) and also between theDiscipleship1, 70:and the Spiritual Triad) and also between the lower mind, the soul and the higher mind - thusDiscipleship1, 70:the higher mind - thus linking that relatively lower triplicity with the unity, the SpiritualDiscipleship1, 70:higher worlds of spiritual being and the three lower [71] worlds of human endeavor and experience.Discipleship1, 92:and space, focused in the personality or the lower man. You will have, therefore, in this situationDiscipleship1, 92:in which neither the higher trend nor the lower pull will affect him? One or other of these threeDiscipleship1, 92:the disciple vibrates between the higher and the lower decisions. It is at this process, the MasterDiscipleship1, 92:back temporarily into the life condition of the lower man; glamor and maya settle down anew uponDiscipleship1, 118:It serves to relate the higher impression to the lower and you cannot record my vibration in theDiscipleship1, 126:the service of the soul. All the forces of your lower nature should be at the disposal of theDiscipleship1, 159:are subordinated to the work in hand and the lower man presents no impediments to that impression.Discipleship1, 172:bringing the mind - which is focusing all the lower energies - into direct relation with the soul.Discipleship1, 173:Plan to bridge the gap between the higher and lower mind can contribute much to our endeavor, forDiscipleship1, 176:Soul acts like a cleansing flood and bathes my lower self in the "waters of purification." The bodyDiscipleship1, 180:you by pointing out that as the vehicles of the lower nature are on the same line as the soulDiscipleship1, 192:with the mental nature remaining outside the lower alignment. I told you earlier that you couldDiscipleship1, 193:2nd month - May the love of the soul control my lower nature, and guide me in the way of love. 3rdDiscipleship1, 199:when others need it? I am the redeemer of the lower nature. In what manner does light aid thisDiscipleship1, 200:through me? What activities and qualities of my lower nature need to be eliminated if the light isDiscipleship1, 211:not the result of any separate tendency of the lower mind, for that is offset in you by your deepDiscipleship1, 216:been greatly developed in you by your first ray lower nature which renders you easily impersonal -Discipleship1, 216:that midway station between the higher and the lower centers - to the head and heart. This will beDiscipleship1, 227:true love increasingly sweep [227] through the lower personal self. It can sweep through, myDiscipleship1, 235:to the will of the soul and not to that of the lower desire nature, no matter how fine orDiscipleship1, 245:as it includes others and excludes your own lower nature. I say to you: Work with detachment and,Discipleship1, 270:of a relatively permanent nature in the lower bodies? During the next few years such crises areDiscipleship1, 271:has been colored by greed, by grasping for the lower self, by jealousy, by material desire and byDiscipleship1, 296:discipline has taken hold of all aspects of the lower self (the human self) at one and the sameDiscipleship1, 296:may be exercised in one or another of the lower bodies. A disciple, however, is exercised in allDiscipleship1, 314:also a complete readjustment of the entire lower threefold man to the world of souls. It is hereDiscipleship1, 317:work in order to help them subordinate the lower man to the spiritual man. You would profit byDiscipleship1, 321:realities; it can produce also the severing of lower contacts unless the energy is carried throughDiscipleship1, 326:release you increasingly from the prison of the lower self. People who work as you could work uponDiscipleship1, 327:it is stepped down, it over-stimulates other and lower aspects of the nature, and, therefore,Discipleship1, 327:or discouraged by any discoveries anent your lower nature which you may make. Should you discoverDiscipleship1, 327:in relation to those concerns which affect the lower man, remember that this inaccuracy is due toDiscipleship1, 327:ecstatic realization. This reacts on the lower man and inclines him to over-emphasize all details,Discipleship1, 329:undertaking to deal clear-sightedly with the lower self, to see life and the self truly and toDiscipleship1, 330:of transmutation is turned towards their lower nature in disgust, self-pity or hurt [331] pride.Discipleship1, 331:to impose upon the personality and to make the lower self to be in factual living what you knowDiscipleship1, 332:of the higher or abstract mind, invading the lower mind, via the soul. Yours is buddhic orDiscipleship1, 336:appears open to you. But it means also, from the lower angle, that you will sacrifice much in orderDiscipleship1, 339:jealousies. You are free because the lower concrete mind, even if of good caliber, is subordinatedDiscipleship1, 340:where (in the competitive life of mankind) your lower mind must perforce function and thus the gapDiscipleship1, 340:thus letting in the illumining control of the lower mind, plus normal concrete thinking. This is byDiscipleship1, 349:and by a determination to discipline the lower nature so that it may become a true channel for theDiscipleship1, 358:your consciousness shifts all the time from the lower to the higher mind, but often fails to touchDiscipleship1, 358:bridge where the soul is and you jump from the lower to the higher Triad. This means a bridging
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