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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOWER

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Education, 16:at the bridging of the gap between the three lower aspects of man and the soul (a bridging whichEducation, 16:mind is recognized, and the place which the lower concrete mind should fill as the servant of theEducation, 16:facts and to produce that which will meet man's lower desire - but we shall not have a humanityEducation, 16:can truly think. As yet, the mind reflects the lower desire nature and does not attempt to cognizeEducation, 17:sensitized to the world of true values that the lower nature - emotional, mental and physical orEducation, 17:mind, thereby controlling its instrument, the lower mind. Yet at the same time, the mind willEducation, 17:and bridges the gap between his higher and his lower consciousness. The significance also ofEducation, 19:of the Monad, again in time and space. The lower self or soul is, for our purposes, as much of thatEducation, 20:soul creates through the direct agency of the lower mind and hence the appearance of the world ofEducation, 21:being. This he does through the activity of the lower concrete mind. [22] The true work ofEducation, 22:[22] The true work of education is to train the lower man in right discrimination and trueEducation, 22:thus, can he be released from the control of his lower nature. 6. The attribute of devotion is theEducation, 26:the gap between the different aspects of the lower self, so that an integrated personality emerges;Education, 28:being. At first, this thread is used purely for lower selfish interests; it steadily gets strongerEducation, 28:life of thought. Then the time comes when this lower aspect of the antahkarana is completed, andEducation, 28:The thread of continuity between the three lower aspects of the man is established and can be used.Education, 29:individual bridges between the higher and the lower, but so successful has been the evolutionaryEducation, 30:the divisions, and so can direct at will the lower attention in any desired manner. Thus allEducation, 30:resources of dynamic energy in the three worlds: Lower types of humanity use the sutratma as itEducation, 30:utilize the sutratma as it passes through the lower levels of the mental plane, down through theEducation, 30:use the sutratma as it passes through the two lower subplanes of the [31] abstract levels of theEducation, 31:initiates of the world) having effected all the lower syntheses, are now occupied with bringingEducation, 31:is endeavoring to use its shadow, the threefold lower man. These distinctions and unifications areEducation, 33:Many, too, are in process of linking the three lower aspects, which we call the personality, withEducation, 35:The new education will organize and develop the lower concrete mind. 5. It will teach the humanEducation, 35:by the general title of mental aspects: The lower concrete mind. The Son of Mind, the Soul, theEducation, 41:material values; and when the mind (the lower mind) - in its memory aspect, its discriminating andEducation, 42:by such words as animism, spiritualism, lower psychism and feeling. The sense of God, the sense ofEducation, 65:are expressing themselves through his three lower vehicles of manifestation, and later through hisEducation, 80:level of cultural attainment [80] became much lower; the level of mass information and competencyEducation, 97:the normal result is the subordination of the lower to the higher. Identification with groupEducation, 106:based upon a general material basis, and the lower middle class has naturally been involved in theEducation, 117:unison. Now the higher correspondence of these lower forces - wisdom, love and direction - mustEducation, 123:The fact that men today misapply these ideals, lower the vision and distort the true picture of theEducation, 126:range of existence in the subhuman realms on a lower rung of the ladder of hierarchical existence,Education, 144:science with which we are dealing is to fuse the lower and the upper lights, so that one lightExternalisation, 5:of crime on every hand, by the display of the lower psychic powers, by the apparent deteriorationExternalisation, 6:astral plane and (in a lesser degree) from the lower mental plane, is brought in contact withExternalisation, 6:as follows. The cause of the growth of the lower psychism and of the increasing sensitivity ofExternalisation, 8:seeker after control and mastery from the lower type of psychic, who is controlled and mastered. ItExternalisation, 8:Positive - Intelligently applied - Mediatorship Lower Psychism: Animal - Uncontrolled - Negative -Externalisation, 11:loneliness and self-pity. At present many of the lower kind of mediums are exploited by the curiousExternalisation, 13:in conscious and intelligent possession of the lower mechanism of their bodies; they must knowExternalisation, 18:arouse the entire system, and bring the lower man under the influence and control of the spiritualExternalisation, 33:civilization comes into being and to it the lower becomes responsive. You have, therefore, theExternalisation, 40:of the 'false' imagination and the work of the lower psychic nature. Its instrument of creativeExternalisation, 43:the inner astral desire (and [43] therefore the lower desire) has eventuated in physical disease,Externalisation, 46:bringing in the soul; psychic, releasing the lower psychic nature from illusion so that the psycheExternalisation, 48:which we designate by the words "upper and lower middle class" people, the professional classes andExternalisation, 58:between the three higher kingdoms and the three lower. The quality of the soul in the threeExternalisation, 95:and the soul, or the higher Self and the lower selves. To do this you have to realize that theExternalisation, 98:is, in reality, an innate recognition of the lower aspects of the divine Plan as it must affectExternalisation, 99:is absent and the man no longer has to still his lower nature and quiet the voices of his own ideasExternalisation, 99:the sublimation of the higher as well as of the lower aspects of the mind. It is a blend ofExternalisation, 99:and vaguely) of the concept of the self, of the lower integrated self and its correlated innerExternalisation, 120:expression of the herd instinct on a higher or lower turn of the spiral of existence. The past fewExternalisation, 121:of large families, just as it is among the lower orders in our civilized areas today, for theExternalisation, 132:by a willingness to compromise and to change or lower the original ideal. This, in its turn, isExternalisation, 145:the desired results because his brain (the lower receiving and distributing center within the head)Externalisation, 149:control of substance and, in the realm of the lower occultism, is allied to the invocation andExternalisation, 149:the relation of occultism and mysticism upon the lower levels of consciousness and indicates theExternalisation, 149:by matter in any way, or by substance (the lower pole of manifestation) but Who are related to theExternalisation, 149:to humanity when it was as yet controlled by the lower values and unable to lay hold upon the soulExternalisation, 156:and free inflow from the higher Self to the lower. Endeavor to realize or register your relation toExternalisation, 160:- then the Spirit of Peace can be invoked. On a lower turn of the spiral, you will note that theExternalisation, 181:lust, and sacrifice of the higher values to the lower have been deeply rooted human habits forExternalisation, 186:but transient. Man is a composite of higher and lower expressions, and behind all the wars andExternalisation, 230:the petty quibbling and quality of their lower mind, with its concrete tendency to hark back to theExternalisation, 265:to aid the whole of humanity. The will of the lower self and the will of the Self or Soul will beExternalisation, 265:acquisitive aggression, and thus foster the lower nature and distort the true expression of love,Externalisation, 271:license (personality freedom to do as the lower nature chooses) and liberty of soul and conscience.Externalisation, 276:They are potencies which are not innate in the lower self, but only in the higher. The lower selfExternalisation, 276:in the lower self, but only in the higher. The lower self reflects only distorted forms of theExternalisation, 294:appear as the embodiments of evil and of the lower nature of mankind. And, my brother, They doExternalisation, 300:emergence of inspired leadership as another and lower aspect of divine guidance and participation.Externalisation, 301:unaided, to overcome evil. They never descend lower than the mental plane, and the main emphasisExternalisation, 316:Do this as the [316] soul, keeping the personal lower self in a waiting attitude, like a servantExternalisation, 345:its true nature. One is the sensitivity of the lower nature to its impact, and its consequentExternalisation, 346:would simply serve to focus and strengthen the lower self-will, which is the name we give toExternalisation, 349:relate basically to the four aspects of the lower self, the quaternary. Enough light has beenExternalisation, 412:things of the senses and from the calls of the lower nature. Detachment is in reality theExternalisation, 412:sun) blots out the darkness and irradiates the lower nature. This is the second [413] result, andExternalisation, 475:her national selfishness, her suppression of the lower classes, her exaltation of a Fascist-mindedExternalisation, 497:status as a bridging kingdom between the three lower kingdoms of nature and the fifth or spiritualExternalisation, 530:of that form of "resistance to the pull of the lower vibration" of which you can know nothing, forExternalisation, 530:of which you can know nothing, for that lower vibration is a necessary aspect of your normalExternalisation, 579:conclusions through the medium of the trained lower concrete mind. The united work of these threeExternalisation, 604:the glory which is innate in all men. The triple lower nature - physical, emotional and mental - isExternalisation, 657:to use the vehicle of the substance of the three lower worlds, and its area of influence is on theExternalisation, 657:and its area of influence is on the three lower planes of human existence. This at firstExternalisation, 664:of men (in the brackets called middle class and lower class) to general betterment, and thus set upExternalisation, 690:one is immune to that which emanates from the lower level does not in practice hold good. TheExternalisation, 691:this channel must be kept entirely clear of all lower identifications. This might be termed aFire, vi:involved in many cases the expression by the lower concrete mind (often with the insuperableFire, 7:of life is concealed within the heart. When the lower point vibrates, when the sacred triangleFire, 14:of Manas. They called to their Primaries. The lower four, the higher three, and the cosmic fifthFire, 19:of sphere the fourth awaited the oncoming. The lower was prepared. The upper was resigned. TheFire, 28:Land, and in their fivefold groups developed the lower Fifth. They passed from stage to stage. TheFire, 29:thought. They cast them forth. They peopled the lower four, and like a black and evil cloud shutFire, 29:cycle. Men of the higher Fifth mastered the lower [30] three. The work was shifted to the plane
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